Rock Star Gary reflects on WCW WrestleWar ’91

Live from Phoenix, AZ

Airdate: February 24, 1991

Attendance:  6,800

Hosted by Jim Ross & the “American Dream” Dusty Rhodes

“War” in the desert? Is there some hidden meaning here?

For those curious, some kid named Eddie Guerrero wrestled in the opening dark match.

Match 1 for the WCW World Six-Man tag team titles: Ricky Morton, “Wildfire” Tommy Rich, & JYD (champions) versus Big Cat & the State Patrol


  • This match took place in ring #2.
  • In case you’re wondering, Morton, Rich, & JYD won the vacant six-man titles by defeating Buddy Landel, Dutch Mantell, and Dr. X in the Omni on 2/17.
  • If I was the director, I wouldn’t have illuminated lights above an entire section of empty seats.
  • Unfortunately for WCW, more than half the crowd was papered for this event.
  • After a clothesline, JYD head-butted Big Cat.
  • Wright tagged in, but Morton also tagged in. The champs then gave Wright a double back elbow.
  • Upon leap-frogging Wright, Morton hip-tossed him.
  • Rich tagged in, and he and Morton double -clotheslined Wright.
  • After a slam by Rich, Wright delivered one of his own and tagged in Parker.
  • Morton tagged in, reversed an Irish whip, and delivered an inverted atomic drop.
  • When Wright came in, Morton gave him a standard atomic drop.
  • After an elbow drop, Big Cat got 2 on JYD.
  • While Big Cat distracted referee Lee Scott, Wright put a knee into Morton’s back. SNEAKY!
  • Wright tagged in, and the State Patrol hit their version of Demolition Decapitation replacing the elbow with a head butt for 2.
  • Parker tagged in, and the State Patrol delivered a double shoulder block for another 2.
  • While Big Cat tagged in, he and Parker gave Morton a drop toehold/elbow drop combo but couldn’t get 3.
  • Big Cat then dropkicked Morton for yet another 2.
  • After a slam, he missed an elbow drop.
  • Parker tagged in and delivered a powerslam to Morton for 2.
  • As Wright tagged in, the State Patrol gave Morton a head butt to the midsection followed by a bulldog.
  • Wright then delivered an elbow drop for another 2.
  • When the State Patrol continued to double-team Morton, Big Cat tagged in and face-planted him.
  • Morton then attempted a cross body block, but Big Cat caught him and delivered a backbreaker.
  • While Rich distracted Scott, the heels triple-teamed Morton in their corner.
  • Parker then gave Morton a cross corner whip but came up empty on his follow-through.
  • When Wright tagged in, Morton made the flaming hot tag to JYD.
  • Not THAT kind of hot, but I like it.
  • Upon cleaning house, JYD hit the THUMP powerslam to Parker for only 2 because Big Cat made the save.
  • Morton then came in and pinned Parker. Hey! He wasn’t the legal man!
  • Morton, Rich, and JYD retained.

Rating: **1/2

Summary:  Good opener that excited the Phoenix faithful.

On a platform, Tony Schiavone interviewed Taylor with York. While Taylor cuts a brief promo on Z-Man, York plans for expansion while claiming Taylor will beat Z-Man in less than 15:28. Get your stopwatches ready!

