Smoky Mountain Wrestling TV – August 8th, 1992




– Last week on SMW TV… Heavy pushing for the upcoming “Fire on The Mountain”, with extended video packages to promote the Heavenly Bodies/Fantastics Barbwire Cage Match, but strangely enough, NOT the match for the Heavyweight Title… Brian Lee and The Dirty White Boy had an impromptu match where Lee fluked into a victory… Buddy Landell hasn’t been seen and might not show up at all at FOTM… Dixie Dy-No-Mite and Killer Kyle will continue their feud in taped-fist matches… Jimmy Golden and Robert Fuller have promised to beat and whip the Rock N’ Roll Express until they’re obedient ponies.



– Taped on July 6th from Polk High School in Benton, TN, the final bit of taping from that taping cycle. As always, unless otherwise noted, we’ve got Bob Caudle and “Dirty” Dutch Mantell calling the action. With Fire on The Mountain still coming “this weekend”, this is going to be another big push for that show, featuring a long Main Event to fill time: A four-team elimination match for $5,000, featuring the Heavenly Bodies, Jimmy Golden & Robert Fuller, The Fantastics, and Danny Davis & Dixie Dy-No-Mite. Hector Guerrero will also be in action. Bob Armstrong will be today’s guest on Down and Dirty with Dutch.



– Hector Guerrero vs. Paul Lee:
Poor Guerrero is stuck in the same rut as a Danny Davis: used frequently, but never for anything to improve his own stock against non-enhancement talent. Lockup to the corner and Guerrero with a hip toss, sending Lee across the ring. Lee complains, so Guerrero shows referee Mark Curtis how he did it cleanly. They trade holds, with Guerrero turning a hammer-lock into a school boy for a two count. Lee hooks an arm-bar and yanks the hair to bring Guerrero to the canvas. Guerrero with a forearm and swinging neck breaker. He takes Lee around with the “Jalapeno Roll” (Dutch said it, not me), and that gets three at 2:40. That was sudden. I’m shocked I’ve been conditioned to accept anything and everything as a potential match-ending move.



– Comments from the participants in today’s Four-Way Elimination Match. Dixie and Davis say it doesn’t matter if you’re a friend or foe, they’re leaving with the money. Jimmy Golden says he doesn’t know what goofball made such a match, but him and Fuller are confident because they’re twice as big as everyone else. Bobby and Jackie say they’ll beat the Heavenly Bodies up for free, but they’ll go through the rest for the $5,000. Prichard says they (the Bodies) are the greatest tag team in SMW, and they’ll leave as Tag Team Champions AND $5,000 richer. This will be Non-Title, by the way.



– Highlights of the Dixie Dy-No-Mite/Killer Kyle saga. Several weeks ago, Dixie pinned Kyle to force Kyle to reveal what is in his violin case, but it turned to be a roll of tape, leading to a solid beatdown of the Confederate Flag wearing goof. Last week, Kyle choked Dixie out with a wire hanger, and no-sold a chair shot to the head from Hector Guerrero.



– Bob Caudle is standing by for comment from Killer Kyle. He doesn’t give a verbal answer, and ends the “interview” by tearing up a confederate flag. I guess that’ll make him a super-heel in the South.



– Highlights of Paul Orndorff in action against Gary Scott, promoting his match against Ron Garvin for Fire on The Mountain. We follow that with a recycled promo, where he again claims to have piledriven Andre the Giant, among others.



– Down and Dirty with Dutch Mantell, with VERY SPECIAL guest, Commissioner Bob Armstrong. Dutch kisses ass, saying he’s never disagreed with his decisions and calls him the best Commissioner SMW could have… but he does have “fan” submitted questions. He’s fined Paul Orndorff for the piledriver, but why not Brian Lee for the Cancelation? Armstrong responds that the Piledriver has ended careers, while the Cancelation stuns you temporarily. Next Question: He’s allowed the Fantastics “complete freedom” to do what they want, and will he do anything to punish them? He has fined them, as well as the Heavenly Bodies, for their brawl backstage. Question the Third: How could he jump in the ring at Volunteer Slam to be the referee of the Tournament Finals? The referee was down and out and he assumed the responsibility of the referee and “gave” the belt to Brian Lee. Armstrong says we don’t have impersonators like “Little Richard imitators” or charge X-amount of dollars for a PPV when he can spend a heck of a lot less to come to the shows and get autographs.



