I always see people talk about who had suprising chemistry such as Braun/Big show but who are some that were expected to have 4 * matches and didnt deliver? Some of my picks would be Owens/Rollins, AJ/Owens, Aries/Neville (good matches for sure but I was expecting classics) Joe/Rollins, Wyatt/Rollins and basically everyone Wyatts faced recently and Orton/Sheamus.

​The most glaring examples for me were Edge & Christian and the Hardy Boyz.  Not against each other as teams, but their individual feuds when they broke up.  You'd think that the Hardyz would have crazy chemistry together, but they never did and in fact their Wrestlemania match was kind of disaster.  E&C had some OK matches against each other, but again nothing on the level of what you'd expect two brothers…uh, cousins…uh, best friends…to have.  ​