Mid-South Wrestling – December 25, 1982

December 25, 1982

This is not available as part of the Universal Wrestling Archives but is on the WWE Network, which features warnings about the original tape having technical difficulties.

Your hosts are Boyd Pierce and Bill Watts

This week, we will see Chavo Guerrero vs. Hacksaw Duggan, Tony Atlas in a Handicap match, Kamala, and the main event of Mr. Wrestling II & Stagger Lee vs. Ted DiBiase & Matt Borne in a No DQ match for the Tag Team Titles with the loser having to leave Mid-South for 90 days.


Tug Taylor vs. Mr. Olympia

Taylor uses his strength early but misses an elbow drop as Olympia sends him outside with a dropkick. Olympia now works a side headlock on the mat and gets a nearfall with a fist drop. Taylor beats on Olympia near the ropes but Olympia fights back and locks on the sleeper for the win (3:23).

Thoughts: A relatively easy win for Olympia. Taylor was just not good at all in the ring, either.


Hacksaw Jim Duggan vs. Chavo Guerrero

Duggan blows off a handshake before Chavo uses his speed to his advantage. Duggan becomes pissed as he is unable to manhandle Chavo like he does to a majority of his opponents. Duggan then catches Chavo with a slam then a backbreaker that gets two. Chavo fights back and takes Duggan over with a monkey flip before working over the arm. Duggan drops Chavo with a back elbow smash but Chavo is back up and fires away. Duggan fights back then knocks Chavo down but misses a knee drop as both men are down. Chavo is up firt and starts kicking Duggan’s legs then stretches his leg out over his shoulder. Chavo continues to use his speed to his advantage as he is firing away. Duggan whips Chavo in the corner and goes for his spear but Chavo avoids it and takes Duggan down with a sunset flip for the win (6:10) **3/4. After the match, Duggan comes up with blood all over his head as he is pissed off and stomping his foot.

Thoughts: Good TV match here. Chavo was awesome and Duggan held up his end too and was able to keep pace with his quicker opponent. Chavo getting a surprise win got a nice reaction.


Footage from last week’s Atlas vs. Duggan match with DiBiase & Borne helping Duggan retain the Louisiana Heavyweight Title.


The Davidson Brothers vs. “Mr. USA” Tony Atlas

Watts puts over Atlas, who is overpowering John to start. Rick tags in and Tony overpowers both men for a bit but ends up trapped in the corner. They try to cover Atlas but that fails as Atlas starts running wild then hits John with a press slam and finishes him off with a splash (3:17).

Thoughts: Just a match to put over Atlas in beating two scrubs like the Davidson Brothers. They are pushing Atlas strongly as a babyface, especially with JYD off of TV, but it does not seem to be getting over that much.


Tony Torres vs. Kamala w/ Skandor Akbar & Friday

We learn from Watts that Akbar is paying wrestlers to wear masks so Kamala can collect them as trophies. Watts also says that one of the masks on Kamala’s spear looks like it belonged to Mr. Wrestling II. Kamala immediately attacks Torres then puts him away with a pair of splashes (0:41). After the match, Kamala takes off the mask and puts it on his spear. Kamala leaves with Friday but Mr. Wrestling II runs in and goes after Akbar. Mr. Wrestling II hammers away then Kamala runs in but Mr. Wrestling II takes him down after a few power knee lifts. He tries to unmask Friday but Kamala gets on the top rope and hits a splash. Kamala tries to unmask Mr. Wrestling II until Stagger Lee & Mr. Olympia make the save then check on Mr. Wrestling II.

Thoughts: Good storyline stuff here with Akbar paying Kamala’s opponents to wear masks so he can take them off for preparation against the masked stars in Mid-South. He also took out Mr. Wrestling II, putting his match tonight in jeopardy.


After the break, we learn that Mr. Wrestling II was taken out on a stretcher and if he cannot compete they have to forfeit. We then get the ring introductions as the champs want their opponents to come out and we get Mr. Olympia replacing Mr. Wrestling II.


No DQ Tag Team Title Match: Ted DiBiase & Matt Borne (c) vs. Stagger Lee & Mr. Olympia

We get a brawl to start off the match. Things settle down then Lee clears the ring. Olympia and Borne mix it up for a bit then the match breaks down. DiBiase catches Olympia with a backbreaker but Olympia is able to tag out. We get another brawl with Olympia catching DiBiase with a sleeper. Bourne heads up top but Lee slams him off then follows him outside but as that happens, Duggan runs out on the apron wearing his helmet and nails Olympia as DiBiase covers then Borne grabs Lee’s legs to prevent him from coming in and that gets the win as Olympia will have to leave for 90 days (4:06) *1/2

Thoughts: This match was clipped due to technical errors. What we saw was fine and I wish we got to see the whole thing as Olympia is gone for 90 days.


“Gorgeous” Gino Hernandez vs. Tim Horner

Paul Boesch has replaced Watts on commentary. Gino goes after Horner then tosses him outside then brings him in and hits a side Russian leg sweep for the win (0:41).

Thoughts: Another clipped match. They brought Boesch back for commentary during yet another Gino match too. They are giving Gino a good heel push here.


Final Thoughts: A newsworthy show for sure. They started a Mr. Wrestling II vs. Kamala feud and Mr. Olympia is gone for 90 days as The Rat Pack really have Stagger Lee outnumbered as they will continue to chase after his mask.