Mid-South Wrestling – January 6th, 1983

January 6, 1983

Your hosts are Boyd Pierce and Bill Watts

This week, we will see Mr. Wrestling II vs. Gino Hernandez, Steve Williams, Dick Murdoch, Great Kabuki, and Ted DiBiase & Matt Borne


Watts tells us that the Junkyard Dog called him up recently as he reminds us his suspension is up at the end of the month. Watts thinks JYD & Stagger Lee would make a great team then switches gears to talk about the Fabulous Freebirds and how much he hates Michael Hayes while telling us he costs Kerry Von Erich the title this past Christmas and hopes to have clips of that soon. Just some hype for when they bring in both the Von Erich’s and Freebirds into the Territory. And reminding us that JYD’s suspension is coming to an end, which is good since the Stagger Lee gimmick is starting to get stale.


Reeser Bowden is with Mr. Wrestling II, who is pissed over people messing with his mask and how he missed teaming with Stagger Lee and Mr. Olympia took his place and lost, resulting in him having to leave for 90 days. Mr. Wrestling II says he’s worked too hard for too long and will not stand for someone messing with his mask then apologizes to the people for his actions.


Clips of Tony Atlas bench pressing with kids as JYD and Stagger Lee are in the background. Atlas put up 500 lbs twice then goes up to 550 lbs as JYD tells us how Lee used to beat him up as a kid and steal his milk money then drive him around in his new Mercedes.


Tom Renesto Jr. vs. “Dr. Death” Steve Williams

Watts lets us know that Williams just finished playing in the Fiesta Bowl for Oklahoma University as he tosses Renesto around. Williams grounds Renesto on the mat then starts working the arm. Watts then talks about John Tenta from Canada and how he is a heavyweight wrestler that poses a challenge to Williams in the amateur ranks as Williams hits the Oklahoma Stampede for the win (2:31).

Thoughts: Williams looked better here than in his previous appearances. It was interesting to hear John Tenta’s name mentioned as an amateur wrestler on Mid-South. Tenta was an accomplished amateur who got a scholarship to LSU


Marty Lunde vs. Dick Murdoch

Murdoch gets attacked as he was entering the ring as Lunde stomps away. Lunde gets a two count with a slam but Murdoch uses a leapfrog then comes back with a dropkick. Murdoch gets two with an elbow drop as Watts says Dusty Rhodes has been talking about teaming with Murdoch again. Lunde fights back and kicks out of a sunset flip but eats boot on a charge then Murdoch runs wild until he gets the win with a brainbuster (2:44) *1/2.

Thoughts: Good action while it lasted. You can tell they think more of Lunde as he keeps getting in more offense in his matches. Murdoch is back now from Japan but only briefly as he would go to Georgia the following month.


Art Crews vs. Kamala w/ Skandor Akbar & Friday

This time, Akbar does not have Kamala’s opponent wear a mask. Kamala charges and destroys Crews then hits a pair of splashes for the win (0:37).

Thoughts: Kamala destroys another opponent as his monster push continues.


Akbar is in the ring with Gary Hart & The Great Kabuki. Akbar congratulates both men then said he asked Hart to be here to take care of Stagger Lee, Dick Murdoch, Mr. Wrestling II, and Tony “Big Guns” Atlas. Hart congratulates Akbar for spending whatever it takes to remedy a solution and calls him the “Bank of Wrestling” and how he is here to collect. Watts calls this the most diabolical scheme that could have happened. I liked the segment and thought both managers played off of each other well. Having Hart back in Mid-South is a good thing, even if The Great Kabuki and his excessive amount of nerve holds was not the most exciting thing to watch.


Tim Horner vs. The Great Kabuki w/ Gary Hart

Horner takes Kabuki down with a hip toss then a headscissors but Kabuki catches his foot and sweeps the leg. Kabuki uses some kicks and chops then cuts off a comeback before using a nerve hold. Horner escapes but Kabuki re-applies the hold as Horner is unable to fully escape. Hart is up on the apron as Kabuki shows us his nerve hold variations. Horner fights back and gets two with a knee drop but Kabuki comes back with a thrust kick to the throat and that gets the win (4:25) *.

Thoughts: Kabuki’s strikes look good but here he was reliant on nerve holds and boring to watch. Horner did a fine job in his role.


Ted DiBiase & Matt Borne vs. Bruno Sammartino Jr. & Buddy Landel

Bruno Jr. is in fact David Sammartino for those wondering. This is a non-title match. Pierce talks to Watts about wrestling Bruno Sammartino at Madison Square Garden as they talk about how that for a bit. Sammartino starts slamming both men then the champs take a breather. DiBiase goes after the eyes then Borne tags and works a front facelock. Sammartino hits a missile dropkick from the middle rope then tags out as Landel gets caught in the opposing corner. The champs cut off the ring as Watts says Mid-South is the third biggest wrestling organization in the United States then Landel finally makes the tag while being lifted in the air for a back suplex. Sammartino runs wild and gets a nearfall with a leg drop then folds up DiBiase with a back suplex. Both men tag out as Landel fires away on Borne. DiBiase loads up his glove behind the ref’s back and punches Landel from the apron then tags in and covers for the win (6:25) **.

Thoughts: The action was decent and Sammartino got some shine in his Mid-South debut. He looked okay here I suppose. Landel keeps improving each time out as the champs win this non-title match.


“Gorgeous” Gino Hernandez vs. Mr. Wrestling II

Mr. Wrestling grounds Hernandez with a headscissors to start as Watts talks about young talent sometimes not reaching their potential and burning out. They stay on the mat with Mr. Wrestling in control as he keeps taking Hernandez over with a side headlock. Hernandez slaps Mr. Wrestling, who fires up as Watts calls Hernandez a “sissy.” Hernandez keeps hitting Mr. Wrestling with elbow smashes but gets tossed over the top rope. Hernandez comes back in and hits Mr. Wrestling low but misses his falling back elbow smash then Mr. Wrestling hits his power knee lift for the win (4:51) *1/2.

Thoughts: Not much to this match but with Mr. Wrestling II getting a big push on TV a key victory was essential.


Next week in action will be Kevin Von Erich, Gino Hernandez vs. Chavo Guerrero, then is just informed that Kamala & The Great Kabuki will team up too.


Final Thoughts: The big news was the alliance between Akbar & Hart as their men are going to take out Mid-South’s top babyface talent. Other than that, the action was passable but nothing worth going out of your way to see.


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