What the World Was Watching: Monday Night RAW – May 1, 1995

Vince McMahon recaps the Diesel-Bam Bam Bigelow WWF title match on last week’s show.  McMahon makes sure to note that a record television audience watched the title defense.

McMahon and Jerry Lawler are in the booth and they are still in Omaha, Nebraska.  Lawler has his open contract for Bret Hart with him, although he does not seem too happy to know that Bret will appear later tonight to confront him.

Opening Contest:  The Allied Powers (6-0) defeat George Anderson & Ron Hagan after the British Bulldog pins Anderson after a running powerslam at 2:38:

Anderson was a German wrestler that wrestled in more than twenty squash matches for the company in the early 1990s, while Hagan did two bouts for the company – including this one – and was never seen on television again.  Luger and the Bulldog go through a few quick moves before the Bulldog finishes Anderson with the running powerslam.  The problem with the Allied Powers is that the only heel team that they have yet to beat, aside from the reigning tag team champions, is Men on a Mission so they are grinding their wheels waiting for a title shot.

McMahon and Lawler recap how the Intercontinental title has been held up by President Jack Tunney due to the controversial finish to the Jeff Jarrett-Bob Holly match on The Action Zone.

Bob Holly (3-4-1) pins Butler Stevens after the Pit Stop Plunge at 2:47:

Stevens is wearing this weird glitter outfit that fits about as well on him as the awful green attire PN News used to wear in WCW in 1991.  Like Anderson in the previous match, he is a long-time WWF enhancement talent, doing jobs for the likes of Hercules and the Red Rooster in 1989.  Stevens throws some really weak forearms and gets in way too much offense in this squash before Holly throws his nice dropkick and hits his occasional finisher, a flying body press, for the win.

Todd Pettengill provides the In Your House Report.  He announces that after the 1-2-3 Kid’s neck injury that Razor Ramon will face Jeff Jarrett and the Roadie in a handicap match instead of finding a new partner.  This never made sense to me as they could have plugged Bob Holly or Aldo Montoya into that role.

Call 1-900-737-4WWF to hear Razor Ramon’s reaction to the 1-2-3 Kid’s neck injury.

Ramon is shown warming up backstage for his match against Sid.

Mantaur (w/Jim Cornette) (12-1) defeats Sonny Rogers after a gorilla press drop into a powerslam at 2:24:

McMahon jokes that Mantaur was glued to his television set the other night to watch the television mini-series Buffalo Girls since he is half man and half beast.  Mantaur delivers the belly-to-belly suplex, but that is not his finisher of choice for this week so he beats on Rogers some more before finishing him with a gorilla press drop into a powerslam.  That is the fifth finisher that Mantaur has used in fourteen matches this year, further illustrating that he has no clear sense of direction in the company.

Nicholas Turturro now interrogates Man Mountain Rock, who insists that he is both a rock n’ roll superstar and a WWF wrestler.  Rock plays for Turturro and then gives him an airplane spin to demonstrate his credentials.

Sid is supposed to face Razor Ramon in our next bout, but Sid attacks Ramon during his fireworks display and gives him two powerbombs before Diesel makes the save.  Since the bell did not ring we do not have an official match.

Adam Bomb (8-2-1) beats Dave Sigfrid after the Neutron Bomb at 3:39:

Bomb is booked to face Mabel in a King of the Ring qualifier at In Your House so he is featured here in a “tune up” match.  McMahon and Lawler spar back and forth during the bout, with Lawler making fun of McMahon’s toupee and McMahon responding that at least he does not wear a stupid crown.  These recent squashes where Bomb does all kinds of chain wrestling and headlocks make no sense as he is a bigger man that should be getting over with power moves.

Ray Rougeau is in the locker room where Razor Ramon is being tended to by WWF officials and Diesel.  Referee Earl Hebner tells Rougeau that he has no idea what happened and things happened so quick he could not even ring the bell.  Rougeau then says that something has to be done to stop Sid.

Hunter-Hearst Helmsley reminds us that he stands for civility.

Men on a Mission (8-1) defeat Kevin Kruger & Bill Duke after Mabel pins Duke following a belly-to-belly suplex at 4:36:

Kruger was a lifetime journeyman in wrestling circles, wrestling a few times for the WWF as an enhancement talent and then wrestling for various independent promotions near the Wisconsin area until 2009.  Duke did not have a long history, with this match being his sole appearance in the big time.  The squash follows the same template as Men on a Mission’s recent work, with Mo struggling but Mabel destroying everything that moves.  And why the company decided that this squash should last more than four minutes is baffling, as the crowd got antsy for it to end after two.

McMahon says that Razor Ramon’s pride is hurt but it looks like he will be okay.

Bret Hart comes to ringside and says that Jerry Lawler never challenged him for In Your House.  Bret says that he will wrestle Hakushi at the pay-per-view because he has a commitment, but after he gets done beating Hakushi he will then agree to wrestle Lawler at the same show.  He pledges to send Lawler “to the outhouse” in a cringe inducing line but the crowd popped for it.  As Bret heads back to the locker room, Lawler gives a devious laugh and McMahon wonders what Lawler has up his sleeve.

Tune in next week to see Owen Hart face Bart Gunn!  Also, Doink collides with Jeff Jarrett!

The Last Word:  This show was pure bait and switch as the feature match did not happen and the entire card was littered with uninspiring squash matches.  At least the In Your House card is now complete with Bret accepting Lawler’s challenge for a singles match as Bret will once again shoulder double duty in an attempt to get a new pay-per-view off the ground.

Up Next:  WWF Superstars for May 6, 1995!