What the World Was Watching: WWF Superstars – May 6, 1995

Vince McMahon and Dok Hendrix are on commentary duties and they are still in Des Moines, Iowa.

Opening Contest for the WWF Tag Team Championships:  Owen Hart & Yokozuna (Champions w/Jim Cornette & Mr. Fuji) (4-0) defeat The New Headshrinkers (4-1-3) after Yokozuna pins Sione following a Banzai Drop at 8:12 shown:

Afa and Captain Lou Albano do not accompany the Headshrinkers to the ring, with Hendrix saying that it is due to Afa and Albano having the flu.  The match features lots of fun spots, with the Headshrinkers outsmarting the heels attempted double teams on multiple occasions and dominating Owen.  However, they lose sight of who the legal man is supposed to be in the ring and that voids Fatu’s pin attempt on Owen after a top rope splash.  Yokozuna then cleans house and single handedly wins the bout after avalanching Sione in the corner and Banzai Dropping him off the bottom rope.  This was a good title defense for the heels and it still made the Headshrinkers look like a million bucks in defeat.  Rating:  ***

Stephanie Wiand hypes the New York area house show circuit.  Razor Ramon needs a partner at Madison Square Garden to face Owen Hart and Yokozuna for the tag team titles now that the 1-2-3 Kid is injured.

Adam Bomb (9-2-1) beats Rock Warner after the Neutron Bomb at 2:37:

The company is really putting over Bomb’s red and yellow football merchandise, with kids showing them off for the cameras in the front row.  Bomb shrugs off Warner’s punches and demonstrates more power offense than he did on the recent edition of Monday Night RAW.  It seems like Bomb is a heavy favorite against Mabel at In Your House because Mabel has not wrestled a singles match in a long time while Bomb is racking up wins on a weekly basis, even if those wins are against menial competition.

Hendrix says that Diesel is facing Henry Godwinn next week in a non-title match and tries to make some kind of point about how they are connected to the Times Square WrestleMania XI workout but makes very little sense.

Bertha Faye (w/Harvey Wippleman) (1-0) pins Jessica Rivera after the Big Bertha Bomb at 2:59:

Faye is using a catchy rock beat as her entrance theme but that would soon be changed into a song sung by Wippleman.  Faye awkwardly sells some of Rivera’s kicks and Rivera actually takes Faye off her feet with a flying clothesline.  However, Faye’s weight advantage is too much for Rivera to handle and he is finished off with a sit out powerbomb that is later dubbed the “Big Bertha Bomb.”

McMahon recaps the controversy over the Intercontinental title that is happening on The Action Zone between Jeff Jarrett and Bob Holly.

Hunter-Hearst Helmsley (1-0) pins Sonny Rodgers after a Diamond Cutter at 2:18:

Susan Smith is our guest fan ring announcer and Helmsley is not a big fan of her announcing, which is rushed and “uncultured” to him.  Rodgers has been doing lots of jobs on television lately and in classic WWF fashion they cannot make the spelling of his last name consistent.  We are treated to another version of early “Lucha H” as he throws dropkicks and a spinning knee lift before finishing him off without breaking a sweat since Rodgers mounted no offense.

Bob Backlund continues his quest “to get youth in the library” by playing games and talking to college students on spring break.

Get your tickets for the New York house shows.  They are only more than a month away!

Tatanka (w/Ted DiBiase) (6-2-3) defeats Kevin Kruger after the End of the Trail at 2:43:

The company is building up a Tatanka-Bam Bam Bigelow match for a date that is yet to be determined.  It would have made sense to slot that into In Your House but since it was only a two hour show the company probably reasoned that it could drag the feud out.  Also, the WWF was in the midst of changing to a monthly pay-per-view setup so this marks a transition period of where the television built to those events rather than trying to primarily attract attendance on the house show circuit.  That said, Bigelow and Tatanka would have a dark match at In Your House, which was on the commercial release of the show as an exclusive.  Tatanka squashes are always dull and this was no exception.

A vignette showcases Skip and Sunny, fitness fanatics, who announce that they are the Bodydonnas and are coming to the WWF to get us in shape.

The Undertaker (w/Paul Bearer) (3-0) beats Dave Sigfried after a Tombstone in 37 seconds:

The Undertaker makes quick work of Sigfried here, illustrating little vulnerability despite not having the urn anymore.  Sigfried gets put in a body bag after the match as McMahon announces that the Undertaker is “going back to his old ways.”

McMahon encourages fans to send in a postcard so they have a chance to win the house that will be given away as part of the In Your House pay-per-view.

Henry Godwinn says that he knows what the outcome is going to be when he faces Diesel next week and it will be favorable to him.  McMahon speculates that he might be used as an instrument of Ted DiBiase to weaken Diesel before In Your House.

Tune in next week to see Diesel battle Henry Godwinn!

The Last Word:  Although the 1995 tag team division did not have a lot of depth, the matches for the WWF tag team titles have been excellent so far.  The Smoking Gunns put on lots of great title defenses to kick off the year and Owen Hart and Yokozuna are continuing that trend.  The opening match was good and the squashes were serviceable, with the last one drawing a laugh since the Undertaker’s entrance was five times longer than his match.

Up Next:  The Action Zone for May 7, 1995!