DVD/Blu-Ray storage question

Hey, Scott, I seem to remember you once mentioning that you stored all

your Dvds and blu-rays in binders? Is that true? And if so what did

you end doing with the cases? Thanks.

​I stored all my DVDs in binders and recycled the cases.  Frankly I don't even buy anything outside of Blu Rays at this point, so mostly I just keep the DVDs that Rosalie watches on her portable DVD player in the car and give the rest away.  I've become a pretty hardcore snob about disc format now. That being said, to date all my Blu Rays are still in their cases and on display on shelves, but I'm getting close to the point where I have more of them than I can comfortably keep around, too.  I pretty much jettisoned my entire WWE collection once the Network came around, and at this point I'm down to TV collections (which I don't tend to buy anymore due to Netflix and digital copies being a thing) and the Blu Rays.  Even then, a lot of the time I'll buy something under $10 just to get the digital version (like Tarzan or Pacific Rim or whatever) and then just give away the disc.  
It's a weird time, because typically the actual version of the movie I watch is digital (Netflix, iTunes, Google Play, whatever) but I'm still something of an obsessive collector of physical media that I never use.  ​