Ring of Honor – August 23rd, 2017


Did you miss me?


Aw, screw it. Let’s watch some wrestling, shall we?

So, without going too deep on any explanation for where I’ve been, let’s just say that running a business as opposed to being an employee is, to put it mildly, time-consuming. Rewarding, fun, but also takes over most of your life, and if I couldn’t do this the way I wanted to do it, I didn’t want to keep doing it. Luckily, I seem to have settled into a decent enough groove that I’m able to return on a regular basis, so here I am again, ready to watch some ROH. I’ve still been watching the show every week, so hopefully I can bring you all up to speed on what’s been going on. It’s good to be back!

Honestly, I just really missed Charlie Owens.

Ring of Honor TV – 8/23/17

Hey! It’s the ROH 6-Man tag team champs, Dalton Castle and the Boys! Let’s hear what they have to say! “Colt Cabana! Here we are again!” Footage of Cabana interviewing the Tempura Boyz and them subsequently agreeing to be Colt’s tag partners against Castle and the Boys are shown as Dalton suggests that Colt start with a more realistic plan, like boiling a chicken or finding a renewable energy source, because taking a championship from them is a task he’s not ready for!

Intro proper. No more Adam Cole for those keeping track, as we’ve got more Cody and guys like Jay White in the highlights.

We are TAPED from the Cabarrus Arena in Concord, North Carolina! Your hosts are Ian Riccaboni & BJ Whitmer.

And there’s the music of Coast to Coast! Leon St. Giovanni & Shaheem Ali make their way to the ring, and these boys have grown on me over the last few months, I must admit. And when I see the words ‘Best Friends’ appear on the screen, that can only mean the appearance of Trent Baretta & Chuck Taylor! I do love me some Trent Baretta! Let’s check out this tag team action!

Coast to Coast (Leon St. Giovanni & Shaheem Ali) vs Best Friends (Chuck Taylor & Trent Baretta)

Caprice Coleman joins us on commentary for this one. Code of Honor is followed. Taylor & LSG to start us off. Wristlock and armwringer by LSG, reversal by Taylor, reversed back by LSG. He sends Taylor to the corner, blind charge by LSG eats an elbow by Taylor, who poses on the second rope. He backflips off the top, LSG fires a kick, caught by Chuckie, legsweep attempt by LSG and Taylor jumps over it, standoff. Tags on both sides as the commentators are being annoying about Coleman’s new ‘show’ or whatever, coming soon to ROH TV! Oh boy, that sounds like some sports entertainment to me, and if there’s one thing that ROH does better than anyone else on the planet, it’s sports entertainment! Ali and Trent lockup goes to the corner, and we get a clean break from Ali. Side headlock by Trent, reversed by Ali, Trent shoots him off and they run the ropes, back elbow from Trent knocks Ali down. Chop by Trent in the corner, again! Ali tries one of his own, but Baretta ducks and drops him with another. Cross-corner whip is reversed by Ali, biiiiigggg back body drop by Ali on Trent! He tosses Baretta in the corner, drops him with a kick, tag to LSG. LSG with a running shoulder to Trent, tag back to Ali. Double armwringer and they roll Baretta through into a double seated dropkick! That was nifty. Cover by Ali gets two. Tag back to LSG, double hiptoss attempt, and they catch Trent and flip him back over face-first to the mat! 1, 2, no! Tag back to Ali as Baretta does what he does best, take punishment like a mofo. Cross-corner whip by Ali turns Trent upside-down in the corner, Ali goes for a side kick and misses, go-behind by Ali but Trent runs to the ropes and we get a blind tag from Taylor. Ali gets sent to the corner and eats forearm from Taylor, and now it’s Baretta with a go-behind, Taylor in with Sole Food into a half-dragon suplex from Baretta! Taylor runs wild and knocks LSG off the apron, then calls for the big hug from Trent! They hug it out as the camera pulls back like an Okada call for the Rainmaker! What a moment! Let’s reflect on that while we watch these great ads!

