WCW Back on Saturday Night

    Thanks again for unbanning me. I have a followup question to a WCW question from last week. Lets say that AOL Time Warner had taken away Nitro and Thunder but allowed WCW to have back the 6:05 Saturday night slot. WCW then rebuilds with the younger talent
and a few stars left over, (Booker T, Jarrett, DDP.) They would have never surpassed the WWF again but could they have been able to thrive as a solid number 2 promotion? (As in more successful then TNA or ROH.)

They survived that way for many, many years in that exact timeslot, so assuming they could cut roster costs to a reasonable level again, yes, they could certainly survive indefinitely on TBS as long as the corporation was willing to bankroll them.  TV = Life, No TV = Death.  However, if the mandate was "Don't lose money" then I don't think they'd be as big as TNA, because they'd likely cut house shows entirely and just do TV and PPV.  TNA at least had a period where they were respectable.