Booking sheet

Hey Scott, I realized that Summerslam's first 5 matches (kickoff with 2 title changes included) had 4 heels win, then the following/last 7 matches only had 1 heel victory

Who the hell is booking this? Also tons and tons of title changes all at once, sure makes every single one of them very special right? Like the New Day/Usos feud that HAD to feature this flip-flop booking…

How are HHH and Vince actually greenlighting this? Am I overthinking this?

​No, I was also thinking that halfway through the show there was too many title changes as well.  Especially changing both sets of tag titles for no reason, and the Sasha win seemed especially weird and pointless.  Apparently Vince has this mentality sometimes that title changes = RATINGS, so he just decided to do a bunch of them.  Ratings were up this week, so huzzah.​