We’re back as Ali manages to hit Baretta with a belly-to-back suplex to free himself up, tags on both sides! LSG comes in and he’s a house afire! Clothesline to Taylor! One for Trent! He runs Taylor into Trent in the corner, then somersaults into a double clothesline! Irish whip reversed by Taylor, springboard clothesline by LSG drops Chuckie. Trent tries his luck, but gets caught with a swinging gutbuster from LSG, then a dropkick. LSG showboats a bit too long, and here comes Taylor with a kick to the gut. Suplex attempt by Taylor, LSG goes over the top, Facebuster/Flatliner combo by Coast to Coast! 1, 2, NO! LSG sends Ali towards Chuck in the corner, but Ali gets backdropped all the way to the floor by Taylor! LSG charges, Taylor levels him with a big knee! Tag to Baretta, Taylor puts LSG on his shoulders, then tosses him into a cutter from Trent! 1, 2, NO!! LSG fights Trent off with a spinkick and tags in Ali, who gets caught with a step-up enzuigiri from Trent. Baretta with a big elbow in the corner and he goes for a tornado DDT, but Ali catches him and hits a BEAUTIFUL spinning uranage!! LSG knocks Taylor off the apron with a bicycle kick! Both members of the Best Friends are on the floor, LSG looks to dive, but it’s a fake as Ali comes over the top with a massive tope con hilo onto the Best Friends! LSG goes up, walks the top rope, and hits a spinning somersault onto everyone on the floor! They toss Baretta back in, LSG hits a Flowsion and Ali follows with a frog splash!! 1, 2, Taylor breaks it up! Ali and Taylor take it to the floor, and Chuckie sends Ali to the barricade. LSG kicks at Taylor, then kicks Trent and goes up, 450 splash hits the knees of Trent! Baretta loads it up, running knee strike to LSG! Piledriver by Chuck and he rolls LSG over to Trent, who hits a sloppy Gotch Piledriver that might as well have been a powerbomb, and we’re done here. (Best Friends over Coast to Coast, pinfall, 10:23)

WORTH WATCHING? – This was about as indyriffic as anything, but the key that I liked about this match was that it told a story that I like to see; the young upstart guys who almost get there but fall just a bit short to the wily veterans. And it told that story really well. YES, I thought this was pretty tremendous, actually. They had time and Coast to Coast got a lot of that time to shine out there and show what they could do, which is what you want from matches like these. I dug the s--- out of this match, you should watch it.

Post-match, we get some replays and a hug from the Best Friends before they head out, as Ian tells us that we’ve got some breaking news as there was a brawl backstage earlier today between Jay Lethal and Silas Young.

Yes, that feud is STILL going. What is it with Young and his never-ending feuds? He fought Dalton Castle for about 4 years, and now Lethal. Dude needs to chill out.

Anyway, we see that Lethal is giving an interview about this being the first time that he’s been put in a hospital due to injury; this is going to come to an end soon, and it’s probably going to get worse before it gets better. No argument from me, Jay. Silas comes up with some trashtalk, and we get some good ol’ fashioned fisticuffs! Lethal drops Young with a nice right hand and turns around to fight off the no-good, sneak-attackin’ Bruiser, finishing with a punt to the junk of the Beer City native, but that leaves him wide open to a chair to the back from Silas. They lay into Lethal until the ring crew breaks it up, with Young telling Jay to go film another commercial! Speaking of commercials, perhaps it’s a good time to check out those fine ads!

True story – my first commercial this ad break was the Jay Lethal back/knee pain commercial. I hope that wasn’t just a coincidence, ’cause it was hilarious.

We’re back with Lethal waving off the crew, calling out for Silas. He wants Silas and Beer City in any match Ring of Honor wants, because this needs to end, and end soon! Couldn’t agree more, buddy.

