New Idea: Rebooking SS 97!

Hi Scott

Just wondering was there ever any thought to transitioning the belt from Bret to Taker to HBK to Austin? They did have a built in feud, what with Bret stealing the title. They could've had UT take out HBK at Bad Blood, beat Bret at SS and THEN drop it to HBK at RR with a debuting Kane, and we slide into our timeline before Biff starts betting on races.

Bret probably wouldn't even have been bothered by losing the belt in Canada.

​Bret WASN'T bothered by losing the belt in Canada.  He offered to drop the title to anyone, anywhere, but just not Shawn Michaels at that particular show. I'm sure they could have come up with all kinds of scenarios, but Vince wanted Shawn to win it at Survivor Series and that was going to be that.​