Warrior as a worker

So The Ultimate Warrior gets no small amount of flack for his crappy record as a worker, but when paired with Randy Savage, a notoriously OCD match planner, he had some great matches, and the WM VI match with Hogan was planned out start to finish by Pat Patterson was an all time classic too. So is it fair to say that Warrior could put on a great show as long as someone kept him on a tight leash?



​Yeah, I mean Warrior was at the very least a guy who understood his own limitations most of the time and didn’t try to do more than he could. Why do more than a 30 second squash as long as it’s working, right? And he was also smart enough to let others who knew better work things out for him. Contrast with, say, Sid, who just did what he wanted the entire time and couldn’t get a good match unless someone like Shawn Michaels literally worked the entire match around him and did all the work.​