Smoky Mountain Wrestling TV – July 11th, 1992



– Last week on SMW TV… The “Main Event” of The Batten Twins vs. Dixie Dy-No-Mite and Danny Davis was immediately interrupted by a scuffle with The Fantastics and Heavenly Bodies… Paul Orndorff and the Dirty White Boy aren’t scared of Ron Garvin, but Mr. Ron Wright isn’t as confident… Brian Lee continues to be a fighting Champion, easily vanquishing Paul Lee… Jimmy Golden pinned Robert Gibson under dubious circumstances, so they’ll rematch at Summer Blast… Buddy Landell and Tim Horner have incorporated a leather strap into their feud, and are also on a collision course for Summer Blast…



– The last portion of the tapings from the Cumberland, KY High School on June 15th, 1992, with Bob Caudle and Dutch Mantell at ringside to call the action, unless otherwise noted. Summer Blast is NEXT WEEKEND (and won’t be televised nor taped for commercial release to my knowledge), but there might be something to look forward to only a few weeks from now. Danny Davis, Killer Kyle, and the Heavenly Bodies will be in action. Paul Orndorff and the Dirty White Boy will take on the Batten Twins, and will be guests on “Down and Dirty” with Dutch.



– “Nitro” Danny Davis vs. Killer Kyle:
I’m a bit surprised to see them put Kyle in a competitive match, but to be fair, it’s been almost six months and he still hasn’t had much direction. Lockup and Kyle shoves Davis across the ring with ease. Rinse and repeat. Kyle turns his back to showboat, allowing Davis to sneak up from behind with a dropkick. Davis easily avoids Kyle’s bum rushing and kicks at the left knee. Lockup into the corner and Kyle with a shoulder to the midsection. Whip across the ring and Kyle misses a charge. Davis with a dropkick and more kicks to the leg, sending Kyle out of the ring. Back inside and Kyle connects with a side slam, straight out of the Dino Bravo playbook. Davis rallies with boots to the midsection and a flurry of rights. Kyle positions his violin case in the corner, throws Davis face-first into it, and covers for three at 3:44. Wait, here’s Dixie Dy-No-Mite to tell the referee what happened, so the decision is reversed, and Kyle KO’s Dixie with the Violin Case for being a snitch. What could be in that Violin case? If they open it up and there’s a Violin, then that’s the greatest reveal possible.



– Bob Caudle is standing by with Commissioner Bob Armstrong. He says he’s going to fine Killer Kyle $500, regardless of what is in the case. He’s here to announce that SMW makes its debut at the Freedom Hall in Johnson City, TN on August 8th, called “Fire on the Mountain.” More details to be revealed in the coming weeks.



– Bob Caudle is standing by with Tim Horner. He complains about feeling the sting from that leather strap. We throw it to highlights of Horner’s match against Joe Cazana where Landell ran in and laid a country whooping on him. Landell says he gave Horner the whooping his “mammy should’ve given him before.” He asks Horner if he’s an idiot for asking for a strap match, and wonders if his momma bounced him on his head while on her knee. He’s beat Horner up so bad, he wrecked his car and he’s so nervous, his family is scared, too. We cut back to Horner, who vows to be like a wet t-shirt on Landell. I don’t think two people can be on such opposite ends of the promo spectrum.



– Phil Raney is standing by with generic promos hyping upcoming live events with “some of the stars of SMW”, Hector Guerrero, Tim Horner, and Brian Lee. This was the same batch of promos from a few weeks ago. Again, I can’t help but laugh at the attempts to have Lee standing next to Raney be like Andre the Giant standing next to Vince McMahon.



– Bob Caudle is standing by with Bobby & Jackie Fulton. Bobby says they aren’t hard to find if the Heavenly Bodies want to start something. We see the complete video of their locker room brawl from a couple of weeks ago, resulting in a Street Fight being signed for Summer Blast. Cornette using empty cardboard boxes as a weapon? Global Force Wrestling Gold. Bobby says if they think that was a riot, next week it’ll be worse, except it’ll be legal. Jim Cornette hops in the ring to taunt them and gives them the chance to chicken out like gutless cowards and back out of the Street Fight. The Fultons hits the ring, but the Heavenly Bodies come in from behind with weapons in hand. Cornette joins in on the fun with his tennis racket. The Fultons fight back to their feet and Cornette and Co. clear out like thieves in the night.



– Down and Dirty with Dutch Mantell, with Paul Orndorff, The Dirty White Boy, and Mr. Ron Wright. They’ve got Brian Lee and Ron Garvin at Summer Blast next weekend. Mantell throws it to video footage of Ron Garvin cutting another promo from the comfort of his living room. He’s like George Foreman, because he’s 41 and making a comeback, except he doesn’t eat hot dogs and hamburgers, and isn’t a fat boy. We throw it to old footage of Garvin in action, including extensive footage going one-on-one with Andre the Giant, with “I’m Evil” by Roy Buchanan playing over the clips. Ron Wright seems concerned about what Garvin is capable of. It should be against the law to show that on TV. White Boy says not to worry, because they’re not Andre the Giant, they’re double tough. He challenges Garvin to hit him on the jaw, because a mule has kicked him and wasn’t capable of knocking him down.



