PWG Game Over, Man

April 21, 2017

From the American Legion Post #308 in Reseda, CA

Excalibur is your host

Rey Fenix vs. Lio Rush

Rush kicks Fenix during a handshake then tries to play it off as a joke while the fans boo. Fenix kicks him back then they work a fast-paced Irish whip sequence that ends in a stalemate. They end up hitting two straight double clotheslines then roll out for a breather. Back inside, Rush takes Fenix down with an enziguiri but Fenix cuts off a dive. Rush catches Fenix with a super kick then hits a moonsault block from the apron. Fenix kicks Rush’s legs out as he was on the apron then they fight over a suplex. Fenix blocks a sunset bomb with a leg drop then hits a super kick after teasing a chair shot. Rush ends up on a fan’s lap after a running soccer kick then they head back into the ring. Fenix stays in control but Rush fights back. Fenix comes back with a springboard kick then uses a flurry of moves that all looked crisp. Rush comes back with a kick then Fenix catches a kick and that leads to a sequence where Rush hits a tope but is met with a roundhouse kick on a second attempt. Rush ends up powering up and hits another tope. Rush gets two with a top rope clothesline then they trade kicks until Rush catches him with a stunner. Rush celebrates as if he is Stone Cold Steve Austin but Fenix hits him with a rolling Ace Crusher. Rush then hits an Ace Crusher of his own and does the Randy Orton pose. Fenix comes back with a Canadian Destroyer then Rush hits an inverted hurricarana as both men collapse to the mat. The fans go nuts then Rush runs into a double boot and Fenix hits a springboard double stomp to the back of the neck. Fenix gathers himself to make the cover but Rush is just able to get his arm up in time. Fenix then blasts him with the Animo Kick and places Rush up top but the Springboard Spanish Fly is blocked. Rush then catches Fenix with a Spanish Fly for two as he is bleeding from the mouth. Fenix avoids a frog splash then catches a moonsault block attempt and hits the Omori Driver but Rush is just able to kick out. Rush rolls outside then Fenix comes off of the top on the apron and gets caught with a Spanish Fly that nearly killed both men then Rush rolls Fenix inside and hits a frog splash for the win (18:16) ***1/2.

Thoughts: Fun opening match, although I believe Rush suffered a concussion at the end.of the match. My one complaint, which is a recurring theme throughout the night, was the match was about five minutes too long.


Matt Riddle vs. Adam Cole

The announcers make fun of Cole’s physique as Cole is dancing around and playing up the “suck my dick” chant from the crowd. They end in a stalemate after some standing holds then Cole starts mocking Riddle and lays on the mat, spazzing out pretending to be an MMA fighter so Riddle runs and jumps to catch Cole’s arm and locks on a triangle sleeper as Cole makes the ropes. Riddle mocks the Cole chants then lands a few kicks as Cole heads outside. Riddle follows and beats Cole around the ring as Cole yells “help me” as he tries to go through the crowd. Riddle heads inside where Cole stomps his foot then shoves him off the apron and into the crowd right next to Dave Meltzer. Cole heads out to ram Riddle into the post then they head back inside. Cole uses an eye rake to cut off a comeback then chokes him out in the corner. Cole then rolls onto the apron to avoid a submission but comes back to kick Riddle in the face. Cole hits a bicycle kick but plays to the fans and gets caught with a fisherman’s buster for a two count. Cole gets his knees up on a senton attempt then hits a running knee strike to the back of Cole’s head for two. Cole calls Riddle a “bitch” and blows snots in his face then Riddle gets up and fires away. Riddle hits an upkick as the crowd is behind him then catches Cole with an exploder. Senton gets two then Riddle hits rolling gutwrenches then a Doctor Bomb that gets two. Cole blocks a Bro to Sleep attempt then hits a neckbreaker for two. Cole takes off his wrist tape then Riddle blocks an enziguiri and puts on an ankle lock. Riddle catches Cole with the Bro to Sleep then gets a nearfall with a bridging German suplex. They fight up top where Riddle blocks the Panama Sunrise but gets caught with a few kicks. Cole gets two with a running knee strike but Riddle catches him with a tombstone then locks on the Bromission for the win (13:45) ***1/4.

Thoughts: Cole’s heel work was good here as an annoying chickenshit and the match was good. Riddle getting the win makes sense since Cole was wrapping up his run on the Independent scene. The commentary was hilarious with Taylor ripping on Cole. This was one of two matches on the card where the length lasted the appropriate amount of time.


