Hey Scott,

I'm working my way through Nitro on the network and just checked back on your Uncensored 97 rant and saw an intriguing note about an idea for a stable with Eddie Guerrero, Benoit, and others that was intended to feud with the Horsemen after the Jeff Jarrett angle. Apparently it made somebody nervous, brother…

I don't know that I've ever even heard of this idea, which sounded like a great way to elevate a group of guys who were a couple years away from leaving on account of the seeming impossibility of their ever being elevated. Could you shed any light on the idea and what happened to it?

Also, how did Jeff Jarrett keep getting sustained upper midcard pushes in the 90s? He's a solid, unspectacular worker, and a f------ charisma vacuum. I mean, honestly, Malenko projected more personality with expressionless wrist-tape checking than Jarrett ever did no matter how histrionic he was.
​Jarrett was a solid worker with good family connections, so it's not surprising that he got a million pushes, even if they were totally out of line with his talent.  By the time he got to be WCW World champion it was just like "Well, no one else wants it, so why not him?" Really great qualification for your top guy, huh?
Anyway, the Apocalypse thing was just one of those weird stop-and-start storyline deals that WCW did and I don't even think was going to go anywhere or was even given a name officially, but it was a cool idea for something different​. Really though, by that point everything was pretty much "Join the nWo or bust" as far as storyline progression went, so most of it was probably just internet fans getting all worked up over something that was just them working their own angle or whatever.  Honestly I don't remember much about it from the time and I haven't gone through the Observers from that specific period to jog my memory.