Match 2: “Beautiful” Bobby Eaton versus Brad Armstrong         


  • This match took place in ring #1.
  • As Brad made his entrance, Ross mentioned his younger brother fighting in Operation Desert Storm. For those unaware, his younger brother became Road Dogg in WWE.
  • Eaton then made his entrance to the canned “Bobby” response I mentioned in my Clash XIV
  • After a leap frog, Brad gave Eaton a flying headscissors.
  • He then dropkicked, reversed an Irish whip, and monkey-flipped Eaton.
  • Upon putting a knee into the midsection, Eaton tossed Brad between the ropes to the floor.
  • He then joined Brad, tried to make him eat the steel railing, but ate it himself. It must have tasted like the Ryne Sandburger at Alice Coopers’town.
  • Brad then made Eaton HIT THE POLE.
  • Back in the ring, Brad jumped to the second turnbuckle and hit a cross body block for 2.
  • He then countered a slingshot suplex with a vertical suplex.
  • Meanwhile, Missy Hyatt’s new boyfriend, Jason Hervey, was shown. She ditched the “Hot Stuff” for the shrimp appetizer? Hervey’s only 5’4”.
  • Regardless, Eaton clotheslined Brad for 2.
  • After a backbreaker, Eaton got another 2.
  • He then slammed Brad and followed with an elbow drop for yet another 2.
  • Sitting at ringside was the Great Muta. He allegedly had no comment on Missy’s questionable dating choices.
  • Eaton then delivered a slingshot backbreaker but couldn’t get 3.
  • Upon hitting Brad with a back elbow, Eaton tossed him outside the ring, joined him, and guillotined him using the steel railing.
  • Eaton then hooked a rope-assisted abdominal stretch until referee Randy Anderson caught him.
  • When Eaton gave Brad a cross corner whip, he came up empty on his follow-through.
  • Brad came back with a dropkick and a side Russian leg sweep for 2.
  • As he gave Eaton a cross corner whip, Eaton hit a swinging neckbreaker.
  • He then mounted the top turnbuckle and hit the Alabama Jam.
  • 1-2-3.
  • Eaton won.

Rating: ***1/2

Summary:  Extremely good match that showcased both wrestlers well. Despite wrestling like a heel, the Phoenix faithful cheered Eaton.

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Match 3: Mami Kitamura & Itsuki Yamazaki versus Miss A & Miki Handa


  • This match took place in ring #2.
  • You may recall Yamazaki from her Jumping Bomb Angel days in the WWF.
  • When Miss A and Handa tried to whip their opponents into one another, they ate stereo dropkicks instead.
  • Yamazaki tagged in, mounted the top turnbuckle, and gave Miss A an arm drag.
  • Next, she walked to the top rope, hooked a sunset flip, and got 2.
  • Kitamura tagged in and gave Miss A a back elbow that Miss A no-sold. She must be taking lessons from Luger.
  • As Handa tagged in, she gave Kitamura a back drop.
  • She then slammed Handa for a 1-count.
  • When Miss A tagged in, she gave Kitamura a vertical suplex for 2.
  • She then whipped Kitamura in the corner, but Kitamura leaped to the second turnbuckle and hit a flying back elbow.
  • While Yamazaki tagged in, she hit a flying forearm followed by a dropkick.
  • She then gave Miss A a gutwrench suplex for 2. Upsy-daisy!
  • When Kitamura tagged in, she delivered a belly-to-back suplex for another 2.
  • Handa tagged in and gave Kitamura a forearm.
  • Suddenly, Kitamura hooked an inside cradle for 2.
  • After a vertical suplex, Handa got 2.
  • Kitamura then reversed a cross corner whip and dropkicked Handa.
  • Upon bulldogging Handa, Kitamura tagged in Yamazaki.
  • As Yamazaki gave Handa a somersault head butt to the chest, she hooked another gutwrench suplex for 2.
  • Miss A tagged in and laid in the stiff kicks to Yamazaki in the corner.
  • After a test-of-strength, Yamazaki hooked a sunset flip for 2.
  • Miss A then applied a Northern Lights suplex for 2. You didn’t see that often in 1991.
  • While Miss A delivered a belly-to-back suplex, she got another 2.
  • Handa tagged in, hooked a fisherman’s suplex, but couldn’t get 3.
  • When Kitamura tagged in, Miss A and Handa gave her a double shoulder block.
  • They then followed with a double vertical suplex.
  • As Yamazaki tagged in, she mounted the top turnbuckle and hit a double missile dropkick.
  • Miss A then reversed a cross corner whip, but Yamazaki leaped to the second turnbuckle and attempted another sunset flip.
  • Afterward, Kitamura mounted the top turnbuckle and clotheslined Miss A. That got 2.
  • Yamazaki then gave Miss A a cross corner whip but ate a kick to the midsection on her follow-through.
  • After a clothesline, Miss A got 2.
  • Yamazaki then hooked a victory roll.
  • 1-2-3.
  • Yamazaki and Kitamura won.

