WWF Wrestling Challenge – May 13th, 1990

May 13, 1990

From the Freeman Coliseum in San Antonio, TX

Your hosts are Gorilla Monsoon and Bobby Heenan

This week, we will see Roddy Piper vs. Rick Martel in the final First Round WWF IC Title Tournament match. Also in action are Demolition, Jimmy Snuka, and The Genius plus an interview with Ted DiBiase.


We start off with clips from the finish of the Brutus Beefcake vs. Dino Bravo IC Title Tournament match from the 5/12/90 edition of “Superstars of Wrestling.”


“Superfly” Jimmy Snuka vs. Paul Diamond

Snuka takes down Diamond to start. Diamond responds with a shoulder block but gets chopped down after an Irish whip sequence. They try another Irish whip sequence but Snuka stops short of a leapfrog attempt and slams Diamond. Both men trade attacks but Snuka takes control soon after and gets the win with his Superfly Splash (3:38).

Thoughts: Diamond got to look somewhat competitive here but Snuka gets the win. Snuka was washed up and his name value was diminishing rapidly at this point.


WWF Special Report with Lord Alfred Hayes. This week’s focus is on last week’s tag team match between The Bolsheviks and Hart Foundation that saw the Bolsheviks shove each other after being defeated. We then hear from The Bolsheviks with Zhukov saying they have no problems before demanding Volkoff stop speaking Lithuanian.


Dale Wolfe vs. The Genius

The post-match poem by the Genius is about Brutus Beefcake as he issues him a warning while wearing his wig. Wolfe tries to take the wig off but gets beaten down. The Genius does a backflip after hitting a dropkick and stays in control until hitting a moonsault. He pulls Wolfe up at two then hits a flipping senton for the win (2:28). After the match, Genius prances around and does a cartwheel.

Thoughts: Since he is seemingly no longer with Mr. Perfect, they are back at making The Genius a singles act.


WWF Intercontinental Title Tournament First Round Match: Rick “The Model” Martel vs. Roddy Piper

Martel attacks Piper to start. Piper starts to fire up then the two slug it out until Piper uses an eye poke. Martel gets rammed into the corner then Piper hits an atomic drop that gets two. Martel comes back and chokes Piper out on the mat. Martel tosses Piper outside then taunts the fans but Piper runs in and fights back. Piper tosses Martel through the ropes and heads out to ram his head against the guardrail then into the post. Back inside, Martel attacks Piper and chokes him out again then grabs the Arrogance but the ref steps in between and orders him to put it down. Martel misses a knee drop then Piper fires back. Piper dodges a crossbody then backs Martel into the corner. He chokes out Martel then drop him throat-first on the top rope. Piper pulls Martel back inside each time he tries to escape. Martel rakes the eyes and grabs the Arrogance but Piper rams him in the corner as the two are now fighting over the Arrogance as Martel wins that battle. Piper heads out as Martel follows with the Arrogance then Piper hits Martel with the chair as the bell rings for a double DQ (5:25) **.

Thoughts: The best of the first round Tournament matches, which isnt saying much. It was mostly all action at least and if you saw “Superstars of Wrestling” the day prior you already knew the results of the match.


Demolition vs. “Playboy” Buddy Rose & The Black Knight

Smash beats on Rose as the announcers talk about the “WWF Magazine” article about the Hart Foundation wanting the Tag Team Titles back. Heenan says he is no longer concerned about the Tag Team Titles as Black Knight tags in and gets destroyed until Demolition hit the Decapitation for the win (2:58).

Thoughts: More hype for the eventual Hart Foundation vs. Demolition title match.


Gene Okerlund welcomes Ted DiBiase & Virgil to the interview platform. Okerlund asks DiBiase about attacking Big Bossman on National TV as DiBiase laughs. DiBiase says he offered Bossman enough money to retire on and all he had to do was retrieve the Million Dollar Title. DiBiase then said he did not need him after all as he retrieved it himself at WrestleMania VI. DiBiase once again says everyone has a price and that Bossman will be on his knees begging for his money as DiBiase fans a stack of $100 bills. DiBiase’s promos are still good and this feud with Bossman is getting over with the crowds.


Koko B. Ware vs. Randy Neverman

Heenan makes fun on Koko’s theme song for having the same word repeated over and over again. Neverman sneak attacks Koko and lands a few shots until eating a dropkick. Koko hits a slam as Neverman bails while Gorilla plugs the Hulk Hogan vitamins. Koko uses a flying headscissors then gets the crowd behind him but Neverman hammers away. Neverman hits a slam but misses an elbow drop as Koko regains control and gets two with a suplex. Koko then works the arm before hitting a bulldog then hits the Ghostbuster for the win (2:30).

Thoughts: I guess this was a win to remind us that Koko B. Ware is still on the main roster.


Heenan is with Rick Rude, who is running at the beach. He’s impressed with Rude’s time but Rude can beat that and the Ultimate Warrior before running five more miles.


Clips of Dusty Rhodes introducing Miss Elizabeth at WrestleMania VI to sell the Coliseum Home Video VHS release.


The Warlord w/ Slick vs. Sonny Blaze

Warlord debuts his new attire here with the mask and plain black trunks. Warlord beats on Blaze to start as we hear from Slick in an insert promo putting over Warlord’s new look and how he is sending a message to the rest of the WWF. Warlord stays in control of the match then puts Blaze away with a running powerslam (2:33).

Thoughts: Well, Warlord’s new look is an improvement and his makeover was much better than his former partner’s. The announcers fawned over his size as that will be the focal point of his singles push.


Next week in action are the Orient Express, Tugboat, Akeem, The Bushwhackers, and Tito Santana vs. Mr. Perfect in the Intercontinental Title Tournament Finals.


Final Thoughts: We got a tournament finals match here and we now know who will be in the Finals, which will air next week. Other than that the same feuds are being pushed on TV.