And there’s the music of The Kingdom! Still awesome. This matchup could be the main event of any episode of Ring of Honor TV, sayeth the commentary team! Yeah! You name the high school gym, and this match could main event it! Matt Taven is out, as is TK O’Ryan on his crutches, and unfortunately Vinny Marseglia is with them as well. WHY do I hate him so much? I still can’t figure it out! “Reach for the sky, boy!” That can only mean the imminent arrival of Jay Briscoe, who is out sans Mark, Bully Ray, and the heel turn his character desperately needs.

Jay Briscoe vs Matt Taven (w/ TK O’Ryan & Vinny Marseglia)

Jay charges before the bell with a kick that Taven avoids, and Matt fires away with some absolutely terrible kicks in the corner that may have grazed the air in front of Jay, but not much more. Forearms by Taven, cross-corner whip is reversed by Jay, Taven over the top of Briscoe on a blind charge, Matt off the ropes, ‘rana by Jay! The streamers are still in the ring and are wrapped around Matt, which is pretty funny. Big kick by Jay sends Taven to the floor and Briscoe wants the REDNECK OUTTA CONTROL TOPE, but Vinny steps in front of Matt with an….axe to stop that. Deciding that disembowelment would hamper his chances of winning this contest, Jay pulls up on his dive. Briscoe hops out and grabs a chair and approaches Vinny on the floor, and just as I think we’re finally about to settle the great chair/axe debate that has plagued pro wrestling since the early 1900s, Taven attacks Jay from behind and sends him to the barricade. The eternal struggle continues, I suppose. Matt stomps away and sends Jay back in, Briscoe runs the ropes and drops Matt with an elbow. Kicks in the corner from Jay and he chokes Taven with his boot. Cross-corner whip by Jay and he splashes Taven in the corner, then hits a seated dropkick on Matt. Snap suplex by Jay gets two. Briscoe fires uppercuts at Matt in the corner, Irish whip is reversed by Taven, sunset flip by Briscoe, Taven rolls through and runs through Jay with a nice knee strike. Can Matt Taven beat Jay Briscoe? We’ll find out after we watch these great ads!

We’re back and Taven is ascending to the top rope, Briscoe moves and Taven lands on his feet, Death Valley Driver by Jay! Rights and uppercuts from Briscoe, Jay off the ropes, Taven ducks and hits a Beautiful Disaster on Jay! Lionsault from Taven hits the knees of Jay! Jay off the ropes and he rips Taven’s head off with a lariat for two. Machine-gun neckbreaker attempt from Jay, Taven pushes him off to the corner but eats an elbow from Jay on a blind charge. Briscoe fires left hands at Matt, who briefly stops them with a kick, then avoids a clothesline and hits an enzuigiri to Jay. Modified Blue Thunder Bomb gets two for Matt. Taven looks for the Climax, but Jay shoots him off and hits a dropkick to send him to the floor. Briscoe looks around to check for the AXE, and decides he can make it, so it’s REDNECK OUTTA CONTROL TOPE time, as he flies out and damn near kills himself as he grazes Matt before crashing to the floor. Briscoe tosses Matt back in and levels him with a Mafia kick, now Vinny charges into the ring and Jay drops him with the neckbreaker. Good. TK jaws at Briscoe from the floor, so Jay drags him into the ring by his crutch, then takes it away and tells him to sit his ass down in the corner. Briscoe turns to hit Taven with the crutch, but TK was FAKING the whole time! What a rapscallion!! O’Ryan takes off the walking boot and clobbers Jay in the face, and that’s going to be a DQ. Whatever with this s---. (Jay Briscoe over Matt Taven, DQ, 9:24)

WORTH WATCHING? – Match started slow and did pick up near the middle, but that finish sucked a big ol’ one, there’s no doubt about that. Not enough here, I’m afraid, so I’m going with a NO on this one; the match was just setting up for the beatdown angle to follow, and they didn’t have a ton of chemistry in there with each other. Jay Briscoe needs to turn heel, like, last month at this point.