Rating: ***1/2

Summary:  Fast-paced, stiff, and fun tag match. This was no popcorn match.

On the platform, Schiavone’s with Missy who wants to interview a “babe” in the locker room. Well, she is dating the much younger Hervey who’s a babe in the woods.

Match 4: “The Natural” Dustin Rhodes versus “Nature Boy” Buddy Landel


  • OK, here’s the chance for a bathroom break.
  • This match took place in match #1.
  • Upon giving Landel a back drop, Dustin dropkicked him for 2.
  • He then delivered the ten-bionic-elbow count-along. Dusty must have been filled with pride sitting at the broadcast table.
  • Next, Dustin gave Landel a cross corner whip followed by a hip toss.
  • He then clotheslined Landel for another 2.
  • As Landel came back with a slam, he mounted the top turnbuckle.
  • Dustin caught and slammed him down to the mat.
  • When Dustin reversed a cross corner whip, he came up empty on his follow-through.
  • The Phoenix faithful then chanted “Landel sucks” while Landel slammed Dustin for 2.
  • Afterward, Landel countered a sleeper reversal by Dustin by sending him face-first into the top turnbuckle.
  • He then gave Dustin a cross corner whip but ate boot on his follow-through.
  • After a clothesline dazed Landel, Dustin sent him over the top rope to the floor with another one.
  • Upon Landel’s re-entry, Dustin gorilla-press-slammed Landel and hit the bulldog.
  • 1-2-3.
  • Dustin won.

Rating: **

Summary:  Showcase match for the new kid on the block.

Not THAT new kid on the block!

Missy then enters the wrestlers’ dressing room but encounters an ornery Hansen. As you would expect, he makes her squeal like a pig although not in the way she would prefer. Schiavone, to say the least, was speechless. This was a parody of the Lisa Olson sexual harassment incident involving the New England Patriots in September 1990.

Match 5: The Young Pistols versus the Royal Family


  • This match took place in ring #2.
  • For those unaware, the Pistols were formerly known as the Southern Boys.
  • When the Royal Family whipped the Pistols into one another, the Pistols danced around each other only to get clotheslined.
  • Victory then dispatched Steve from the ring, gave Smothers a cross corner whip, but came up empty on his follow-through.
  • Next, Steve mounted the top turnbuckle and hit a double cross body block.
  • Subsequent dropkicks by the Pistols put both members of the Royal Family down to the mat.
  • Suddenly, the lights in the arena went out, and it got dark!
  • To compensate for the lack of lighting, WCW implemented spotlights to light the ring.
  • When the lights returned, Smothers whipped Morgan into the babyface corner tagged in Steve, and gave Morgan a monkey flip.
  • The Pistols then gave consecutive double dropkicks to the Royal Family.
  • After Morgan slammed Steve, Victory tagged in.
  • Smothers tagged in, and the Pistols gave Victory a double shoulder block for 2.
  • While Steve tagged in, he missed a cross body block.
  • Shortly after, Morgan gave Steve a back elbow for 2.
  • Victory tagged in, gave Steve a cross corner whip, but ate boot on his follow-through.
  • As Smothers tagged in, he came off the ropes, but Morgan put a knee into his back.
  • Victory then clotheslined him over the top rope to the floor.
  • While Steve distracted referee Randy Anderson, Morgan rammed Smothers back-first into the ring post.
  • Morgan came in and applied a bear hug to Smothers.
  • When Smothers escaped, Morgan gave him a spinebuster for 2.
  • Victory tagged in, and the Royal Family gave Smothers a double belly-to-back suplex.
  • Shortly after, Morgan whipped Smothers into a Victory clothesline for another 2.
  • He then gave Smothers a back elbow as Victory sent Steve to the ramp.
  • When the Royal Family attempted a double gourdbuster, Steve dropkicked them.
  • That allowed Smothers to land atop Morgan.
  • 1-2-3.
  • The Pistols won.

