Highspots Presents: Developmentally Speaking with EC3 and Bill Carr

This was filmed on March 31, 2017

Bull James is your host

It runs at one hour and twenty-two minutes long


This is the first edition of “Developmentally Speaking” with James taking over for Curt Hawkins. Carr is former FCW talent “Bobby Dutch” as EC3 was “Derrick Bateman” in NXT.


Carr & EC3 talk about Developmental Talent Ron Myers, who had the name “The Last Outlaw” and the company wanted to buy that from him and tried to push in Developmental due to his size. Carr said the company tried to buy the name for $30,000 then a few weeks later doubled their offer. However, Myers would fake injuries and refuse to practice and only lasted a few months.


Both guys put over Tom Prichard as the greatest trainer they ever had and how he would mess with them. They tell a story of being with Xavier Woods and someone else where they sat in the front row of an Independent show during a Saturday they had off. They were hammered and poured alcohol into soda cups they got from Taco Bell. Carr remembers one of the wrestlers wanted to impress them and bladed but ended up gushing blood in front of 17 total fans. Prichard called up EC3 and told him to go to his office where he was expecting to get in trouble but Prichard just turned around his monitor and asked EC3 to explain Myers drunk while singing karaoke.


Carr talks about one day at practice where, along with Bray Wyatt and Phil Friedman, did the “Jamboni Express” gimmick. It was something they used to make themselves and the others laugh. Carr was “Splendid Charles” while Bray was “Hot Boy Jason” and Friedman “Jerome Beany Wagons.” The gimmick was that they basically acted gay towards each other and because it made everyone laugh in the locker room it was a big hit in practice. They were asked by Joey Mercury, who was leading practice as Keirn was not there, to ramp up the act as Carr said they took it to the extreme but Steve Keirn came in unexpectedly and was pissed off then cussed them out as Mercury joined in and buried them along with Keirn. EC3 says some people in wrestling do whatever it takes to keep their jobs when referencing Mercury.


We get another story from Carr. He talks about wrestling Big E Langston and Norman Smiley told him to be careful as Big E had a lot of holes in his underwear. Carr then kept trying to pull down Langston’s pants to expose the underwear as he said it basically looked like toilet paper. They had a second match where Langston returned the favor then they had a final match. Carr told Hunico (The current Sin Cara) before the match to tell everyone when he makes his comeback to hit the ring and tear off Langston’s clothes. Carr said everyone ended up hitting the ring and destroyed Langston, who was completely naked but still managed to finish the match. Both guys also said that Hunico was a “shit-stirrer.”


Now, Carr tells us the first time he hung out with EC3. He got a random text telling him to dress in all red and bring 42 cans of “Four Loko.” He didnt have red clothes but brought the Four Loko and showed up to the apartment, which belonged to Jinder Mahal. EC3 said everyone was shocked that Carr actually showed up.


They talk about promo class now. Carr said when Seth Rollins arrived to FCW he kept cutting the same promo every week so Dusty Rhodes wanted him to do something different. Rollins came to Carr for advice and told him to wear a vest so they both had vests and started dancing but Carr was bleeding. Rollins pointed that out as Carr said he was a woman then proceeded to pull down his pants and show him his “vagina” as he tucked his penis between his legs. They all want to know how Carr did not get fired sooner as he jokes how he did not know.


Carr talks about being told to do this Bobby Dutch character as they wanted him to be a loud Texan character as he mentions being from New York. They gave him a vest and wanted him to wear a cowbell then was called in Laurinaitis’s office were he was told to gain back the weight they lost. Carr said when the WWE tells you they want something they want it immediately as he went out and bought an insane amount of food then ate it all to gain weight ASAP.


EC3 is asked about being on NXT. He jokes about how awesome it was to be on an internet only show everyone hated, including the fans in attendance, and how he got his brains battered by Titus O’Neill. Everyone cannot believe that Titus still has a job with Carr adding Titus has given him more concussions than anyone else in the world. Apparently, Vince liked him from NXT and wanted to do some “Saturday Night Live” style skits and was asked to come up with some ideas. He had a takeoff of the Sex Panther cologne from “Anchorman” based off of Mark Henry’s sweat and Vince loved it but also loved the idea so much he re-wrote the whole thing and what we saw on TV was all Vince’s idea. EC3 said he knew it wasn’t good when filming but when he watched it live he could feel all of the energy being sucked out of the arena when it aired.


