PWG Head Like a Cole

May 19, 2017

From the American Legion Post #308 in Reseda, CA

Excalibur is your host


Keith Lee vs. Trevor Lee

Trevor tries a sneak attack then when caught starts bowing down, saying he is basking in his glory. Trevor then tells Keith he is a star and can take him places, like to TNA where they can become Tag Team Champions as the “Lee Brothers”then raises Keith’s hand. The crowd chants “no” as Keith sits their with his hands on his hips. Trevor gets angry and starts shoving Keith, who responds by tossing him in the corner. Keith leapfrogs Trevor but whiffs on a dropkick but Trevor taunts the fans and is able to toss Trevor down. Keith hits an avalanche in the corner then sends Trevor outside with a dropkick. Trevor walks away from a dive attempt then fails when trying to knock Keith off of the apron and that leads to Keith toying with Trevor until knocking him down with a right hand. Keith is tripped into the corner then knocked outside where Trevor hits a running soccer kick. He does it a few more times and tries to get the win via countout but Keith makes it back in time. Trevor stays in control but fails when trying a German suplex. He gets two with a dropkick then goes back to beating on Keith. Trevor taunts the crowd with a headlock then catches Keith with a bicycle kick. Keith avoids a charge then hits a pair of shoulder tackles as he starts to run wild. Trevor lands on his feet after a German suplex but Keith catches him with a rolling elbow that almost gets the win. Trevor is able to counter a Spirit Bomb with a hurricarana then hits the mushroom stomp that gets two. He starts kicking Keith in the chest but is not able to get him over with the La Magistral. Keith comes back with a spinebuster then the Pounce as Trevor was able to get his foot on the ropes. Keith heads up top but took too long as Trevor avoids the moonsault. Trevor then flips over Keith and deadlifts him with a German suplex. Trevor then reverses a crossbody for a very close call that even the timekeeper fell for as the bell rang. Small package driver gets two. Trevor hits a few strikes but Keith is able to catch him with the Spirit Bomb for the win, his first in PWG (16:43) ***1/2.

Thoughts: Great way to kick off the show. Lee is extremely entertaining with his “GFW Superstar” heel bit in PWG and always engages well with the fans. Lee is also an extraordinary talent that the fans love. He has the potential to become a star one day.


reDRagon vs. The Chosen Bros

Cobb and O’Reilly start off on the mat and end in a stalemate. They tag out as Riddle and Fish also end in a stalemate after some mat work. Fish cheap shots Riddle then tags out as reDRagon starts cutting off the ring. Riddle fights back and uses rolling gutwrenches on then tags out as Cobb does a more elaborate version of that and gets a standing ovation. The Chosen Bros toss Fish around until O’Reilly makes the save. Fish takes Riddle down with a dragon screw then tags out as we now have Cobb and O’Reilly going back at it on the mat. Cobb knocks O’Reilly down and tags Riddle, who hits a running knee strike. Riddle then hits the Bro to Sleep and a bridging German suplex that gets two. O’Reilly is able to fight back and sends Riddle down with a knee strike before making the tag. Fish starts beating on Riddle and uses a flurry of kicks but gets caught in a sitout powerbomb as both men are down. Cobb tags and takes O’Reilly off of the apron then catches him and hits a vertical suplex. The match breaks down then Fish makes the save for his partner after he was hit with the Tour of the Islands. Fish is all busted open now as he throws Riddle into Cobb with an exploder. Fish puts Cobb in a knee bar then O’Reilly puts Riddle in a guillotine but Riddle picks up O’Reilly and hits him with a fisherman’s buster on top Fish. Cobb then takes O’Reilly and launches him as Riddle hits him with the Bro to Sleep and that gets the win (16:07) ***3/4.

Thoughts: Good stuff here with all for men going all out. The strikes looked great and Cobb’s power stood out. The Cobb & Riddle team are a blast to watch and fans of NJPW will get to see them in the World Tag League this coming November.


Shane Strickland vs. Michael Elgin

Elgin tosses Strickland to start. Strickland then shows off his speed and uses a few different headscissor takedown variations. Elgin rolls out for a breather then Strickland handpsrings over Elgin then ends up doing a handstand on the apron and gets kicked down. Elgin tries a dive but Strickland cuts him off then Elgin catches Strickland’s springboard attempt with a sitout powerbomb as that gets two. Elgin beats on Strickland in the corner then gets two with a slingshot splash. Elgin stays in control and even uses a waterwheel slam for a two count. Strickland starts fighting back then kicks Elgin down. Strickland pumps himself up then flies out with a Fosbury Flop as the fans chant for him to dive again but he rolls Elgin inside. Strickland gets a two count with a rolling Ace Crusher but is caught with an enziguiri in the corner. Elgin hits rolling Germans then some chops after Strickland slips on the ropes. Falcon Arrow gets two. Strickland reverses a powerbomb with a hurricarana then starts running wild. Elgin uses his strength to regain control but Strickland cuts him off with a knee smash then hits a suplex before getting a nearfall with a flying double stomp. Elgin is then able to hit a few powerbombs and gets the win (12:37) **1/2.