– Brad & Bart Batten vs. Paul Orndorff & The Dirty White Boy:
Everyone is already in the ring after we return from commercial, including an advertisement for WCW’s Great American Bash. White Boy starts with Brad. He drives a series of knees to the midsection, but Brad takes him over with a back drop. Battens with a pair of double dropkicks to clear the ring. Back inside, White Boy gets caught in a hammer-lock. The Battens do an illegal switch while Orndorff distracts referee Mark Curtis. Whip to the ropes and Bart with a hip toss. Orndorff comes in and takes a hip toss, as well. Bart with a side headlock and shoulder tackle. Crisscross and Bart with a diving body press for two. White Boy and Orndorff with a double clothesline. White Boy unloads with rights and tosses Bart through the ropes. The referee gets caught in the middle of action in the ring, allowing Orndorff to plant Bart on the floor with a piledriver!


White Boy and Orndorff can freely work Brad over without having to cut the ring in half with Bart incapacitated on the floor. Rick Cannon comes out to check on the Broken Batten. Meanwhile, Orndorff takes Brad over with a suplex. White Boy with a whip and Power-Slam, followed by a leg drop, but there’s no intent to go for covers. Orndorff switches to the Batten corner to mock Brad desperately crawling to his corner. Orndorff comes from the top with the elbow. Here comes Brian Lee, and he hops on the Batten corner, and I guess he’s allowed to be a substitute for the injured Bart. Whip and Orndorff with a clothesline. Whip and White Boy with a Super-Kick. He plants Brad with a slam, but misses a splash. Orndorff with a knee to the side of the head to cut off the tag. Mantell calls an elbow between the legs “Divorce Court.” Brad reverses a whip to a corner and a collision puts both men down. He makes it to the corner and hot tags Lee. He goes crazy with rights on both White Boy and Orndorff. DOUBLE NOGGIN KNOCKER! Lee with clotheslines. Brad gets tossed over the top rope during the chaos, triggering a Disqualification at 9:36. Orndorff and White Boy double-team Lee until Danny Davis and Robert Gibson rush the ring. *** The action and angle played out was some solid television and makes you want to see Lee get some of the White Boy/Orndorff Connection, with Ron Garvin waiting in the wings for Summer Blast.



– Bob Caudle is standing by to show us highlights of a match between Jimmy Golden and Robert Gibson, where Golden wrapped a chain around his fist to score a tainted victory. They’ll rematch at Summer Blast, and Golden will be searched by random fans before the match to make sure there’s no funny business. Of course, that means there will be funny business after Golden clears the unnecessary search. Gibson comes out to say pretty much the exact same thing. I feel sorry for stealing his thunder.



– Phil Raney is standing by with more generic promos from Buddy Landell and The Dirty White Boy, who seem to bond in another crazy, drug-fueled promo. Landell says he isn’t at Madison Square Garden or the Cow Palace because he has a bad attitude. If he knew how to do politics, he’d be a World Champion.



– The Heavenly Bodies (w/ Jim Cornette) vs. Gary Scott & Rick Cannon:
We’re running preciously low on time, but it’s a squash match, so it shouldn’t be too hard to squeeze it in. Jim Cornette says because of the Fantastics, they bucked Stan Lane’s ear drum, and he needs to wear special head gear. He asks fans to keep the noise down as low as possible, so they boo as loud as 250 people can to annoy him. All because he had a mid-life crisis and started wearing a rug. Prichard and Lane start immediately, pounding away on both opponents. Lane tosses Cannon out of the ring. Prichard with a suplex, finished off by Lane with a clothesline, and it’s over at 0:33. Cornette comes in to drop an elbow on Scott, and here’s the Fantastics to make the save. We get a big brawl in the ring. Jackie punishes the knee of Lane and slaps on a spinning toe hold. Bobby decks Lane to save his brother from having his surgically repaired knee torn up. Whip to the ropes and the Fultons with a double elbow to send Prichard out of the ring, and we’re out of time. Will we see yet another brawl between these two teams next week?



Final Thoughts: Another episode that was more about developing intrigue for Summer Blast than loading up the show with squash matches. We’re only a week away from the big event (which we unfortunately can’t see), and interest is high for The Fantastic Fultons vs. Heavenly Bodies, and to a slightly lesser extent, Brian Lee and Ron Garvin vs. The Wonderfully Dirty Connection. Killer Kyle’s Violin case continues to be a mystery, but will it ever go anywhere? Bob Armstrong has already announced the next big event, titled Fire on the Mountain, and thankfully that show is available to keep up with our journey through the history of Smoky Mountain Wrestling.