Post-match, TK does some jumping jacks and runs around as Taven throws chairs in the ring, and we get a triple-team conchairto (a move that I could live without seeing ever again, to be honest) by the Kingdom, who then pose to boos from the crowd. Let’s forget that happened by watching these great ads!

We’re back with the Ring of Honor World Heavyweight champion, Cody Rhodes! What’s on his mind? “On this journey to becoming the greatest Ring of Honor World champion to date, and doing it all as a free agent, the staggering amount of successful title defenses, please, please, they’re all right here -” He waves in ref Todd Sinclair with a hat, and tells him to pick from the hat. Jack Swagger? Ended him! Ricochet? Eviscerated him! Anyway, whether within the confines of Ring of Honor, sign up and show up!

Recap of what just happened with Jay Briscoe, as we see that Mark finally did show up with a chair to make the save. Way to be looking out, Mark. Took you long enough.

“Boom Boom; Colt Cabana!” That evil remix can only mean that we’re about to see some Colt Cabana! Sure enough, here comes the challengers to the ROH 6-Man tag titles, as Colt is out with the Tempura Boyz! And here come the champs, as Dalton Castle and the Boys are out to a nice pop from the crowd, because they’re actual faces in this company.

Dalton Castle & The Boys (c) vs Colt Cabana & The Tempura Boyz (Sho Tanaka & Yohei Komatsu) – Ring of Honor World 6-man tag team title match

No Code of Honor. Cabana and Castle start us off. Lockup goes to the corner, Castle grabs a waistlock, Colt elbows out. Cabana off the ropes, Peacock pose by Castle stops him briefly, but Colt tosses Dalton to the floor, then brings in the Boys the hard way over the top with a slingshot. Dalton in to save the Boys, Cabana goes over the top of a suplex attempt but gets wrapped up in a double straightjacket from the Boys, who throw him over and Colt slides to the floor. Sho and Yohei are in to try their luck, and they get armdragged by the Boys, joining Colt on the floor. Dalton runs the ropes, but Colt trips him up as the Tempura trips up the Boys and everyone ends up on the floor. Cabana and Tempura back in, Cabana’s gonna fly….no, he mocks the Castle strut instead! My GOD. Well, with that ultimate act of disrespect, we’ll need some recovery time, so let’s watch these great ads!

We’re back and we’ve got some Boys on Boyz action in the ring! The Boys duck and the Tempura lads bump noggins, though. Cabana and Castle come back in and the Boys take a powder as Dalton handles Colt with a nice overhead throw to send him out. Dalton snaps his fingers and the Boys make him a nice chair to sit on in the middle of the ring. Colt and the Boyz talk strategy on the outside as Dalton waits in the ring. Cabana back in, but Dalton wants some competition, damnit, so here’s a tag to Sho. Single-leg takedown by Dalton, they exchange waistlocks on their feet and Castle grabs a wristlock and tags in one of the Boys. Boy 2 (according to commentary, so f--- it, he’s Boy 2) and Sho lockup, they go to the ropes and Boy 1 gets a blind tag. He climbs on Boy 2’s shoulders and challenges the Boyz to a chicken fight, and it’s fun because it’s stupid but somehow works. I can’t explain it, but I laughed. So, Yohei gets on Sho’s shoulders and KATIE BAR THE DOOR, WE’RE GETTIN’ A CHICKEN FIGHT…..until Cabana sneaks in and pushes the Boys over. Hee! Cabana has a grin a mile wide, and so do I. The Tempura Boyz double team Boy 1, getting a hiptoss, a running kick, an elbow, and a kneedrop. Sho gets a Perfectplex for two, then locks the Boy in a Fujiwara armbar! Castle saves it and while the ref escorts him out, the Boys switch off. Yeah, sure. But Cabana saw it and he tosses the right Boy back into the ring while Sho tosses the other Boy to the floor. My God, this match is dumb but I’m entertained as f---. More work on Boy 2, tag to Yohei. Boy 2 is still trapped in the corner and taking a whuppin’, and that’ll take us to our final break for some great ads!