Thoughts: Better than most Strickland matches I’ve been outside of Lucha Underground. Even when it comes to PWG’s style of wrestling his selling is non-existent. Elgin got him to slow down and it ended up being a decent match.


Sami Callihan vs. Adam Cole

Great reaction for Cole during his introduction, complete with streamers. Both men stare each other down and do not move as the ref just wants the match to start. They trade kicks to the face until Sami hits a lariat. Cole is behind Sami and catches him with a superkick then a brainbuster on the knee that almost gets the win. They start slugging it out until they kick each other down then Sami knocks Cole out of the ring and flies out with a tope that sends them into the crowd. Sami beats on Cole outside of the ring then spits water in his face. Sami tells the crowd to back up and hits a seated Cole with a rolling senton. Sami then runs from the entrance and around the ring but Cole drills him with a super kick. They are finally back in the ring where Cole hammers away. Cole then asks the crowd if they are ready for the “Cole Train” but gets his legs kicked out. Sami facewashes Cole a few times but is caught with a super kick. Sami comes back with another flurry of strikes then they have a pinfall reversal sequence that ends with Cole hitting a shining wizard. Cole hits another shining wizard for two then takes off his wrist tape and blows snot on Sami before congratulating himself. Sami comes back with a Saito suplex then a Death Valley Driver and a sliding clothesline that gets two. He heads underneath the ring and pulls out some chairs that he tosses into the ring. Sami gives Cole a chair and they have a duel with Cole winning that battle. Cole sets up a chair and the two trade waistlocks until Sami winds up in the chair. Cole charges but Sami gets up and tosses Cole with an Exploder as his legs hit the chair. Sami then flattens the chair with a powerbomb that gets two and puts on the stretch muffler until Cole reaches the ropes. Sami starts attacking Cole’s leg with the other chair as the crowd boos. Sami heads up top but is caught in midair with a super kick then Cole hits the Panama Sunrise and a brainbuster on the knee for a nearfall. Sami kicks out of another brainbuster then Cole tries for a third attempt but Sami turns that into a small package and they fight over that until Sami gets the surprise win (18:47) ***1/4. After the match, the crowd chants for Cole. He then stares down Sami and offers a handshake but pulls it back then leaves.

Thoughts: The crowd was really into Cole in his PWG farewell match, which was entertaining. Sami getting the win was a mild shock as his PWG winning percentage is quite low but Cole went out on his back. The commentary here with both guys ragging on Cole was tremendous too and something that will be missed.


Lio Rush vs. Mark Haskins

These two go back-and-forth to start and end in a stalemate that gets an applause from the crowd. Rush avoids a dive attempt to the outside and comes back with a quebrada after a fast-paced sequence. Back inside, Rush kicks Haskins across the chest a few times but plays up to the crowd and gets tossed outside where Haskins takes him out with a tope. He puts Rush on the apron and hits a flying kick before rolling Rush into the ring. Rush fights back until caught in a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker as Haskins gets two. Haskins grounds Rush on the mat then lands some strikes in the corner. Leg lariat gets two then Haskins works a bodyscissors. Rush gets his arm free and peppers Haskins with elbow strikes but Haskins chops him down. Rush gets back up and they dodge each other’s strikes until Rush hits an Ace Crusher. Haskins rolls outside as Rush flies out with a tope as the fans wanting him to dive. Back inside, Rush gets two with a flying clothesline but Haskins comes back with the Star Armbar until Rush reaches the ropes. Haskins then hits a TKO for a two count before locking on a crossface. He then pulls back Rush’s other arm but Rush is able to slip out. Rush hits a spin kick and they trade moves until Rush comes back with a DDT for a two count as both men are down. They now fight on the apron and that ends with Haskins hitting a Death Valley Driver. He rolls Rush inside and picks him up with a Cradle Shock but Rush is able to kick out. Haskins hits a few super kicks but Rush catches him with a Spanish Fly then hits the frog splash for the win (16:03) ***3/4.

Thoughts: Both guys are evenly matched and put on a damn fine performance. I find Haskins to be one of the most underrated guys out there today and Rush is a special talent in his own right, which is why he was signed by the WWE to a Developmental Deal.