Rating: **

Summary:  Average tag match without much to mention.

On the platform, Schiavone interviews DDP who has become the new manager of the Freebirds. When DDP disparages him, Long comes to the platform to inform DDP that Doom’s not splitting.

At least not like that.

Match 6 (no-DQ): “The Computerized Man of the ‘90s” Terry Taylor (w/ Alexandra York) versus Z-Man


  • This match took place in ring #1.
  • After a hip toss, Z-Man delivered a dropkick.
  • Shortly after, he gave Taylor a back drop for 2.
  • Taylor came back with a cross corner whip followed by a belly-to-back suplex.
  • Sitting at ringside was former NWA US champion Nikita Koloff.
  • Meanwhile, Taylor made Z-Man taste the steel railing. It must have tasted like the Philly Phantastic cheesesteak at Coach’s Corner Grill.
  • After a backbreaker, Taylor got 2.
  • Z-Man hooked a sunset flip for 2.
  • Also sitting at ringside was NJPW rep Hiro Matsuda.
  • Z-Man then clotheslined Taylor over the top rope to the floor.
  • When Taylor brought Z-Man outside the ring, he again made him taste the steel railing. Waiter, could you also provide the disgruntled wrestler a turkey diablo please?
  • Taylor then delivered a knee drop for 2.
  • As Z-Man reversed a cross corner whip, Taylor clotheslined him for another 2.
  • Z-Man came back with a swinging neckbreaker followed by a superkick for 2.
  • Upon powerslamming Taylor, Z-Man got another 2.
  • Z-Man then hit an enziguri, mounted the top turnbuckle, and hit a cross body block.
  • In the meantime, York got up on the apron to distract referee Lee Scott.
  • Z-Man then earned a false pin.
  • As Taylor rolled up Z-Man, he hooked the tights and earned the victory at 10:59.

 Rating: *1/2

Summary:  Lots of stalling and heel shenanigans may have earned Taylor some heel heat, but this match was just….

Thanks, Charles.

After the match, Z-Man gives Taylor an atomic drop sending him over the top rope to the floor.

DANGER ZONE: While Uncle Paul emerges from the entrance, he’s dressed as a matador. El Gigante is his guest yet él no habla inglés. When Uncle Paul tosses his sombrero in El Gigante’s face, he gets slammed. El Gigante then wears the sombrero and leaves.

On the platform, Schiavone promotes the WCW/NJPW supershow at the Egg Dome in Tokyo on 3/21. He also interviews Matsuda and the Great Muta. The latter’s response is green mist signifying the color of money. This show should also be uploaded to the WWE Network.

Match 7: Stan “The Lariat” Hansen versus IWGP champion Big Van Vader


  • This match took place in ring #2.
  • When Hansen charged, Vader caught him in a bear hug bringing him to the ramp.
  • Vader then clotheslined Hansen practically out of his boots for 2.
  • Upon giving Hansen a cross corner whip, Vader delivered an avalanche.
  • He then gave Hansen an elbow drop for another 2.
  • After Vader tossed Hansen outside the ring, he leaped from the apron and delivered a body block.
  • As they returned to the ring, Vader gave Hansen another cross corner whip but came up empty on his follow-through.
  • Hansen then delivered a belly-to-back suplex for 2.
  • After an elbow drop, Hansen got another 2.
  • When Vader exited the ring, Hansen joined and nailed Vader with a milk crate.
  • Vader then grabbed a plastic chair and WAFFLED Hansen with it.
  • As they walked behind the broadcast table, Hansen hammered Vader with another plastic chair.
  • Vader then hung Hansen out to dry on the steel railing. OUCH!
  • When Vader got pulled out of the ring, Hansen rammed him face-first into the steps.
  • Back in the ring, both wrestlers punched and head-butted one another until Hansen tossed referee Randy Anderson out of the ring.
  • Anderson then called for the bell and ruled the bout a double disqualification.