Keith Lee vs. Jeff Cobb

Lee taunts Cobb with a test of strength so Cobb jumps up for a headlock. Lee holds up Cobb with one arm ten they work an Irish whip sequence that ends in a stalemate. They trade kicks as Cobb shocks Lee with a dropkick then mocks Lee’s “Bask in my Glory” catchphrase. Cobb avoids a charge but fails on an Irish whip attempt so he hits an overhead pumphandle suplex instead that has the crowd going nuts. Lee takes Cobb down with a headscissors then hits an avalanche in the corner. Lee takes Cobb down with a double chop but Cobb comes back and hits a standing moonsault for two before grabbing a chinlock. Lee comes back and takes Cobb down before hammering away. He tosses Cobb across the ring then knocks him down again with a chop. Lee eats boot on a charge but Cobb whiffs on a dropkick and he hits a splash to the back for two. Cobb comes back with an overhead suplex but Lee tosses him then they trade German suplexes and slug it out until they knock each other down. They get up and trade strikes until Lee hits the Pounce. Cobb fights back and hits another German suplex for two. Lee rolls out on the apron then Cobb follows as they trade strikes until Cobb hits a German suplex from the apron. Back inside, Cobb tries some mounted punches in the corner but Lee catches him with a powerbomb for a nearfall. Lee climbs up top but Cobb cuts him off and takes him off with a German suplex. Cobb hits a few more German suplexes then puts Lee away with the Tour of the Islands (19:07) **3/4.

Thoughts: The first half of this match was fun as you had two strong guys tossing each other around but it got repetitive at the end with Cobb’s constant German suplexes. I was a bit shocked to see Cobb get the win due to Lee’s stock rising but Cobb is the more constant PWG presence even if his 2017 has been lackluster. This also did not need to last for more almost twenty minutes and the longer it went the more lost Cobb appeared in the ring if you ask me.


Kyle O’Reilly vs. Michael Elgin

Elgin backs O’Reilly against the ropes to start. They trade strikes until Elgin hits a shoulder tackle. O’Reilly comes back and works the arm for a bit but gets backdropped onto the apron. Elgin slingshots O’Reilly into a powerslam for a two count in an innovative spot and follows with a backbreaker that gets two. Elgin knocks O’Reilly down with an elbow smash but O’Reilly is able to come back and work the arm. They trade strikes again as O’Reilly wins that battle and takes Elgin down with a leg sweep. O’Reilly gets two with a back suplex but Elgin comes back with a one-arm suplex after a reversal sequence. Elgin targets the neck and hits a deadlift falcon arrow for a two count. O’Reilly floats over in a suplex and comes back with a flurry of strikes as both men are down. O’Reilly hits a tornado DDT then rolls through for a suplex then they trade strikes until Elgin hits a clothesline. Elgin hits a few suplexes then a discus lariat but O’Reilly blocks a powerbomb attempt and puts on a cross armbreaker. O’Reilly switches to a triangle hold then to a cravate after Elgin lifted him up. He hits Elgin with a brainbuster for two then puts on a cross armbreaker until Elgin gets his foot on the ropes. They end up on the apron where they trade kicks until Elgin hits a Death Valley Driver. Falcon Arrow gets two as Elgin is in shock then he hits a buckle bomb. He charges but gets low-bridged then kicked off of the apron. O’Reilly hits a running knee smash from the apron onto Elgin, who was seated in a chair. Back inside, O’Reilly heads up top but is caught with a powerbomb then Elgin hits a buckle bomb before a sitout powerbomb gets the win (20:22) ***1/4.

Thoughts: I thought the match was fine but again, it just went on for too long. The crowd was somewhat dead for this match surprisingly enough although I think the end of the previous match had a lot to do with that.


War Machine vs. Young Bucks

Matt tries to psyche out Hanson then tags in Nick who ducks under a lockup and tries to tag out but Matt jumps off of the apron. Hanson overpowers Nick, who uses an eye poke, then Matt tags in only to get caught in a spinning side slam. Rowe comes in as War Machine cleans house as the Young Bucks call for time outside of the ring. The Bucks come back in and they clean house but get caught when attempting stereo topes and tossed into each other. The Bucks are able to cut off dive attempts with super kicks. Nick flies out with a dive then back in the ring the Bucks pull at the beard of Hanson, who fights them off and tags out as Rowe tosses around the Bucks. Matt tries to use elbow strikes but Rowe headbutts the arm repeatedly then takes him down with a right hand. Hanson is back in and works over Matt. Nick tags in after Matt hit a Sliced Bread then runs wild. The Bucks set up for double crossbodies but get caught then the Bucks come back with double super kicks and some more creative double-team moves. Hanson fights back and runs back-and-forth with avalanches on the Bucks. Matt saves his brother from a double-team move then runs wild after some comedy. Rowe fights back then the action goes back-and-forth until War Machine almost puts Nick away with a springboard clothesline/German suplex combo. Rowe tells the Bucks to “suck it” before hitting a double powerbomb. All four men are down after a flurry of moves then Hanson heads up top and splashes the Bucks for a two count. He then hits Nick with a tope suicida for two. They almost put Nick away with a lifting leg drop but Nick manages to surprise Hanson with a reverse rollup for the win (21:30) ***. After the match, War Machine gets a “please come back” chant.

Thoughts: I liked the story at the beginning with the Bucks being afraid of War Machine but the end of this match became repetitive and the length put this at a disadvantage. In PWG, long tag matches usually are not good. The crowd was into War Machine though and the Bucks can entertain the Reseda crowd so it at least got over.


