Bayley Hate

What would you attribute the Bayley Hate to? Crowds going against Roman can be easily understood, cuz of how he's favored over wrestlers fans have actually wanted pushed & being an obvious corporate machine.

But the Bayley one is stranger. She has been booked horrifically, going against the beloved character from NXT that worked so well. Is it just fans blaming her for her failures on the main roster?

I might think it was fan anger if she was being pushed over fan favorites like Sasha or even over talent like Alexa, but they are in better positions than Bayley.

Her reactions & acknowledgments of the fan booking doesn't help the matter, but what would you say is the main factor?
​I think people are rejecting the character as presented.  I don't think it's a direct hate of Bayley the person, but more that people really don't want to see her playing that character.  ​