WrestleMania 32

Hi Scott,

Don't you think WM 32 is a bit underrated with perspective?

I re-watched the show recently since I got the blu ray as a present and I was surprised how much I enjoyed it. I thought the show rather flew by considering the ungodly length, much better I thought than WM 33 which came to a screeching halt with HHH/Rollins.

I absolutely hated the show initially, but I think it was mostly due to AJ, New Day and Sasha all losing and Ambrose not putting up more of a fight. Booking aside, if you watch the show just as it is, I think the matches are pretty good overall and it's all entertaining. Brock for example is like busting his ass compared to his performances since then and Taker/Shane is considerably better than Reigns/Taker.

​Look man, all I can literally remember of WM32 besides Shane jumping off the cage is the death march to HHH v. Reigns where I'd been watching this s--- for seven hours and hoping that OneDrive had backed up my document before my laptop battery died.  Maybe it's overrated, but there's literally zero chance that I'm ever watching it ever again to find out.​