– The Fantastics vs. Dixie Dy-No-Mite & Danny Davis vs. The Heavenly Bodies (w/ Jim Cornette) vs. Robert Fuller & Jimmy Golden:
TV Main Event. This is elimination rules, so when one man from a team is eliminated, his partner must leave as well. The Heavenly Bodies’ Tag Titles are NOT on the line, and the winner(s) receive $5,000. Partners MUST wrestle if both are tagged in, or that team will be Disqualified. Davis and Golden start. Davis hooks a hammer-lock and wrestles him to the canvas. Whip, Davis knocks Fuller off the apron and takes Golden over with a side headlock. Davis forces a tag to Tom Prichard to give us some heel vs. heel. Lockup, Golden grabs a side headlock, and tags out to Bobby Fulton. Whip to the ropes, Bobby with a boot to the chest and a spinning heel kick. Whip and Jackie in with a knee lift. Davis tags back in and quickly targets Jackie’s left knee. They do a bit of chain wrestling until Davis tags in Golden. Jackie plants him with a slam. Fuller comes in for a test-of-strength. He lays a few boots to the midsection of Jackie to take control. Jackie escapes and connects with an atomic drop and clothesline. Lane reluctantly tags in and the crowd jeers him to bother his inner-ear. We end up with Bobby and Jackie in the ring. They trade headlocks and head scissors, do a crisscross, and tag out to Lane and Prichard. They take turns lightly applying holds until we get Bobby Fulton and Danny Davis back in. Davis with a takeover into a head scissors.


The Fultons and Heavenly Bodies get into a scuffle. Cornette nails Bobby in the throat with the tennis racket while the referee is distracted. Golden with a slam and fist drop for two. Bobby tries to fight out of a bear-hug, but gets caught in the Heavenly Bodies corner. Prichard with a whip and power-slam for two. Bobby comes back with a heel kick, but now Golden and Fuller trap him in their corner. Prichard with a running bulldog for two. Lane with a snap mare and blatant hair-pulling. Lane with a Russian leg sweep, and a distraction allows for some triple teaming. Don’t you love when heels unconditionally help each other? Prichard misses an elbow, but Lane cuts the tag attempt off. Whip and Bobby with a sunset flip, but no count. Lane snaps Bobby across the top rope and slingshots back in with a clothesline. Heavenly Bodies with a double elbow for two. Whip and Prichard hooks a sleeper. Bobby escapes with a jaw breaker and finally hot tags his brother. Jackie runs wild on the heel teams. Prichard pulls something out of his tights, loads his boot, and KO’s Jackie with an enzuigiri for three at 11:47. Davis unloads with rights. Whip to the ropes, Bobby blasts Prichard with Cornette’s tennis racket, and Davis cradles Prichard for three at 12:06. Both teams continue to brawl at ringside, but quickly make their way back to the locker room.


Back in the ring, Golden works over Davis before tossing him to the floor. We return from commercial break, with Davis busted open. Golden punishes him with rights and lefts. Fuller sends him to the turnbuckle and picks up where Golden left off. Golden with a seated chin-lock. He keeps pounding on the open wound and comes off the middle rope with a double axe-handle. Fuller with a side headlock, but a mid-ring collision puts both men down. Davis with rights on Golden, but can’t reach his corner. Whip and Davis with a punt to the chest. Fuller cuts him off, but Davis escapes his grip with elbows and FINALLY tags out to Dixie, who hasn’t been in the match until this point. He runs wild and hooks Golden in a sleeper hold. Fuller recovers and KO’s Davis at ringside with a steel chair before breaking the hold. Fuller and Golden take turns working Dixie over. Dixie hits the Confederate Kick out of nowhere, but Fuller breaks the count. Robert Gibson suddenly runs in, whacking at Fuller and Golden with a boot, and the referee eventually calls for the bell at 19:00, awarding the match to Fuller and Golden by Disqualification. CHEAP. **1/2 I knocked it down by half-a-star for the finish. The Four-Way mostly kept things in second gear, then it picked up when it turned into the Fantastics vs. Heavenly Bodies. The closing minutes were nothing to write home about, but the finish weakened it further when it was going a logical route, even if it wasn’t flashy.



– Bob Caudle is standing by with Robert Fuller and Jimmy Golden. They’re gloating about winning the $5,000, and promises to take care of Robert Gibson and Ricky Morton.



– NEXT WEEK! Highlights from Fire on The Mountain!



Final Thoughts: Mostly filler this week, with a long Main Event that did little else but eat time as we approach Fire on The Mountain. If you’re going to have the dastardly heels win, at least let them cheat and pin somebody instead of such a lame Disqualification. It should be interesting to see where things go once we start with the new taping cycle.