I was a huge mark for Tyler Breeze's NXT character (even though he jobbed all the time), so I'm thrilled he and Fandango have managed to get themselves good and over in this goofy tag team. Their vignettes on Smackdown are probably what I look forward to most, and their bulletin board is always on point. This week's bit of "Do you know what this is?" [holds up a regular leather pants belt] "It's a title." "No, it's a belt." made me laugh loud.

My question is: Do you have a sense for how guys like Breezango feel about this? They're on tv every week, they're over, but they're not wrestling. Is it a nice night off for them? Are they disappointed they don't get to do what they ostensibly love for the Smackdown crew's biggest audience of the week? I remember you writing that Savage liked working with George Steele because it was largely a night off for him. Do you have a sense for how it works now?
​It's a weird thing now where guys don't seem to think of it as "wrestling" but rather "performing", so I'm thinking that in their minds, doing backstage skits is the same as being in the ring.  Everyone that's come up into wrestling since the Attitude Era seems to have that new weird WWE group-think mindset now, which is why it's so rare for someone like Cody Rhodes to leave and suddenly realize that they can make a shitload more money on the indy scene.  ​