Smoky Mountain Wrestling TV – July 18th, 1992




– Last week on SMW TV… The Fantastics and Heavenly Bodies continue to be one of the more prominently featured storylines in the company, with constant pull-apart brawls and strong promo work to build up their upcoming match at Summer Blast… Stan Lane is officially working the gimmick with the head gear where loud noises bother him (he’s got to protect a rug he’s wearing)… Brian Lee stepped up to the plate to help the Battens in a one-sided slaughter at the hands of Mr. Wonderful and The Dirty White Boy… Robert Gibson promised no funny business next time he’d step in the ring with Jimmy Golden… Buddy Landell promised to whip Tim Horner like his “mammy” should’ve done a long time ago… Ron Garvin’s arrival was promoted with a montage featuring him in the ring with legends such as Andre the Giant, Bob Orton Jr., and Jos LeDuc.



– We open the show with highlights of last week’s show ending brawl between The Fantastics and Heavenly Bodies.



– Taped on July 6th from Polk High School in Benton, TN. Bob Caudle and “Dirty” Dutch Mantell are calling all the action, unless otherwise noted. We’ll see more footage of what turned out to be an impromptu match between The Fantastics and Heavenly Bodies. Tim Horner will be in action, Bob Armstrong has information on the upcoming “Fire on the Mountain”, scheduled for August 8th, and Dutch Mantell will have Jimmy Golden as his guest on Down & Dirty with Dutch. Finally, today’s TV Main Event is a special challenge match where Dixie Dy-No-Mite faces Killer Kyle in a Mask vs. Violin Case Match.



– The Fantastics vs. The Heavenly Bodies (w/ Jim Cornette):
We’re Joined in Progress from where we left off last week’s episode, with the Fulton Brothers clearing the ring. I’m going to assume this is Non-Title, too. The action resumes on the floor with a double slugfest. Back inside, the ring, Prichard rakes the eyes of Jackie to save Lane and stomps at the left knee. Jackie launches himself head-first to the midsection of Lane and tags in Bobby. They take turns working on the left knee with stomps and spinning toe holds. Prichard makes the save again, stomping the head of Jackie. Bobby takes Prichard over with a snap mare, but the referee forces him out of the ring. Bobby smacks the ears of Lane to a good reaction, then sends Lane flying over the top with an uppercut. Jackie with a snap suplex on Prichard for two.


Whip to the ropes, Lane yanks the hair, distracting Jackie enough for Prichard to clip the knee from behind. Prichard with a spinning toe hold in the center of the ring, but Jackie fights out with rights. Prichard keeps hold of the leg and tags in the fresh Lane to keep Jackie in their corner. Bobby distracts the referee, allowing more double team work on the knee. Lane clips the leg again and continues to punish the previously injured knee. Prichard sits down across the knee, using the bottom rope for extra leverage. Prichard picks the leg and Jackie counters with an enzuigiri. Lane cuts off the tag again and hooks another leg-lock. Prichard with a single-leg crab, but Bobby makes the save. Lane uses the latest distraction to wrap Jackie’s leg around the post. Bobby makes the save again, breaking up a Figure-Four. The referee gets knocked out of the ring, and it’s a Disqualification against the Fantastics at 7:51 (shown). The action continues post-match, with Cornette saving Prichard from a Figure-Four by repeatedly bashing Bobby with the tennis racket. Bobby fights back, leveling Prichard with a chair, while Jackie chokes Lane with what looks like a volleyball net. Cornette hits Bobby across the back with a chair, and they run off before the Fantastics could retaliate. ***1/4 Non-finish aside, we got some good brawling and a classic example of heels cutting off the ring and working a body part to give the babyface in peril maximum sympathy from the crowd.



– Commissioner Bob Armstrong is in the ring, along with The Fantastics, Heavenly Bodies, and Jim Cornette. Armstrong admits this group has been fighting all over the place and creating problems. Armstrong threatens anyone that throws a punch that they’re gone. On August 8th, he’ll make sure they stay in the ring and Cornette stays out, because at Fire on The Mountain, the Tag Titles will be defended in a 10-foot high Barbed Wire Cage, and Cornette will be banned from ringside. Cornette accuses Armstrong of stacking the deck, and refuses to accept the assignment. They’ve got the belts and he’s got some lawyers, and he can have a lawsuit tied up in court so long that Armstrong will be dead before the match takes place. Bobby Fulton says he doesn’t care about Cornette, and says he can be at ringside if he wants. He whispers something to Armstrong, and he agrees to let Cornette be at ringside, but Armstrong will be the special referee. Cornette pitches a fit, flailing on the canvas like a child.



– Phil Raney is standing by to promote shows on August 5th and August 7th, with promos from Brian Lee and The Fantastics (Jackie is sporting a nice shiner).



– Highlights of last week’s match between the Batten Twins and Mr. Wonderful & Dirty White Boy, with Brian Lee coming in to take the place of one of the Battens, who was injured earlier in the match with a piledriver on the hardwood floor.



– Bob Caudle is standing by with Brian Lee. He says he’s had problems with Dirty White Boy since day one. He’s gone to Bob Armstrong to sign a match at Fire on The Mountain. If the White Boy wins, he gets the Championship, but if he beats the Dirty White Boy, White Boy must leave the Smoky Mountain area. Dirty White Boy storms the set and gets into a shoving match with Lee, but Bob Armstrong shows up to keep the peace.