Carr talks about when he got released. He was at the beach with Rollins, Dean Ambrose, Briley Pierce (Dolph Ziggler’s brother), and Juice Robinson. They had a few beers and saw online guys on the main roster were getting cut and thought they were safe so they had more to drink. Some of the guys ventured off and the cops were called and they almost got arrested due to being blamed for throwing beer bottles into the beach, which was private. They get back to there belongings were Carr saw his phone had three missed calls from a private phone number and thought it was his mom or he was getting fired. They called back and someone put him on with John Laurinaitis and was released then told it was due because they did not see enough of himself in his work. Laurinaitis told him to call back in six months or a year because they wanted him back as Carr & EC3 said the locker room was extremely sad.


They talk about Ricky Steamboat and how he had good psychology but would talk for hours upon hours when class was about to end when all they wanted to do was go home. Carr recalls one time when Steamboat was shitfaced before they had a few matches at a minor league baseball game then was told the next day by Mercury that Steamboat polished off an entire family-sized bag of chips during the five minute car ride home.


We now get a story about someone both guys did not want to name but add he is a current star in the company. Carr goes into it first and said it was this guys first day and they went to a bar called the “Green Iguana” to drink. There was a British talent (who EC3 did not want to name as he said the guy’s name had been “dragged through the mud a lot”) and the other guy as the two bet on whether or not the current star could pass out in a chokehold. The current star got put in the choke and passed out and fell off of the stool, smashing his face on the floor. He got up and there was blood everywhere then gets up and smiles but they all got kicked out of the bar. They dropped him off at the hospital then left and went to a strip club and forgot all about him at the hospital. The next morning, Carr got a call that this guy was lost as no one could find him so he called up Rollins, who told Carr he was disappointed then picked Carr up to look for the guy. They went to his house and saw his door kicked in but the guy was nowhere to be found. Carr said they were thinking what to say to Prichard about not being able to find the name guy that just started. Mercury called up Carr and asked them what the fuck did they do last night as the guy was found walking on someone’s lawn as he was driving by and they went to pick him up.


On doing the “Street Team,” Carr said he usually got paired with Ethan Levin, who was a lunatic that did not practice as EC3 said the guy was a legitimate diamond merchant. However, one day he got paired with Rollins and Friedman. They were supposed to put up posters in a town but instead took the $50 they got and went to an Italian restaurant because they wanted veal parm. After a few hours they went back with half of the posters to say they were all put up but were then grilled why they were back so soon because the town they had to to go was 1.5 hours away and got a call from the other team that they had to put up the posters for them. Carr then called up Rollins a few hours later and said they should put them up so they arrived at 2am to a town called Eustis and went they stepped out, there were signs warning people to beware of panthers around so they saw this and went home. The next day at promo practice, Keirn ripped into them and while Carr went to the bathroom, the other two guys cut promos were they apologized to Dusty. Carr had no idea that happened and then at the end, Dusty thanked them for the apology and wanted to know who the third guy was as Carr stood up as he remembered Brodus Clay standing up and clapping.


Carr talks about how he had to gain weight then they had him do eating contests backstage and after having to eat over a pound of french fries, he threw up a few minutes into his match and the force was so hard his nose started bleeding as the whole room cracked up as Carr said he was being ribbed but he still finished the match anyway.


The interview closes with both guys saying they did learn a ton and it was not a party every night as they would go out only when they had days off and worked hard all throughout the week.


Final Thoughts: Some of the stories were funny and Carr is a hilarious story-teller. He had no problem being the butt of a joke and you can tell he was a guy who kept the locker room light. He spoke more than EC3, who probably had a more interesting story to tell but really seemed content letting Carr tell crazy stories while occasionally chiming in at times.

My main problem with this was with Bull as the host. He offered no structure, unlike former host Curt Hawkins. When Hawkins was the host you got to know how they got hired, which we never found out, among other things. We still did not know how EC3 even got fired.

Overall, the stories were entertaining and the interview was brief enough where it breezed by and was an easy listen. I’d watch this if subscribed to the Highspots Wrestling Network but if not I do not think there is enough here to warrant a purchase via digital download or DVD. A better host would have made for a really good interview.

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