Rating: *

Summary:  This was hardcore before hardcore was cool.

After the match, Vader mounts the top turnbuckle and hits a lariat but misses a splash. Hansen then takes down Vader and chokes him with a bull rope. When Vader frees himself, he puts the bull rope around Hansen’s neck and drags him down the ramp. They then fight all the way backstage.

Promo #2 for SuperBrawl airs.

Match 8 for the NWA US title: The “Total Package” Lex Luger (champion) versus Dan Spivey


  • This match took place in ring #1.
  • Holy helium balloons, Batman! Luger was pumped up BIG TIME.
  • Luger reversed an Irish whip and backdropped Spivey.
  • Next, he blocked an atomic drop and delivered a belly-to-back suplex for 2.
  • Spivey came back with a cross corner whip but ate boot on his follow-through.
  • After a hip toss, Luger attempted a cross body block, but Spivey ducked. That sent Luger over both top ropes into ring #2.
  • With Luger on the apron, Spivey suplexed him back in.
  • Spivey then delivered a tombstone for 2.
  • Afterward, he gave Luger a hangman’s neckbreaker for another 2.
  • He then gave Luger a DDT but couldn’t get 3.
  • Upon giving Luger a cross corner whip, Spivey delivered a corner clothesline for another 2.
  • As he gave Luger another cross corner whip, he came up empty on his follow-through.
  • Luger then rolled up Spivey for 2.
  • When Spivey attempted a vertical suplex, Luger blocked and delivered one of his own.
  • Spivey then slammed Luger, mounted the top turnbuckle, and hit an elbow drop.
  • Do we have a new champion?
  • 1-2-NO!
  • After a swinging neckbreaker, Spivey got another 2.
  • He then delivered the big boot but couldn’t get 3.
  • As Spivey hit a piledriver, he got another 2.
  • Luger then came back but received a belly-to-belly suplex.
  • Upon giving Spivey a stungun, Luger mounted the second turnbuckle and hit a lariat.
  • He then delivered a powerslam, but Spivey used momentum to toss him outside the ring.
  • When Luger got up on the apron, he attempted a sunset flip but ate a knuckle sandwich.
  • A double clothesline then put both wrestlers down on the mat.
  • After a double shoulder block put them down again, Luger mounted the top turnbuckle.
  • Spivey caught and slammed him, but Luger countered with an inside cradle.
  • 1-2-3.
  • Luger retained.

Rating: ****

Summary:  Fantastic match carried extremely well by Spivey who demonstrated an array of wrestling maneuvers to create drama and intrigue.

On the platform, Schiavone along with Grizzly Smith and Nikita Koloff present Luger with a new US championship belt. As Luger arrives, he pats Smith on the back and hugs Koloff. As Koloff presents the belt to Luger, Koloff WAFFLES him with it. How dastardly! When Schiavone asks for an explanation, Koloff details the need to “prove (himself)” to the WCW championship committee. In doing so, he’s going to “take the belt” while removing his bandana, coat, and shirt. WE HAVE A HEEL TURN!

Prior to the next match, DDP gets on the microphone and introduces “the road boss” Big Daddy Dink. When Ross and Dusty tease Dink about his motorcycle, they subtly mention his need for a trike. HA!

