Daily News Update – 09.04.17

Well, I guess I’ll do this one today.

– The second set of Mae Young Classic episodes has dropped on the Network, just in time for me to finish up the first four episodes.  Apparently I’ve only got a week to watch the remainder of the tournament before the finals on September 12.  Thankfully, the tournament is said to get much better in the second drop.

– Renee Young denies that she wants JBL’s vacant announcing position on Smackdown, noting on Twitter that she was never very good at the job on NXT.  Yeah, well, neither are Otunga and Byron Saxton but we know what the deal is there.

– UFC is actually in Edmonton this upcoming weekend, although I’m a starving artist and can’t afford TWO HUNDRED DOLLARS for a ticket so I shall not be attending. Also, Sporting News is not on Dana White’s approved list of “real” news sites so they won’t comp us.

And finally, here’s the latest WWE Top 10 video on YouTube:  Championship celebrations GONE WRONG!