Mid-South Wrestling – January 13th, 1983

January 13, 1983

Your hosts are Boyd Pierce and Mr. Wrestling II

This week we will see Chavo Guerrero vs. Gino Hernandez, Bruno Sammartino Jr. vs. Hacksaw Jim Duggan, and more


Mike Bond vs. Kevin Von Erich

Pierce tells us this match was previously taped. The two matches that followed were presented the same way.  Von Erich takes Bond down with a headscissors after an Irish whip. He uses another headscissor takeover and works that on the mat for a bit. Von Erich hits a standing dropkick then hits a knee smash to the gut of Bond before taking him down with a bodyscissors. That did not look pleasant for Bond. Von Erich cuts off a comeback then hits a splash for the win (3:14).

Thoughts: Interesting to see a Von Erich in Mid-South. I know Kerry wrestled a few times in 1981 but this might have been Kevin’s first appearance. It was not all that impressive and when you hear guys who have worked with him speak about how stiff he was in the ring its something you can pick up on here. I would not have enjoyed working with him if I was a wrestler.


Yoshi Yatsu vs. Iron Mike Sharpe

We have Bob Roop on commentary. After a stalemate, Sharpe starts working the arm. Yatsu drives Sharpe into the corner then targets the neck. He hits a backbreaker but Sharpe starts to fight back. Yatsu regains control and uses more chops but Sharpe clotheslines him down then hammers away before putting him away with a lariat (3:36) *.

Thoughts: Bland match as they give Sharpe a win. Both guys were on the way out of Mid-South and I think Yatsu was back in Florida by the time this aired.


Hiro Matsuda vs. Mr. Wrestling II

They start off on the mat as Roop is on commentary putting over both men. Matsuda cheap shots Mr. Wrestling after a break then they go back-and-forth until Matsuda regains control. Matsuda works a nerve hold for a while then hammers away in the corner. Mr. Wrestling fights back and covers for two after some strikes. He ducks a chop and slams Matsuda before getting the win with a power knee lift (4:35) *.

Thoughts: This was wrestled at an incredibly slow pace. The point of this was to give Mr. Wrestling II a win over a name opponent as he is one of the top babyfaces in the territory.


Buddy Landel & Tim Horner vs. Kamala w/ Skandor Akbar and Friday & The Great Kabuki w/ Gary Hart

Before the match, Hart tells Akbar there agreement is based on cash and each time Kabuki gets the job done the payoffs will have to be bigger as he knows its something Akbar can afford. Landel & Horner work over the arm of Kabuki by using quick tags until Kabuki starts destroying Landel with kicks. Kabuki then uses a leg sweep before putting Landel in a nerve hold. Landel fights back but is caught in midair then Kamala tags in and puts him away with a pair of splashes (4:02). After the match, Kamala hits another splash.

Thoughts: I do like the partnership going on here between Hart and Akbar, with Akbar paying Hart a lot of money to have Kabuki help get rid of his problems. The have an effective dynamic between them and Kabuki looked more vicious here using more strikes than nerve holds.


Hacksaw Jim Duggan vs. Bruno Sammartino Jr.

These two fight over a waistlock until Duggan reaches the ropes. Sammartino hits an atomic drop then takes Duggan outside after an arm drag. Duggan comes back in and starts working over the back of Sammartino. Duggan is now hammering away in the corner then tosses Sammartino across the ring. Sammartino tries to fight back but Duggan regains control and gets a two count with a back elbow smash. Sammartino fights out of a chinlock but Duggan tosses him outside then spears him off of the apron and Sammartino ends up getting counted out (5:27) *1/2.

Thoughts: The goal here was to put over Duggan’s spear as a lethal finisher. Sammartino looked quicker here than he did while all bulked up in the WWF at least but still did not display any sort of chairsma.


“Gorgeous” Gino Hernandez vs. Chavo Guerrero

This is billed as a “Special Challenge Match” as Mr. Wrestling explains their feud started during a tag team match in Houston where Gino smashed a chair over Chavo’s head. They start off going back-and-forth on the mat. Gino starts ramming Chavo in the corner then hammers away. Chavo fights back and sends Gino up-and-over the corner with an Irish whip then we head to break. The match returns with Chavo working the Romero Special. Gino escapes but misses a corner splash as Chavo lands some punches. Gutwrench suplex gets two but Chavo ducks his head and gets kicked. Gino gets two with an elbow drop then works a chinlock. Chavo comes back with a high knee that gets two after Gino got his foot on the ropes. Sunset flip gets two. Chavo hits a flying chop but Gino ducks a second attempt and it knocks the ref out of the ring. Both men collide as Chavo spills outside then Gino rolls out and takes the chair Akbar was sitting on and takes it inside but Chavo hits a slingshot kick from the apron then whacks Gino with the chair then the ref slowly crawls in and Chavo gets the win (10:10) **1/2.

Thoughts: One of the longest TV matches I’ve seen since reviewing the shows dating back to December of 1981. It started off as meandering but got better as it went along. The crowd was not into this much though until the end. I did like the finish as it was a call back to how this all started with Gino getting his comeuppance. Chavo looked good but I really have not been all that impressed with Gino’s work in the ring. I am not that familiar with him and he was better known for his work elsewhere plus he was not cutting promos or doing character work here either so I’ll have to explore more of his work before passing judgment.


Final Thoughts: It was odd to have a show without any mention of Stagger Lee/Junkyard Dog from this time period. The only real storyline advancement was with Hart & Akbar and we did have a long featured match but that was more about Houston Wrestling than Mid-South. I expect next week to be heavy on the Stagger Lee stuff especially since the JYD suspension is ending.


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