Savage and Steele

Hey Scott–

Reading your Boston recap, I am constantly amazed that Savage was married to George Steele for so long. I get the whole "lovesick monster" angle with Elizabeth, but COME ON. Did Vince really think Randy Savage was going to get some kind of rub from George Steele? Was it Hogan politicking Randy into having a partner who was guaranteed not to produce a watchable match (so as to not outshine his Hulkness?)

Seriously, can you think of any other time in Savage’s career that produced a more horrendous string of shitty matches?

​It was probably driving Savage NUTS as well, having to work with Steele’s freeform lunacy instead of plotting out all his matches like he preferred. But hey, Vince loved the Animal character, apparently, and if he was a better worker then the storyline would have been a neat one.​