Match 9 for the NWA World tag team titles: Doom (champions w/ Teddy Long) versus Freebirds (w/ Diamond Dallas Page, Big Daddy Dink, & Diamond Dolls)


  • While the Phoenix faithful chanted “Freebirds suck,” Simmons whipped Hayes from corner-to-corner and applied a bear hug.
  • He then delivered a spinebuster for 2.
  • After a cross corner whip, Simmons ate a left by Hayes on his follow-through.
  • Hayes then hit a bulldog for 2.
  • As Simmons reversed an Irish whip, he powerslammed Hayes.
  • Garvin then mounted the top turnbuckle, leaped, but Simmons powerslammed him too. Perhaps Simmons was in need of some chewing gum.
  • When Garvin tagged in, he demanded that he faced Reed.
  • Garvin then gave Reed a cross corner whip, attempted a hip toss, but ate a clothesline.
  • While Garvin hooked a sunset flip, he got 2.
  • Hayes tagged in but received a military press slam from Reed.
  • As Garvin received a blind tag, Reed pressed him overhead but ate a stinging left from Hayes. Pass the lotion to Reed please!
  • Garvin then fell atop Reed but couldn’t get a 1-count.
  • Next, Reed reversed an Irish whip and delivered a backbreaker.
  • After a gutwrench suplex, Reed got 2.
  • Simmons tagged in, and Doom gave Garvin a double back elbow.
  • Upon delivering a leg drop to the back, Simmons dumped Garvin outside the ring.
  • Hayes then distracted referee Randy Anderson while Reed slammed Garvin on the floor.
  • When Reed tagged in, Garvin delivered a DDT.
  • Simmons tagged in and hit a wicked spinebuster for 2.
  • Afterward, Simmons delivered a powerslam for another 2.
  • All four wrestlers were in the ring as Long tossed a foreign object to Reed.
  • As Simmons held Hayes, Reed mistakenly nailed Simmons while Dink distracted Anderson.
  • Garvin then pinned Simmons.

Rating: **1/2

Summary:  Well, the split of Doom is inevitable, and their loss of the tag titles should be the last straw between them.

After the match, Simmons pushed Long down so Reed nailed him. Long then tosses the foreign object to Reed so that he could SMASH Simmons’ head in. As Reed mounts the second turnbuckle, he hits a fist drop with the foreign object. He then delivers a series of fist drops to further dissolve their partnership. After Long puts the loafers to Simmons, he washes his hands of him.

In an interesting bit of wrestling trivia, the Freebirds AREN’T the tag champions. Back on 2/18, the Steiners defeated the Freebirds on WCW Worldwide (aired 3/9). You may not be able to divide by zero, but credit the Freebirds for having a negative-six day title reign.

Promo #3 airs for SuperBrawl.

Ross then interviews 12-year-old Julian Baldwin from Philadelphia, PA who won the WrestleWar ’91 sweepstakes and earned a front-row ticket to the show.

We then revisit World Championship Wrestling when the Horsemen triple-teamed Pillman (aired 2/23, taped 2/4).

Prior to the main event, Schiavone reads the rules of WarGames.

Match 10 (WarGames): Sting, “Flyin’” Brian Pillman, & the Steiners versus NWA World champion “Nature Boy” Ric Flair, Barry Windham, Sid Vicious, & Larry Zbyszko (w/ Arn Anderson)