PWG Tag Team Title Match: Young Bucks vs. Lucha Bros. (c)

The Bucks suggest they have a match were they can do dives, super kicks, and a lot of spots as opposed to a normal match and want a “Texas Tornado Spot Match.” This starts off in a brawl then they keep blocking each other’s super kicks. The Bucks take out the Lucha Bros with an assisted dropkick then Nick takes them out on the floor with a twisting plancha. Matt flies off of the top rope with a moonsault. The Bucks celebrate inside but that allows the Lucha Bros to hit stereo Ace Crushers. Penta flies out with a tope con hilo then Fenix heads up top and takes everyone out with a tornillo. Penta teases a big chop but gives Matt a too sweet eye poke then Fenix murders him with a kick as the Lucha Bros. run wild. Nick comes in to run wild now as the Bucks take control of the match. The Lucha Bros powerbomb the Bucks into each other then the action becomes fast and furious. Both teams accidentally hit their own with a Canadian Destroyer then they all trade super kicks until falling down on the mat. They get up and trade more super kicks and mix in some taunts then fall down again as the crowd goes wild. Fenix misses a flying double stomp on Matt from the apron and gets taken down with a suplex. Penta then hits Nick with a package piledriver from the apron then Matt messes up a spot where he was supposed to DDT Penta on the apron as all four men are down again. The Bucks almost put Fenix away with the Indytaker but the Lucha Bros fight back. Penta hits Nick with a package piledriver on Nick then another one with an assist to Fenix, who flies out onto Matt and Penta hits another package piledriver as that gets the win (14:27) ***.

Thoughts: While not a bad match at all, it really paled in comparison to their match at Night Three of last year’s BOLA. The Bucks seemed to have an off night and according to Dave Meltzer, Fenix worked with a back injury which probably slowed things down. Their match at last year’s BOLA is something to seek out.


PWG World Title Match: Trent vs. Zack Sabre Jr. (c)

Sabre boots Trent in the face a few times but Trent fights back. Sabre avoids a piledriver and ducks outside for a breather but Trent knocks him off the apron and then hits a pescado. You can see current WWE MYC competitor Shayna Baszler in the crowd at this point. The announcers talk about Scurll being absent due to his participation in the NJPW Best of the Super Juniors Tournament as his partner starts beating on Trent, who then dumps Sabre with a suplex. Back inside, Sabre attacks the arm. He knocks Trent down with a running uppercut then starts booting him in a mocking way. Trent gets up and hits a chop but Sabre takes him down and stomps the elbow. Trent catches a charging Sabre with a stomp as both men are down. Trent hits an enziguiri then a swinging DDT as he is still clutching his arm. They fight up top where Sabre torques the arm then after a sunset bomb is blocked he kicks Trent off the top. Sabre goes out and starts bending Trent’s foot as he is now targeting the ankle. Sabre peppers Trent with uppercuts but gets caught in a half-nelson suplex as both men are down. They get up as Sabre hits a tiger suplex then the Penalty Kick for a two count. Trent grabs the ropes as he was put in the knee bar. Sabre hits Trent with a Dragon Screw as he was tied up in the ropes then starts toying with him but Trent hits an apron piledriver as both men are down. They slowly get into the ring as Trent is limping around trying to pump himself up. He chops Sabre down but Sabre gets up and they trade chops Trent almost puts him away with a bridging pin but Sabre takes out his legs. Sabre heads up top but Trent cuts him off and hits a belly-to-belly suplex. Trent then hits a shining wizard and almost gets the win with a Gotch piledriver. Sabre is able to catch Trent in a triangle sleeper then segues into a knee bar as he wrenches back the ankle. Trent is yanked back into the center of the ring but is able to use a bridging pin for two. Sabre almost puts Trent away with a European Clutch then tries an Octopus Hold but Trent turns that into a Crunchy as the crowd goes nuts. Trent finally gathers himself to cover but Sabre kicks out at two. Trent takes Sabre down wit a clothesline and picks him for another crunchy but Sabre gets out and starts driving Trent’s knee into the mat and bends back the leg in a painful submission that Trent has no choice but to tap (23:45) ****.

Thoughts: Excellent match. The crowd was really into Trent and he did a great job in making us believe he had a chance to win. Sabre working as a heel is when he’s at his best if you ask me and he had another great showing in 2017 with this match. Trent’s best work is in PWG if you ask me and this promotion is where he stands out the most.


Final Thoughts: This show was a step up from the previous month’s “Game Over, Man” show. The matches did not feel unnecessarily long and the action was better. This show also started late due to the ring truck breaking down en route to the venue which might explain why the crowd was not as lively as usual in the middle of the show. Cole’s sendoff was cool and nothing here was bad, making it an enjoyable show.