We’re back and we’ve got triple team splashes on Boy 2 in the corner from Cabana and the Tempura Boyz, who stop to give us a pose afterwards. Cabana is so busy dancing that he doesn’t notice this time when Boy 1 switches off with Boy 2; the Tempura Boyz try to warn him, but he waves them off and charges right into a boot from Boy 1! Tilt-a-whirl attempt by Cabana is escaped by Boy 1, and he stumbles back into his corner right into a tag from Dalton. Castle is a Peacock Afire! Shots for Cabana! Shots for both Tempura Boyz send them to the floor! Castle off the ropes, clothesline on Colt! He goes for a suplex, but Sho charges, overhead throw by Castle! Yohei comes in, second verse same as the first. Cabana with the charge on Dalton, Castle catches him mid-air and drops him with a German suplex! Dalton calls for the Boys, throws Boy 2 over the top rope onto Yohei! Throws Boy 1 over the top rope onto Sho! Castle runs the ropes, Colt ducks away, Peacock strut from Dalton! Colt back on the apron, double dropkick by the Boys, then Dalton with a tope! Cabana tossed back in, double missile dropkick by the Boys into a German suplex with a bridge by Dalton! 1, 2, Tempura Boyz make the save! Sho with a lungblower on Dalton into a kick from Yohei. Boy 1 jumps in the ring, double dropkick from the Boyz sends him to the floor. Boy 2 comes in, and the Tempura Boyz hit a 3-D variant on him! They hold him up for Cabana to hit the Flip, Flop and Fly, but Castle back in and he stops that with a back elbow, as the Tempura Boyz get pulled into each other by Boy 2! Castle lights up Sho and Yohei, sending them back out and charges Colt, but eats a NASTY elbow from Cabana. Both Boys take the same elbow and Colt loads it up to charge Dalton, but he gets caught! Bangarang!! 1, 2, 3! (Dalton Castle & The Boys over Colt Cabana & The Tempura Boyz, pinfall, 10:59)

WORTH WATCHING? – This is very much a ‘your mileage may vary’ match. It all depends on how entertaining you find Dalton Castle’s antics, as the match was basically played for comedy the whole way. I thought it was fun as hell, so I’m going with a YES on it, because I think sometimes, this type of match works with the right guys, and these were the right guys. If you’re looking for a great wrestling match, this isn’t for you, but if you’re in it for some fun, I highly recommend it.

Post-match, Dalton gets a mic! What’s on his mind after that, ahem, war? “That sure as hell felt great!” Listen, Colt – they have history, that’s no secret. But he’s going to be honest, he’s always admired Colt! Even before he ever laced up the boots, he saw Colt as an inspiration! And then Colt made it so hard to like him, but he still wants to like him! He’s beaten him more than once, and Colt keeps coming at him like he’s nothing! But now, he’s won 3 in row – has he earned Colt’s respect yet? He’s earned the crowd’s respect; Colt’s the only holdout! Whaddaya say?

Cabana thinks about it – he offers the hand! Handshakes all around!! Happy ending, everyone! Yay!

Next week, in our main event, the Motor City Machine Guns challenge the Young Bucks for the ROH World tag team titles! And that’ll do it for this week on Ring of Honor!

FINAL THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK: Two good tag matches of extremely different types bookended a very decent episode of ROH TV this week, so that’s all I’m looking for. We had more than 30 minutes of wrestling in this hour of television, which is more than acceptable as a ratio. I’m not a fan of the Young/Lethal stuff, and there were real problems with that Briscoe/Taven match; maybe I’m just happy to be back, I don’t know, but I liked ROH TV this week.

Wanna watch it for free on a better player than the ROH website? Do it right here on the Fite TV website: https://www.fite.tv/watch/roh-wrestling-episode-309/2l4m4/

As always, thanks for reading this thing I wrote,

Rick Poehling
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