Smoky Mountain Wrestling TV – July 4th, 1992




– Last week on SMW TV… Summer Blast ’92 is coming together with the top three matches already signed… Brian Lee has enlisted “Hands of Stone” Ron Garvin to even the odds against Dirty White Boy and Paul Orndorff… The Fantastics and Heavenly Bodies got into a wild backstage brawl, costing each man $1,500 in fines, and will face off at Summer Blast in a Smoky Mountain Street Fight… Tim Horner repaid Buddy Landell for costing him a shot at the Tag Titles, by costing him his match with Brian Lee for the SMW Heavyweight Title. Landell was about to use an illegal object, so the interference wasn’t totally unjustified.



– Taped on June 15th from the High School in Cumberland, KY. Bob Caudle and “Dirty” Dutch Mantell (without Barry Horowitz) are calling the action, unless otherwise noted. We’ll see footage of “more bad blood” between Jimmy Golden and Robert Gibson. The Batten Twins will be in action against Dixie Dy-No-Mite and “Nitro” Danny Davis. This week’s guest on Down and Dirty with Dutch is “Nature Boy” Buddy Landell.



– “Mr. Wonderful” Paul Orndorff vs. Gary Scott:
New Enhancement Talent Alert! I keep forgetting Orndorff doesn’t have entrance music. Orndorff attacks from behind. Whip to the corner, but he misses an elbow, and Scott rolls him up for two. Scott grabs a side headlock, but Orndorff quickly counters with a back suplex. Orndorff tosses Scott to the floor and introduces him to the security barricade. Back inside and Scott comes from out of nowhere with a body press for a two count. Orndorff maintains control, stomping on the back of the head. Orndorff with knees to the midsection, snap mare, and knee across the forehead. Whip and Orndorff with a high back drop and arrogantly covers with a knee across the chest for three at 2:55. Other than a few hope shots, this was all Orndorff, and rightfully so. First time I’ve ever seen someone win with a back drop, regardless the height.



– Bob Caudle is standing by with Jim Cornette and The Heavenly Bodies. Lane calls the Fantastics lunatics that should be locked in a padded cell, then changes it up and says they should be on death row for attempted murder. They’re jealous that the Heavenly Bodies are the best looking men in wrestling and because they have the gold. Cornette hypes up the Street Fight for Summer Blast. He knows the Fantastics will take any opportunity they can, and warns them the next time they see them, it’ll be the end of them before they can get to the Bodies.



– Bob Caudle is standing by with “White Lightning” Tim Horner. He’s proud to accept responsibility for Landell losing last week’s Heavyweight Title Match. We see the highlights, where Landell attempted to use a foreign object before Horner intervened. He rubs it in Landell’s face that he’s getting a taste of his own medicine. He’ll make sure Landell will spend every waking moment thinking of him, and promises to be all over him like a wet t-shirt.



– “White Lightning” Tim Horner vs. “Golden Boy” Joe Cazana:
For you fun fact junkies, Horner squashed Cazana on the premiere episode of SMW TV way back on February 1st. Lockup and Horner turns a waist-lock into a roll up for a two count. They trade wrist-locks until Horner takes Cazana over and transitions into an arm-bar. Horner uses the ropes to take Cazana over and follows up with a pair of arm drags. Whip to the ropes, and Horner with another arm drag, into the arm-bar. Cazana with a cheap shot in the corner, but misses a charge, and falls victim to another arm drag. Cazana forces a break in the corner and pounds away. Whip and Cazana with an elbow for barely a one count. Cazana with a snap mare and knee drop. Whip, Horner with a punt to the chest, followed by rights. Whip to the ropes and Horner with the Natural Bridge for three at 4:25. Post-match, Landell bum rushes the ring and works Horner over with a leather strap. Mantell calls it justice. Basic action, and I’ve yet to see a truly impressive performance from White Lightning.



– Phil Raney runs down a SMW card coming to Benton, TN on July 6th (which happens to be a TV taping). Dirty White Boy with comments on Brian Lee, and The Heavenly Bodies hype up a Four-Corner Elimination Tag Team Match with a prize of $5,000.



– We see highlights of a match between Jimmy Golden and Robert Gibson from the Knoxville card held on June 19th. Golden used a foreign object to KO Gibson for the tainted three count. Golden says Gibson was no match for him, and he says he can knock him out whenever he wants. He denies ever using a chain, and runs down the hillbilly fans for wanting to search him before every match. The rematch is signed for Summer Blast.



– “Rock & Roll” Robert Gibson vs. Rick Cannon:
Another fresh-face Enhancement Talent! I’d make a Paul Lee joke about not working the show, but then in 5-minutes we’ll be seeing him in action, too. Lockup, whip to the ropes, and Gibson with an elbow. He takes Cannon over with a side headlock, plants him with a slam, and drops a knee across the chest for a two count. Whip, fist to the midsection, and running knee lift. Gibson works the arm with a wrist-lock. Whip reversed and Gibson with another elbow, followed by a suplex. Whip to the corner and Gibson follows in with a clothesline. Cannon reverses another whip, but charges into a boot, and Gibson finishes with the running bulldog at 2:40. Another one-sided squash.



