Sid WrestleWar ’91

Hey Scott,

Sid just did a shoot where he claims he intentional dropped Pillman on his head in the infamous War Games botch.

For what it's worth, I don't think this is the case (For whatever screwed up reason, I think Sid is lying). But was there any mention of this in the WON at this time? What was the upshot of Sid almost killing a dude in the ring whether intentionally or not? I mean, Sexy Star just committed career suicide for torquing an armbar (rightfully so). How do you not get blackballed, at the very least from WCW?

​I feel like trying to gut Arn Anderson with a pair of scissors would be the more serious infraction, but they brought him back from THAT too.  Money talks and people always gave Sid another chance no matter how stupid he was.​