Smoky Mountain Wrestling TV – July 25th, 1992



– Last week on SMW TV… Fire on The Mountain is coming on August 8th with a Double Main Event. The Heavenly Bodies defend their Tag Titles against The Fantastics inside a Barbwire Cage, with Commissioner Bob Armstrong as special referee, and Brian Lee defends the Heavyweight Title against the Dirty White Boy, with the stipulation that the DWB must leave SMW if he’s defeated… Tim Horner challenged Buddy Landell to an “I Quit Match”… Dixie Dy-No-Mite defeated Killer Kyle in a Mask vs. Violin Case Match, and was beaten down when inside the case was revealed to be nothing more than a roll of tape… Robert Fuller made his debut, siding with Jimmy Golden in his rivalry with Robert Gibson.



– Taped on July 6th from Polk High School in Benton, TN. Bob Caudle and “Dirty” Dutch Mantell will be calling the action, unless otherwise noted. This week, we’ll have more information on Fire on The Mountain. The Fantastics and Brian Lee will be in action. We’ll see highlights of an altercation between Ron Garvin and Paul Orndorff. In today’s Main Event, The Heavenly Bodies face Hector Guerrero and Ben Jordan. Finally, Down & Dirty with Dutch will be on location in Bucksnort, TN to get comments from The Dirty White Boy.



– The Fantastics vs. Joe Cazana & Gary Scott:
Warm-up match (or as I like to call it, a showcase) for the Fantastics, who have yet another opportunity at the Tag Team Titles in two weeks. Bobby takes Cazana into the corner and gives a clean break. Lockup and Bobby with an arm drag. Jackie tags in and gets taken down, but mile kicks Cazana away. Whip to the ropes and Jackie hits a glancing blow dropkick. Whip reversed and after a lengthy crisscross, Cazana takes him over with a hip toss. Jackie rolls away from an elbow drop and goes back to the arm. Scott tags in and suffers the same fate. Bobby gets launched into the corner with an elbow and Jackie hip throws him across Scott for a two count. Scott with a rake of the eyes and missile dropkick for two. Jackie with a flying sunset flip for two. He holds Scott up and Bobby hits him with a clothesline, but Cazana breaks the pin attempt. Bobby with a Samoan Drop and they hit an assisted senton bomb (see also: Quebecers finisher) for three at 2:58. Not that he meant much more than being enhancement talent, but this will be the last we see of Joe Cazana for the foreseeable future.



– Bob Caudle is standing by with The Fantastics. Bobby says they’ve been in an uphill battle all the way, especially with Jim Cornette at ringside. The barbwire cage will keep him out of the ring, unless he wants to become shredded wheat. Jackie says the Heavenly Bodies had a good laugh over his knee injury and what they’ve done to Bobby, but it’s their turn to do all the laughing, and it’ll be payback time says at Fire on The Mountain.



– Highlights of last week’s match between Jimmy Golden and Robert Gibson, where we got the surprise debut of the Tennessee Stud, Robert Fuller. We follow that up with comments from Gibson. He says he’s got some news about finding a tag team partner and throws it to the video footage. Ricky Morton is hanging out in his backyard and says he’s made mistakes over the last year, turning on friends and family, but he’s seen the error of his ways and what Fuller did has brought the Rock N’ Roll Express back together. He warns Fuller and Golden that nobody can match their accomplishments, and promises to show why they can still be the best tag team in wrestling.



– Bob Caudle is standing by again, this time with Jimmy Golden and Robert Fuller. Golden says Ricky Morton turned on Robert Gibson, and says he should always be worried about it happening again. Fuller says the real big news is the reuniting of the Stud Stable. Commissioner Armstrong pops in and says Morton will be in Smoky Mountain Wrestling, ticking Fuller and Golden off.



– Phil Raney runs down some upcoming live events, except for August 10th, which has been postponed since these segments were taped. Jim Cornette hypes up a Coal Miner’s Glove Match between the Fantastics and Heavenly Bodies at Beckley, WV on August 9th.



– Highlights of Brian Lee and Ron Garvin vs. Paul Orndorff and The Dirty White Boy from Summer Blast. The finish came with Brian Lee taking the White Boy over with a sunset flip, with assistance from Garvin’s hands of stone. In the post-match shenanigans, Lee got tossed over the top rope and Orndorff planted Garvin with a piledriver. Orndorff tries for a second, but Lee makes the save. Orndorff is standing by with comments, asking Garvin how it feels to be 6-inches shorter. Next time they step in the ring, he’s going to give him his Ultimate-Ultimate Piledriver. Garvin follows up with comments, saying Orndorff made a mistake because he’s still around and still talking. When he piledrives a man, they never say a word. Bob Caudle announces that a Piledriver Match has been signed for Fire on The Mountain.



– “Primetime” Brian Lee vs. The Stormtrooper:

Seriously, what the hell is this? I can understand letting a Nature Boy knockoff not-named Buddy Landell working as enhancement talent, but a guy with Swastikas on his tights and mask!? I could somehow see modern fans cheering the Stormtrooper over Roman Reigns. Stormtrooper attacks from behind with some terrible strikes and a slam. Lee avoids a charge to the corner and hits the Stormtrooper with clotheslines. Lee with a dropkick and Powerslam, then finishes with The Cancelation at 1:32. One of the quicker squashes, and thank goodness for that. The Stormtrooper looked like he had minimal ring training.



– Bob Caudle is standing by with Brian Lee. He’s got a chance to finally get rid of the Dirty White Boy. Either he gets the belt and becomes Champion, or gets on the train and get out of town. He may be a good wrestler, “but he’s not ready for Prime Time.”



