Smoky Mountain Wrestling TV – June 27th, 1992




– Last week on SMW TV… The Heavenly Bodies successfully defended the Tag Team Titles against Tim Horner and Robert Gibson, with a little help from Buddy Landell… Speaking of Horner and Landell, Horner offered to leave SMW if he doesn’t defeat Landell next time they meet. Landell retorted by offering to move next door to annoy him as much as possible, and pop out his eyeballs so he can blow wind through his skull… Paul Orndorff is still crying about conspiracy theories because of the banned Piledriver… Everyone hates the Heavenly Bodies… Summer Blast is coming soon.



– We begin the show with highlights of a locker room brawl between The Fantastics and Heavenly Bodies.



– Taped on June 15th from the High School in Cumberland, KY. Bob Caudle and “Dirty” Dutch Mantell are calling the action, unless otherwise noted. We’ll see the entire video of the previously mentioned brawl later today. “Primetime” Brian Lee is here to announce his new partner to counter the Dirty White Boy and Paul Orndorff alliance. In the Main Event, Lee defends the SMW Heavyweight Title against “Nature Boy” Buddy Landell. “Nitro” Danny Davis will be in action, and we’ll hear from Mr. Wonderful and the Dirty White Boy. Mantell compares the Fantastics to the rioters and looters in Los Angeles.



– Dixie Dy-No-Mite vs. “Golden Boy” Joe Cazana:
Poor Dixie only has one sparkler for his entrance. Jim Cornette must REALLY be cutting down on the budget for pyro. Lockup into the corner and Dixie gives a clean break. Cazana with a side headlock and shoulder tackle. Crisscross and Dixie with an arm drag, followed by a dropkick and deep arm drag into the arm-bar. Dixie comes off the ropes with a shoulder tackle and goes back to the Ricky Steamboat Appreciation Sequence™. Cazana with a shove and rake of the eyes. Whip to the ropes and he takes Dixie over with a back drop. Dixie counters a slam attempt and finishes with the Confederate Kick at 3:02. Not the most impressive victory in the world, but nothing looked bad.



– Bob Caudle is standing by with “Primetime” Brian Lee. We see flashbacks to all the times he’s been attacked from behind by the White Boy and/or Paul Orndorff over the last couple of months. We segue into a video to reveal who he’s picked to be his tag team partner for Summer Blast, and it’s none other than the HANDS OF STONE, former NWA World Heavyweight Champion, Ron Garvin. He says he’s a “Smoky Mountain boy” because he used to live in the area for a few years. He says even at age 41, he’s like George Foreman, and he’s never been in better shape. They better be scared of the Garvin Stomp and the Hands of Stone.



– Phil Raney is standing by with generic promos to hype upcoming live events from Hector Guerrero, “White Lightning” Tim Horner (and his foam lightning bolt), and SMW Heavyweight Champion, Brian Lee. Lee must’ve stood on a crate or something, because he looks to be nearly 2-feet taller than Raney. Since Lee is legit 6’5”, it just looks embarrassingly bad.



– The Dirty White Boy, Mr. Ron Wright, and Paul Orndorff storm the set. Wright says Garvin is a crazy man that should be suspended across the entire world. White Boy and Orndorff don’t seem too flustered. Orndorff says he saw Garvin two weeks ago, and he looked out of shape with gray hair. White Boy stumbles over his promo, which seems to happen a little too often. White Boy mocks Lee for being scared of losing his title, so he needed to get backup. He’s been hit by stronger men and isn’t afraid of his stupid piledriver. Orndorff says Lee isn’t man enough to take the punishment their going to give him.



– Bob Caudle throws things to the full video of the locker room brawl. He explains a camera was present because when title matches take place, they want a camera there to capture the footage. Good explanation. The cameras are hurriedly turned back on to catch the already in progress fight. You’ll notice Stan Lane is wearing unusual headgear (Cornette said Lane started wearing a hair piece that didn’t stay on, and the helmet not only kept it in place, but enticed fans too boo him harder because it would “bother his ears.”). There’s a lot of lumber being broken, and Cornette even gets some cheap shots in with a CARDBOARD BOX. He also takes a spectacular bump getting hit with his own racket. The action spills outdoors. Cornette eventually pulls up with a getaway car, but Bobby Fulton smashes in the rear window before they can speed away (that explains the lack of sparklers for Dixie! Paying for broken windows). Something tells me The Fantastics and Heavenly Bodies REALLY dislike each other.




– Commissioner Bob Armstrong is standing by to announce that he’s going to have to fine everyone involved $1,500, including Jim Cornette. He’s also signing a match for Summer Blast where the Titles are defended in a Smoky Mountain Street Fight.



