Money belt or million dollar championship

I was looking at the 'Money Belt' for the Mayweather McGregor championship and how many jewels were used. Supposedly it cost a small fortune, more than any of us are likely to see, and it got me thinking.

I vastly prefer the million dollar championship. Sure it only had a few real diamonds, but it still had a certain charm to it. I don't really care for the Money belt other than the dozens of flags on the inside (though you can't really see them unless it's a close up shot). Of course, I'm also heavily biased towards Ted Dibiase.

What do you think scott? What's your opinion on both belts?

I'm not a fan of boxing belts in general, so the Dibiase belt definitely wins out.  It's just like what you'd expect someone with a huge who and endless cash to come up with.