– Down & Dirty with Dutch Mantell, “on location” from Bucksnort, TN. Dutch appears to be hanging around a junkyard, and has a dog with him for protection. He comes across what looks like a dilapidated bus, hollering out for “White Boy”, before he comes bursting through the rear door of the bus. He needs time to wake up and douses himself with a jug of water, then “brushes his teeth” by rinsing his mouth with beer. He even uses Dutch’s poncho to wipe off his face. He says if he loses, he has to leave “all of this”, and it’s taken him a lifetime to amass this fortune. He wants Lee to shine the belt up real nice for him. White Boy says this is his home and he’s not going anywhere. On August 8th at Freedom Hall, White Boy is walking out with the Heavyweight Title, and they’re going to have a celebratory party when it’s over. I’m surprised they used comedy to sell a big championship match, but this was quite the look into the character of the Dirty White Boy.



– “White Lightnin” Tim Horner vs. Paul Lee:
I’m actually thankful we’ve got Lee back instead of another questionable choice like the Stormtrooper. Referee Mark Curtis has grown out his beard again, for those who care about those details. Lee poses and struts before locking up. Horner takes him to the corner and gives a clean break, but Lee complains about a hair-pull. Lee with a side headlock. Whip to the ropes, Horner with a pair of arm drags and dropkick, knocking Lee through the ropes for a face-first flop on the hardwood floor. Caudle informs us the I Quit Match at Fire on The Mountain has been signed. Rumors are that Landell hasn’t been seen, and Horner is claiming he’s afraid of him. Caudle asks about Barry Horowitz, but Mantell dances around the topic. Lee hops off the top rope and is met with a clothesline for a near fall. Lee goes to the eyes and plants Horner with a slam. Horner avoids an elbow drop, but Lee catches him with a reverse DDT. Lee to the top again and hits the guillotine leg drop for two. He goes to the top once more and misses the second attempt. Horner with an atomic drop and snap suplex before finishing with the Natural Bridge at 4:54. ** Decent back-and-forth action. I guess Landell missed the taping, which explained the subtle burial of him not being around lately. We’ll hold off on any further comment until Fire on The Mountain.



– Davey Rich is out of action with a broken leg, courtesy of the Heavenly Bodies. Davey is standing by, sporting a huge cast on his leg. What set is he on and who is this Jimmy Hart look-a-like?

He introduces himself as David Jetty out of Memphis, TN, so question answered. Rich says he’s been thinking of Cornette 24 hours a day, and he’s devising a plan to get him, no matter what it takes, no matter where it needs to be. He says he’s got the support of all the Rich’s and Armstrong’s and he’s coming back for him. Cornette is standing by with a rebuttal. He says he could’ve not broken his leg and gotten beat up over and over again, but he lucked out. He turns it into a promo on the Fantastics and hyping the Barbwire Cage Match at Fire on The Mountain and teases a preview of what’s to come.



– Hector Guerrero & Ben Jordan vs. The Heavenly Bodies (w/ Jim Cornette):
The Heavenly Bodies are the reigning Tag Team Champions, but this is Non-Title. Cornette is without his tennis racket, but he has a brown paper bag. Lane’s selling the ear injury, even during Cornette’s introduction, gesturing for him to quiet down. Hector has a noisemaker to really get the injury gimmick over. Lane and Jordan start. Lockup into the ropes, Jordan slips out of a slam and shoves Lane face-first to the canvas. Lane with side-kicks to the midsection. Whip to the ropes and Jordan with a shoulder tackle, followed by a hip toss. Prichard walks into an arm drag and Jordan hooks the arm-bar. Guerrero tags in and takes over working the arm. Guerrero avoids a double team with a combination headlock and head scissors. Guerrero and Jordan with dropkicks, clearing the ring.


Back inside, Guerrero with a whip to the corner, followed by a flying head scissors. He takes Prichard over with it again, but lands in the wrong corner and Lane hangs him up across the top rope. Whip and the Bodies with a double elbow. Lane with choking across the middle rope and Cornette gets a cheap shot in with the referee distracted. Double boot to the midsection and Prichard with a delayed suplex. He comes off the ropes with a knee drop. Guerrero rolls away from a second knee, but Lane cuts the tag off and sends Hector high in the air with a back drop. Hector does the ear smack, but gets pulled back into the corner. Whip and Hector with a springboard body press on Prichard for two. Jordan tags in and runs wild on both opponents. His comeback is short lived, finished off with a back drop into a slam combo at 6:08. Post-match, Cornette pulls out a pair of gloves, and inside the bag is some barbwire. They hogtie Jordan, but the Fantastics hit the ring before things can get further out of hand. **1/4 Fine action, but just a shine match for the Bodies against a credible mid-carder and a fall-guy.



– Phil Raney is standing by for another local promotional video, including promos from Tim Horner and The Fantastics.



– Bob Caudle is standing by with Jim Cornette and The Heavenly Bodies. Cornette says they were showing the Fantastics what they’re in for. They won’t be able to wear heavy gloves or protective gear, and they’ll look like coleslaw when the Bodies are finished with them. Stan Lane sells the ear throughout the entire segment.



Final Thoughts: I don’t know how many times I’m going to say this and sound like a broken record, but the Fantastics/Heavenly Bodies rivalry is definitely a must-see, and not just for fans of Southern style rasslin’, either. Every segment means something, and I’m already looking forward to Fire on The Mountain. Another highlight this week was the odd-ball segment from Dirty White Boy’s “home” in an interview conducted by Dutch Mantell. Somehow lost in the shuffle is the arrival of Ricky Morton, looking to make up for his dastardly doings over the last year (a subtle nod to his underwhelming heel turn in WCW) and reform the Rock N’ Roll Express. Oh, and there’s THE STORMTROOPER.