WCW and Cage matches

*Hey there Scott, I have a two questions for you and even if they have been
touched on before, it should lead to an interesting discussion.*

*1) When you think of the hype and build-up beforehand, what were some of
the most disappointing cage matches you’ve seen over the years?*

*2) From everything I’ve always read, including things written by you, WCW
was always on the verge of being shut down/going out of business, as early
as, 1990 I wanna say. All things considered, what do you think could’ve
been done to keep WCW in business? (And for the sake of this argument,
let’s not use the “nothing would’ve kept them around” talking point, lol.) *

​1. To be honest, it’s been a long time since I was really hyped for a cage
match, because it’s a gimmick that’s so dead. I will say that they hyped
up the Balor v. Joe cage match in NXT as a guaranteed classic and it ended
up being…I dunno, just really good.

2. WCW was entirely at the whims of a TV station, and once that station
decided they didn’t want wrestling, the promotion was worthless and died.
I’m really not sure why people think there was some magic bullet that could
have saved them. ​