– Down and Dirty with Dutch Mantell, with guests Jim Cornette and The Heavenly Bodies, to get their side of the story. Cornett shows off the bandaged forehead of Tom Prichard to sell the wild brawl. Prichard says you’ll meet some despicable people and those with a criminal element. Jackie and Bobby Fulton are the type of criminal element he’s talking about. You just have to watch the video to see what kind of criminal actions they took. They’ve been offered to do commercials and cut records, but the Fantastics are trying to run them out of wrestling and their other ventures. Cornette jumps back in, stripping off his jacket in anger. He tells a story of Jackie laying on the operating table and Bobby’s possible future without his brother. You’re not supposed to threaten to kill anyone, but when they saw the lead pipe go through the window, they crossed the line from wanting to win titles to wanting to cause permanent physical harm. The choice now is to let them try that again and possibly succeed, or prevent them from doing it by doing it to them first. He says to the good lord above that if you give them the choice of you or us, and you ain’t gonna’ make it. If it means breaking arms, legs, or skulls, they’ll do whatever it takes. This ain’t wrestling no more, this is life or death. These hillbillies may think it’s entertaining, but he thinks it stinks, and its coming down on the Fulton’s. Outstanding promo work from both Cornette and Tom Prichard to sell the hatred between these teams.



– Bob Caudle is standing by with Tim Horner. In Mid-July at Summer Blast, he gets a chance to have Buddy Landell in the ring one more time, this time in a Strap Match. If Landell tries to run, he’ll be dragging Horner from behind, and he promises to peel Landell like an onion. He’s still promising to leave SMW if he isn’t victorious at Summer Blast.



– “Nitro” Danny Davis vs. Paul Lee:
Yay, more Paul Lee. Davis starts with a waist-lock takedown and does his best to embarrass Lee on the canvas. Davis with a side headlock and shoulder tackle. Crisscross, and Davis with a hip toss, sending Lee into the corner for a breather. Lee with chops with little effect. Whip to the corner and Davis with a clothesline. Davis with a slam for two. Lee with a knee to the midsection and slam, followed by a knee drop across the forehead. He climbs the ropes, but misses a flying leg drop. We find out at this moment that Davey Rich was injured in a match against The Heavenly Bodies and will be out for some time. Lee does the flip onto the apron and gets slammed off the top rope. Whip and Davis with a back drop. Another whip and a slow motion FRANKENSTEINER. Hangman’s Neck Breaker finishes at 3:10. Davis looked fine, but he still doesn’t have any direction.



– Buddy Landell is standing by with comments about his upcoming match. He brags about costing Tim Horner his Tag Title Match last week. He mockingly congratulates Lee for being the top of the heap of Smoky Mountain Wrestling. Last time they wrestled, he may have lost, but he had a temperature of 115 degrees.



– SMW Heavyweight Championship Match:
“Primetime” Brian Lee (c) vs. “Nature Boy” Buddy Landell:
Nice to see they’re trying to establish Lee as a fighting Champion. This is the third week out of four to feature him in action. Landell uses the reflection of the belt while referee Mark Curtis holds it up is one of those little touches. Lockup and Lee throws Landell to the canvas. Landell grabs a side headlock, but Lee counters with an overhead wrist-lock. Whip to the ropes and Lee with a shoulder tackle. Landell grabs a wrist-lock and uses a handful of hair to take Lee to the canvas. The referee keeps preventing Lee from using a closed fist, allowing Landell to keep Lee grounded. Landell with chops in the corner. Lee no-sells them and backs Landell down and out of the ring. Lee blocks a slam attempt and counters with a press slam. He unloads on Landell with rights, but meets an elbow charging into the corner. Horner shows up at ringside to hook Landell’s wrist, and the distraction allows Lee to roll him up for three at 3:40. Good to see that distraction roll-up finish was alive and well in 1992. The replay shows Landell wrapping a chain around his fist, so Horner’s interference wasn’t completely unjustified. The match started as if they were pacing for 15-20, then quickly went to the finish.



– Phil Raney is standing by with more generic promos, this time from the heels of SMW, Dirty White Boy and Buddy Landell.



– Bob Caudle is standing by with an irate Buddy Landell. He’ll give Horner props for what he did, he must’ve stayed up all night watching Buddy Landell matches to come up with such a plan. Horner cost him the SMW Heavyweight Title. He crossed the line and at Summer Blast, he’ll get his



Final Thoughts: This week was all about building up the top angles for Summer Blast. Brian Lee revealed to the viewers that Ron Garvin has stepped up to be at his side for a battle with the Dirty White Boy and Paul Orndorff. They don’t seem too worried, but Ron Wright isn’t too sure. The big takeaway this week was not only the great backstage brawl, both for the action and how it was filmed, but an absolutely brilliant, intense promo from Jim Cornette, and to a lesser extent, Tom Prichard, who up until this week, wasn’t showing many flashes of brilliances with the microphone. Landell and Horner’s rivalry continues to develop, with both men costing each other opportunities at becoming Champions. I’d easily put this near the top of the list for quality episodes (so far).