WWF Wrestling Challenge – June 3rd, 1990

June 3, 1990

From the Dane County Expo Center in Madison, WI

Your hosts are Gorilla Monsoon and Bobby Heenan

In action this week are Mr. Perfect, Hart Foundation, Ted DiBiase, and Jimmy Snuka. Plus, an interview with Rick Rude and more!


Mr. Perfect w/ Bobby Heenan vs. Warren Bianchi

Perfect shoves Bianchi in the corner then slaps him across the face. Perfect beats the crap out of Bianchi but gets caught in a hip toss. However, Perfect trips up Bianchi then works over the leg. He taunts the crowd then we hear him with Heenan in an insert promo talking about being the perfect Intercontinental Champion before putting Bianchi away with the Perfect Plex (2:17).

Thoughts: More hype for the Perfect/Beefcake feud as they are pushing Perfect as the Intercontinental Champion.


WWF Special Report with Lord Alfred Hayes. This is the same segment from “Superstars of Wrestling” than recapped Earthquake attacking Hulk Hogan on the “Brother Love Show,” leading to the “Get Well Hulk” campaign.


The Warlord w/ Slick vs. Frank DeFalco

Heenan is back on commentary and believes Hogan’s career is over. Warlord overpowers DeFalco as he is shown with Slick in an insert promo where Slick says Warlord is on the path to success. Warlord stays in control then puts DeFalco away with a powerslam (2:00).

Thoughts: More talk of the announcers debating whether or not Hogan will be able to wrestle again. They are also slowly pushing Warlord as a singles act too.


The Bushwhackers are shown eating WWF Ice Cream Bars.


“Superfly” Jimmy Snuka vs. Pez Whatley

They fight over a wrist lock to start. Snuka chops Whatley down after an Irish whip sequence and stays in control until hitting the Superfly Splash for the win (2:03).

Thoughts: Snuka gets another win and the fans still dig the Superfly Splash but he is quite limited in what he can do in the ring at this point.


Bad News Brown vs. Red Tyler

Bad News goes to attack Tyler but bails after Tyler pulled out a rubber snake. Bad News then returns to sneak attack Tyler and beats him down . We hear Bad News in an insert promo telling Jake he isnt man enough to come out without Damien then he hits the Ghetto Blaster for the win (1:49). After the match, Bad News tosses Tyler outside then looks over at the rubber snake and stomps it before dropping a chair.

Thoughts: Having Bad News being scared of snakes is getting over with the fans as his feud with Jake continues.


Hart Foundation vs. Tom Stone & Tom Bennett

Neidhart tosses around Stone then hits a dropkick. He drags Bennett inside as the Hart Foundation work him over. Demolition are shown in an insert promo as they promise to kick the crap out of Demolition while the Hart Foundation stay in control until they put Bennett away with the Hart Attack (3:38). After the match, Bret makes the belt motion.

Thoughts: We should be getting closer to the Hart Foundation vs. Demolition title match. The fans are into both teams and the way its been portrayed makes you believe one of them is turning heel.


Gene Okerlund welcomes Rick Rude & Bobby Heenan to the interview platform. Heenan makes Okerlund introduce Rude as the “next World Champion” as Heenan tells the crowd there will not be any Rude Awakenings as the crowd cheers. Rude reminds us he is the only man to defeat the Ultimate Warrior and says the time to be rude is now. They tried but having Rude as a threat to Warrior when he was meandering prior to this is just not working.


Brooklyn Brawler vs. Tito Santana

Tito beats on Brawler, who ducks outside for a breather. He slingshots Brawler back inside as Heenan brags about managing the Intercontinental Champion then Tito hits the flying forearm for the win (1:49).

Thoughts: Heenan kept bragging about Mr. Perfect being the Intercontinental Champion but Tito was not presented as someone that would be getting a rematch anytime soon.


Paul Roma vs. “Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase w/ Virgil

DiBiase taunts the crowd after taking down Roma, who ends up returning the favor. Roma runs wild after a dropkick then gets a nearfall with a crossbody. DiBiase catches a charging Roma with an elbow smash and follows with a suplex. DiBiase stays in control until he puts Roma away with the Million Dollar Dream (3:03).

Thoughts: DiBiase gets the win as his feud with the Big Bossman continues. Roma looked competitive once again in defeat.


In action next week are The Rockers, Dusty Rhodes, Akeem, and Rick Rude. Plus, the Boris Zhukov vs. Nikolai Volkoff match and more


Final Thoughts: Not a whole lot happened here. The “Get Well Hulk” campaign and having Rude reappear again on TV both happened on “Superstars of Wrestling.”


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