– Down & Dirty with Dutch Mantell, with this week’s guest, “THE REAL Nature Boy” Buddy Landell. Mantell congratulates Landell for what he did this week, giving “that egg sucking dog down and giving him a whooping his mother should’ve given him a long time ago.” Landell says professional wrestling is a game of strategy, and he knows he can get another title shot any day of the week, while a bum like Tim Horner only gets it once in a lifetime. Horner rushes to the ring with strap in hand, swinging it like a mad man, and almost striking Mantell as Landell bails out. Mantell kisses up to Horner, doing a complete 180 on his stance several minutes ago. Horner says for every whip he gives him, he’s going to pay him back with two of his own.



– “Primetime” Brian Lee vs. Paul Lee:
This is, what, the fourth week out of five to feature Brian Lee in action? Non-Title Match, of course. Primetime shoves Paul Lee on his butt and throws him around with a hip toss and gorilla press slam. Lockup into the corner and he continues to work on the Dollar Tree version of Ric Flair with right hands. Faker Boy comes back with chops, and the Champion doesn’t bother to sell any of them. He shoots Paulie across the ring and takes him over with an arm drag. Nature Lee does the flip onto the apron, and dives off the top, directly into a Power-Slam. The Cancelation (practically botched) finishes at 2:20. Thank goodness I don’t have to avoid typing “Lee and Lee” any more than I already did.



– Bob Caudle is standing by with Brian Lee. People are buzzing about his partner for Summer Blast. Lee’s so excited for Summer Blast he can barely talk. We throw it to highlights of Ron Garvin vs. Ric Flair inside a cage, the night Garvin won the NWA World Heavyweight Title, and we replay last week’s promo from Garvin’s living room. Lee promises it’ll be nothing but a butt whooping for White Boy and Mr. Wonderful at Summer Blast.



– Bob Caudle is standing by with Mr. Ron Wright, Dirty White Boy, and Paul Orndorff. Ron Wright sells the footage of Garvin against Flair, and questions if his men understand how dangerous a man Garvin can be. Orndorff shrugs it off because everyone has beaten Ric Flair. Orndorff admits he and the White Boy don’t really like each other, but Brian Lee is ducking them, and this is the only way they’ll be able to get their hands on him.



– Commissioner Bob Armstrong presents a special award to a fan, a “lifetime Smoky Mountain Wrestling event pass.” Foreshadowing the modern troubles of WWE, the fan is a 60+ year old woman. Armstrong joins us in studio to run down the card for Summer Blast.



– The Fantastics come out to challenge The Heavenly Bodies to come out and back up what they said earlier in the show. Bobby Fulton says that Cornette provoked what happened last week, and it’s his fault that they had to pay up $3,000, and they won’t forget about that when they meet in the ring.



– Phil Raney is standing by with more comments to promote the upcoming TV Taping in Benton, TN, with promos from Tim Horner and Brian Lee.



– Brad & Bart Batten vs. Dixie Dy-No-Mite & “Nitro” Danny Davis:
TV Main Event, and yes, it’s a rare babyface vs. babyface match. Davis starts with Brad. They go through a few counters until Davis backs him up with a mule kick. Crisscross and Brad takes him over with a hip toss. Davis with a standing side headlock and a hip toss of his own. Bart tags in to trade wrist-locks. Davis takes him over with a hip toss, but Bart quickly squirms out of a pin attempt. Dixie tags in to work the arm. Suddenly, there’s a brawl at ringside with the Fantastics and Heavenly Bodies, and the match is thrown out at 1:39.



– Cornette smashes both Jackie and Bobby across the back with his tennis racket. Jackie recovers and lays into Cornette, but he’s saved. They get the racket away from him and return favor on the Bodies. Cornette brings a chair in the ring and smashes Bobby weakly across the head and across the back while Lane chokes Jackie out with the tennis racket. Lane whacks the previously injured knee. Bobby dives on Cornette and chokes him down, but Prichard saves. The scuffle continues as the credits roll, and eventually the Fantastics stand tall with the Heavenly Bodies retreating.



Final Thoughts: Not much of a show when it comes to in-ring work, with all squash matches and a TV Main Event that barely qualifies as a match. The big takeaway is, once again, the big hype for Summer Blast, coming up soon at a still undecided date. The show-closing brawl between the Fantastics and Heavenly Bodies continues to show what the most important angle in the company is at the moment, with the two teams showing great fire both in the ring and in their promos. All the other big angles were given time to hype Summer Blast, and it sounds like it should be a better card than the Volunteer Slam, although it does have the advantage of not being hampered by a one-night tournament.