The SmarK Rant for WWF Monday Night RAW–09.20.93

The SmarK Legacy Rant for Monday Night RAW – September 20 1993

– Taped from New York.

– Your hosts are Vince, Bobby and Macho.

Scott Steiner v. Quebecer Pierre

Slugfest to start and Scott puts him down with an atomic drop, then goes up with a flying clothesline right away. Next up, Pierre goes over the top rope, which also would have been a DQ last week. All we need now is a piledriver. And indeed, we get that too. Ha! That’s a nice little touch of continuity. So with the silliness out of the way, Scott gets a bridged Indian deathlock and starts pounding on the leg. He hooks another one, but Pierre makes the ropes, so Scott chokes him out and then puts him on the top for an overhead suplex off the top. Pierre wisely bails for advice from Johnny Polo, but Scott chases them back to the dressing room with the hockey stick and we take a break. Back with Jacques now at ringside for moral support, and that brings Rick out as well. This leads me a tangent about Jacques: Clearly this is the same person and character as The Mountie was. They dress alike and obviously The Mountie has just added a partner and now they’re the Quebecers. So how come no one ever acknowledges that and says “Oh hey, Jacques is a former IC champion”? Since it’s the same guy both in and out of continuity, you’d think they’d play that up. But “The Mountie” is never mentioned outside of the theme song. Anyway, Scott gets a powerbomb for two, but Pierre hits the chinlock. Scott fights up and runs into a knee, and that gets two. Pump splash gets two and Pierre goes to another chinlock. Middle rope legdrop gets two. Scott fights back with a backslide for two. Small package gets two. Pierre takes him down again for the chinlock and tries another pump splash, but Scott moves and makes the comeback. Steinerline and butterfly bomb set up the Frankensteiner at 12:38. Pierre was pretty useless at this point, but Scott carried things well enough for a good long match. ***

Bam Bam Bigelow v. Laverne McGill

Nice manly name there. Bigelow throws a dropkick, so McGill replies with his own and chops away in the corner. Bam Bam even misses a blind charge and bumps to the apron, but then that’s enough of that and Bigelow hammers on him on the way back in. Meanwhile, Vince tries another phone conversation with Crush, who is returning very shortly. Macho Man again tries to converse with him, and again Crush gives him the cold shoulder and says he’s NEVER going to speak to him again. Click. What a great build. Anyway, Bigelow keeps beating up on the geek and sits on him to block a sunset flip. And he hits the chinlock, but misses a blind charge and McGill comes off the top…and lands in Bigelow’s arms. Ugly delayed suplex and senton backsplash finish.

Bret Hart joins us for a special interview. Jerry Lawler might claim to be the undisputed King, but Bret DISPUTES it. So there.

The WWF: Don’t settle for cheap imitations. Like the World Wildlife Fund.

Mr. Perfect v. Mike Bell

I think that’s the jobber here, not that it matters. Perfect slaps him around and grabs a headlock, then they head to the floor and Perfect chops away on him. Back in, more chops and a kneelift follow, and Perfect dropkicks him. And NOW YOU’RE GONNA SEE A PERFECTPLEX at 3:49.

Meanwhile, Ludvig Borga exposes the filthy and polluted rivers of the USA. Luger stands up for these, so that makes him garbage and everyone stinks. Very subtle.

Bobby Heenan sets up another marriage proposal, making the bride hold his dirty Kleenex while he eats her popcorn.

IRS v. PJ Walker

IRS tosses Walker to start and sends him into the stairs, but Razor Ramon joins us to be a pest. Irwin of course gets distracted and Walker rolls him up for the pin at 1:18. However, rather than pushing Walker, they took him off TV and repackaged him into Aldo Montoya.

Meanwhile, The Quebecers feel that the Steiners haven’t yet earned their rematch, so they’ll be defending the belts against truly deserving competition instead next week.

Next week: Tatanka, Ludvig Borga, Jimmy Snuka and The Quebecers defend the tag titles against…someone. It’s apparently live from New Haven, so is that the end of the Manhattan Center era already?