2017 randoms

1.  Has any major star ever underperformed as much as Randy Orton has this year?   I feel like he's literally brought nothing to the table

2.  Following that question – how is it that we hear reports of Vince souring on so and so's in ring work or someone getting buried for saying something stupid on social media – but someone like Orton can get away with clearly not giving a care in the world if he's stinking out the joint?  It's not like the company would be in any worse shape if Orton wasn't at the top

3.  Maybe you've already made your opinion known and I missed it – but what do you think of Strowman?  I personally can't ever remember changing my opinion of someone for the better like I have for him

4.  How was you book and position Strowman from this point on?  It seems to me like he could definitely carry the show for a while as the champ.  Would you have him take down Brock?  Build it up for a big WM moment or pull the trigger sooner?


1.  I mean, a lot of it isn't really Orton's fault this year.  When the agent starts the conversation with "OK, we're trying this new thing where maggots will be projected on the mat…" it's kind of hard to get a classic match out of that.  
​2. Orton is Orton.  By letter of the law he should have been fired for Wellness violations by now but one of them was conveniently "not counted" and he got to stay.  This year is the least of the hypocrisy with him.
3. Strowman has a character and he's playing it exactly right.  Sometimes you just wanna see a big monster throw dudes around and have fun doing it, and that's what he does.  He should be World champion right now and hopefully they put it on him at No Mercy.  You have to pull the trigger when someone is hot, and Strowman is HOT right now.  It's 100% the right time to put him over Brock and let him run with it for a while, before he runs into the post to get the heat. ​