Dick Togo vs. Zack Sabre Jr. 

These two start off the mat then trade standing holds. Sabre works a surfboard on the mat while kicking Togo in the back. Togo wins a brief slugfest then starts chopping Sabre in the corner. Togo now works a headscissors on the mat but Sabre escapes and uses a single leg crab. Sabre continues to work the leg until Togo breaks free and dropkicks Sabre through the ropes. Togo flies out with a running flip dive then hits a swinging pedigree from the middle rope for a nearfall. Sabre kicks Togo’s legs out as both men are down. Togo hits a clothesline for two then they trade pinfalls until Sabre starts working over the leg. Togo fights back and hits a release German suplex as both men are down. Sabre is up first and hits the Penalty Kick but Togo comes back with a crucifix pin then locks on a crossface. Sabre makes it to the ropes then comes back with an octopus hold on the mat as he cranks back Togo’s leg. Togo breaks free with a few elbow strikes then hits an Ace Crusher for a two count after a reversal sequence. Togo hits the pedigree then goes up top for the senton but Sabre got his knees up and follows with the Penalty Kick. Sabre tries another Penalty Kick but Togo catches it and turns over Sabre and locks on a crossface. He rolls Sabre away from the ropes but Sabre turns that into a rollup then ends up using the European Clutch while flipping off the crowd with both hands and gets the win (23:09) ***.

Thoughts: Slower-paced than anything else on the show. It was technically proficient and Togo is really good for his age (48) but again, it went on for too long. I do like Sabre as a heel in PWG as it makes him more interesting.


Marty Scurll is in the ring and gives the crowd shit about how he is disrespected and drove 12 hours to be here tonight. Scurll points out he won the Battle of Los Angeles as the crowd chants for Chuck Taylor. Scurll rags on Taylor, calling him a “glorified jobber” then the crowd gives him more shit.


Reseda Street Fight: Marty Scurll vs. Chuck Taylor

Taylor ducks an umbrella shot then tosses Scurll outside. Taylor dropkicks Scurll and slams a chair off of his face. Taylor tosses another chair in his face and follows him around the ring. Scurll super kicks a chair into Taylor’s face then dumps him on top of a chair pile before heading inside. Scurll wedges a chair into the corner as both men avoid getting rammed until Taylor hits the Sole Food. Taylor puts a trash can over Scurll’s head then whacks it with the umbrella. He heads up top and misses a moonsault then Scurll whacks him with the trash can. Taylor pops right up after a piledriver but Scurll fakes him out with a low super kick. Taylor whacks Scurll with a garbage can then whips him into the chair that was wedged in the corner. They head near the commentary table where Taylor makes a tower of chairs and heads up on the stage to try a powerbomb but that fails. Taylor then takes the headset and says he is going to kill Scurll “for real” and climbs up on the table but Scurll low blows him and tosses Taylor through the tower of chairs. Scurll rolls Taylor inside and hits a Gotch piledriver for two. Taylor catches Scurll with an overhead suplex in the corner then pulls a ladder out from underneath the ring. He slides the ladder inside but Scurll knocks him into it then sets up some chairs in the ring. He snaps Taylor’s fingers then tapes his hand to the top rope and beats him down. Scurll whacks Taylor with a few different umbrellas but gets hit with a knee strike. Taylor frees himself but Scurll gets two with a rollup. Scurll backdrops Taylor onto the ladder then powerbombs him through the chairs as that gets two. Scurll uses the umbrella while putting Taylor in the chicken wing but Taylor is able to grab another umbrella and whack Taylor. The ref accidentally gets hit with a trash can then Taylor hits a piledriver but the ref is out. Taylor takes a birthday gift from Trent that was underneath the ring. Taylor then dumps it out and its a bunch of thumbtacks. Scurll fights back then grabs some powder but Taylor kicks it into his face as the other referee is in the ring. Scurll cannot see so he breaks the ref’s fingers then Taylor dumps Scurll on the thumbtacks but the ref cannot count due to his fingers being in pain. Taylor puts Scurll in a chicken wing but Scurll walks around then dumps Taylor on the thumbtacks. Taylor screams then puts the chicken wing back on and ends up getting the win (18:41) ***3/4. After the match we get a “next world champ” chant then Taylor grabs the mic. He talks about in twenty-two minutes it will be his 31st birthday and gets a “Happy Birthday” chant from the crowd. Taylor then said he can’t think of any better way to spend his birthday than get thumbtacks stuck in his back in front of all the lunatics in the crowd as he leaves.

Thoughts: The best thing on the show. This crowd hated Scurll and loved Taylor. The match had heat as the Best Friends vs. Leaders of the New School feud has been one of the better PWG feuds over the past few years. A good way to close out a mildly disappointing show.


Final Thoughts: If you shaved five minutes off of most of the matches, you would have a pretty good show. However, we were left with a show that while solid, the matches went on for too long. The Street Fight and opening matches were pretty good but besides that it was a bit disappointing and you could see a few guys struggle with long matches. Not the worst PWG offering in recent memory but far from the best show.