– Down & Dirty with Dutch Mantell, with this week’s guest, Jimmy Golden. Mantell and Golden agree that Robert Gibson is a moron, mental deficient, cheater, liar, and egg sucking dog. Golden says his first mistake since coming to SMW was stepping in the ring with him. Golden says he doesn’t need anything to beat Gibson, and he’s going to do it again. Gibson storms the ring and Golden nails him with a right hand, and it looks like we’ve got another impromptu match!



– Robert Gibson vs. Jimmy Golden:
Gibson brings back into the ring with a slingshot. Golden with blows to the midsection and a thumb to the throat. He rams Gibson into the turnbuckle and takes him across the ring with a hip toss. Golden with a snap mare and knee to the head. Gibson backs Golden in the corner, but gets the eyes raked. Whip across the ring and Golden with a forearm across the chest. He slaps on the abdominal stretch, and uses the ropes. Mike Rotundo would be proud. Golden plants Gibson with a slam for two. He slams Gibson face first to the canvas and hooks a seated chin-lock. Gibson with rights, but Golden regains control with a headbutt to the midsection. Hard whip to the corner and Golden charges in with a knee. Gibson avoids the second attempt and unloads with rights. Gibson with mounted corner punches. Whip to the corner is reversed and Gibson hits the running bulldog, but here’s Robert Fuller to draw a Disqualification at 3:35. He lays into Gibson with his cowboy boots and thankfully not something else he’s known for. Whip to the ropes and the dastardly duo clothesline Gibson with a belt. Fuller chokes him out with the belt while Golden beats on him with one of the boots. **1/2 As a match, it was all Golden on offense and fine for what it was, but the post-match beating was done well, introduces another strong heel, and will lead to a much better arrival.



– “White Lightnin” Tim Horner vs. Gary Scott:
Feels like forever since we’ve heard Garth Brooks’ “The Thunder Rolls.” Lockup and Horner with a quick roll-up. Horner with a waist-lock takedown, but Scott makes it to the ropes to force a break, then complains about tights pulling. Horner easily rolls out of a waist-lock and takes Scott over with a pair of hip throws and a back drop. Horner with a wrist-lock takeover into the arm-bar. Scott tries to escape with a slam, but Horner holds onto the arm. Whip to the ropes and Horner with an elbow, followed by a snap suplex. Whip and a power-slam. Horner with an atomic drop and the Natural Bridge for three at 2:58. Standard squash match formula. They’re still pushing Horner vs. Landell.



– Bob Caudle is standing by with Tim Horner. Horner says ever since Landell came to SMW, they’ve been each other’s face and caused each other grief. He’s tired of it all and challenges Landell to an “I Quit Match”, with the winner being the man who makes his opponent say the words “I Quit.”



– Highlights from last week’s match between Killer Kyle and Danny Davis, and Dixie Dy-No-Mite’s good deed of snitching being repaid with a blow with the case across the back of the head.



– Dixie Dy-No-Mite vs. Killer Kyle:
TV Main Event. If Dixie wins, Killer Kyle must reveal what’s inside the violin case, but if Killer Kyle wins, then Dixie will unmask. Lockup into the corner and Kyle pounds away. Whip across the ring, Dixie ducks under a clothesline, but Kyle bails before he can connect with the Confederate Kick. Back inside, Dixie with rights, but Kyle no-sells him. Whip and Dixie surprises Kyle with a pair of dropkicks. Kyle catches Dixie with his head down and connects with a pump-handle slam. Kyle makes a slow, lazy cover for a two count. Kyle with a bear-hug that he transitions into a side slam for another lazy cover. Kyle with a trio of back breakers then lifts Dixie up on a cover. Whip to the ropes and Dixie’s sunset flip attempt backfires. Dixie counters another slam and comes off the ropes with a diving body press. Dixie gets thrown to the floor, but lands on his feet, climbs the ropes, and hits a flying clothesline for three at 5:18. Post-match, Dixie gets the violin case, and opens it up to reveal… a roll of tape. Kyle attacks Dixie from behind, tapes him to the top rope, and tapes up his fist to dish out further punishment until being ran off by Danny Davis and Tim Horner. I would’ve put money on the briefcase not being opened at all. *1/4 Dixie did mostly bumping around to make Kyle’s so-so offense look decent.



– Phil Raney is standing by with comments from Dirty White Boy, who says Ron Garvin isn’t a full-grown man, and Jim Cornette & The Heavenly Bodies. What is that awful looking rug on Stan Lane? It looks atrocious.



– Bob Caudle is standing by with Jimmy Golden and Robert Fuller, who are pleased with what they did to Robert Gibson earlier. Fuller says if Gibson wasn’t supposed to be alive, he would’ve made sure, but he made the decision to let him live so they can beat up on him some more.



Final Thoughts: Forget about Summer Blast, it’s all about pushing Fire on The Mountain. We’ve already got two big matches confirmed: The Heavenly Bodies defend the Tag Titles against The Fantastics in a Barbwire Cage, with Bob Armstrong as the special referee. Brian Lee defends the Heavyweight Title against the Dirty White Boy. If White Boy loses, he leaves Smoky Mountain Wrestling. Tim Horner threw out a challenge to Buddy Landell for an “I Quit Match”, but nothing is confirmed. Robert Fuller made his debut, joining forces with Jimmy Golden to beat the tar out of Robert Gibson. Finally, the big mystery of what’s inside the violin case of Killer Kyle turned out to be just another butt-whooping for Dixie Dy-No-Mite.