  • Zbyszko replaced an injured Arn Anderson for this match. Can the Horsemen succeed without Arn? Let’s find out!
  • While Windham represented the Horsemen, Pillman, with a heavily-taped shoulder, eagerly started for the babyfaces.
  • Pillman then hit a lariat and used the cage to mule kick Windham.
  • After a flying headscissors, Pillman hit a missile dropkick from the second turnbuckle.
  • It should be noted the roof may be eight feet from the ring making it a short jump for wrestlers to touch it.
  • As Pillman missed a cross body block, he nailed Windham down near Sierra Vista.
  • He then rammed Windham face-first into the cage.
  • When Pillman gave Windham the ten-shots-to-the-cage count-along, Windham was BUSTED OPEN!
  • PIllman then delivered a jawbreaker and bit Windham’s cut. Ew.
  • As Pillman rammed Windham again into the cage, he mounted the top turnbuckle and hit a lariat.
  • He then tossed Windham into ring #2 and rammed him again into the cage.
  • As Windham bled like a stuck pig, PIllman countered a piledriver with a back drop.
  • He then mounted the second turnbuckle again and nailed Windham.
  • When the heels won the coin toss, Flair entered the ring.
  • Windham and Flair then rammed Pillman shoulder-first into the cage.
  • After Flair tossed Pillman into ring #1, Sting came into the ring.
  • Flair and Windham then gave Sting a cross corner whip, but Sting exploded with a double clothesline.
  • While Sting face-planted Windham, he entered ring #2 to give Flair the same medicine.
  • Windham then crotched Pillman on the top rope before Sting gave Flair the Stinger splash.
  • When Zbyszko entered the cage, Pillman hooked the figure-four leg lock on Windham.
  • Sting then returned to ring #1, vaulted over both top ropes, and clotheslined Zbyszko. Wow!
  • As Rick entered the ring, he gave both Flair and Windham consecutive Steinerlines.
  • He then delivered the ten-punch count-along, but Flair countered with an inverted atomic drop.
  • While Rick blocked it, he delivered an overhead belly-to-belly suplex.
  • He then rammed Flair face-first into the cage.
  • When Windham rammed Sting into the cage, Flair was BUSTED OPEN!
  • Sid entered the ring as Sting was BUSTED OPEN!
  • Next, Sid rammed Rick face-first into the cage.
  • While Sid held Rick, Flair kicked a field goal.
  • Zbyszko then rammed Rick into the cage, but Rick reciprocated.
  • As Windham gave Rick and Pillman a double noggin knocker, Sting rammed Flair into the cage causing a Flair flop.
  • Scott entered the cage, and the Match Beyond began.
  • When Scott double-clotheslined Windham and Flair, he followed with a butterfly powerbomb to Zbyszko.
  • Rick then reversed a cross corner whip sending Sid into a Steinerline from Scott.
  • Afterward, Sting hit a second Stinger splash on Flair.
  • He then hooked the Scorpion death lock, but Zbyszko broke it up.
  • Upon ramming PIllman shoulder-first into the top turnbuckle, Sid removed the protective tape.
  • Scott then rammed Zbyszko into the cage as the babyfaces hooked quadruple figure four leg locks to a raucous ovation.
  • As Sting military-pressed Flair into the cage multiple times, he slammed Flair.
  • Sid then clotheslined Rick while Sting gave Flair the ten-punch count-along.
  • When Windham and Sid gave Rick a double clothesline, Pillman sandwiched Zbyszko’s head between his boot and the cage. This may have been tip #1 to him that golf and broadcasting were in his future.
  • Nevertheless, Scott gave Windham a sloppy DDT but ate a big boot from Sid.
  • As Sid gave PIllman a flapjack, he powerbombed Pillman.
  • However, PIllman’s feet hit the top of the cage so he landed directly on his neck. OUCH!
  • With Pillman unconscious, Sid hit a second powerbomb.
  • Abruptly, El Gigante ran to the ring, ripped the cage door open, checked on Pillman, and submitted for him.
  • The Horsemen won.

Rating: ****1/2

Summary:  Bloody, violent, incredible action with a horrific ending that could have paralyzed Pillman.

After the match, El Gigante carries Pillman backstage.

Ross then interviews referee Nick Patrick who stopped the match based upon PIllman’s inability to continue.

Conclusion:  With a blockbuster main event, a better-than-anticipated US title match, and the split of Doom, this show is a no-brainer for a recommendation. Call your friends and family, fire up the WWE Network, and enjoy the show.

Buyrate: 1.20

Stay tuned for WWF WrestleMania VII!

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