BoD question: Charlotte => Charlotte Flair

Good evening Mr Keith,

Long time reader, first time questioner.

Earlier this year, Charlotte became Charlotte Flair, with no other real character change. This got me thinking, has that ever happened before?  Many wrestlers have dropped down to a single name (e.g., Antonio Cesaro, Alexander Rusev),  but I can't think of any others that have gained a name, not including character changes or employer changes.  I thought there might maybe be a tag wrestler who gets a full name after a split or something like that, but nothing comes to mind.  Can you think of any similar cases?
​No, actually I can't.  I was racking my brain trying to come up with another example and I'm stumped.  Typically it's easier to market a single name, so it's almost always in the direction of removing one, not adding one.  ​