WWF Prime Time Wrestling – April 23rd, 1990

April 23, 1990

Your hosts are Gorilla Monsoon and Bobby Heenan

Tonight’s featured match is Marty Jannetty vs. Tanaka


Earthquake w/ Jimmy Hart vs. Paul Perez

Vince and Freddie Blassie are on commentary for this match and the rest of the show. Earthquake beats on Perez as we hear him in an insert promo taking credit for Hulk Hogan losing at WrestleMania VI. Earthquake then slams Perez down and hits the sitdown splash for the win (1:18). After the match, Earthquake hits another splash as Blassie laughs and says Earthquake is “fantastic” as Perez is taken away on a stretcher (1:18).

Thoughts: Blassie’s joy over Earthquake hitting another splash after he won was a bit amusing as Earthquake destroys yet another opponent that has to leave on a stretcher. This match also aired on the 4/28 edition of “Superstars of Wrestling.”


WWF Update with Gene Okerlund from the 4/21 “Superstars of Wrestling” that covered Macho King Randy Savage & Queen Sherri attacking Dusty Rhodes & Sapphire.


Hart Foundation vs. Bob Bradley & Pez Whatley

Blassie talks about training in Stu Hart’s “Pit” while Vince even busts out a brief Stu impression. It was actually funny. The Hart Foundation take control early as we hear from Demolition in an insert promo telling the Hart Foundation they will find out just how tough they are as the Hart Foundation put Bradley away with the Hart Attack (2:37).

Thoughts: The commentary was amusing as we get more hype for the future Demolition vs. Hart Foundation Tag Team Title match. This match also aired on the 4/28 edition of “Superstars of Wrestling.”


Brooklyn Brawler defeats Jose Luis Rivera from the 10/28/89 Madison Square Garden show.


Sean Mooney is in the Event Center. We hear from the Big Bossman as he puts over his size and how he is the meanest “law man” in the world before calling out Ted DiBiase. Jimmy Hart is with Dino Bravo as they are out to prove those who doubt he is the strongest man in the world. Bravo then calls out the Ultimate Warrior and how he feels great as people will be feeling his pain.


The Genius recites his promo from 4/21 “Superstars of Wrestling” as he warned Brutus Beefcake that his barber shop will be closing down.


Bushwhackers defeat Dale Wolfe & Scott Colontonio from 4/21 “Superstars of Wrestling”


Okerlund interview with Bad News from 4/22 “Wrestling Challenge” where Bad News was given a gift that ended up being a rubber snake that saw him run off the stage. We then learned it was from Jake Roberts.


The hosts go over the Intercontinental Title Tournament bracket. Heenan says Santana got in due to shoveling the snow off of Jack Tunney’s car.


Paul Roma vs.   Rick “The Model” Martel

Roma gets an entrance here. Martel chokes out Roma in the corner as we hear him in an insert promo telling us he’s in a class all by himself while spraying his Arrogance. Martel follows Roma outside but misses a punch and hits the post. Back inside, Roma works the arm. He gets a nearfall with a flying fist drop but Martel uses the ref as a shield and cheap shots Roma. Martel avoids a dropkick then puts Roma in the Boston Crab for the win (3:08).

Thoughts: Decent action in this one. Roma is getting protected a bit more than usual too and they’ve shown a few of his house show wins on Prime Time and had him team up with Hercules so you can see they are testing him out a bit as something more than TV enhancement talent. This match also aired on the 4/28 episode of “Superstars of Wrestling.”


Back in the studio, Heenan says that Piper wears a skirt and that Scotland is just a “suburb of San Francisco.”


Rude speedbag promo from 4/21 “Superstars of Wrestling” . Heenan is then shown in the studio telling us he wants to manage the WWF World Heavyweight Championship and will get it and wants Warrior to surrender to save himself embarrassment as Heenan says he is not playing around.


Demolition beating Bolsheviks to retain the Tag Team Titles from  4/21 “Superstars of Wrestling”


The Barbarian w/ Bobby Heenan vs. Jim McPherson

Blassie says that Heenan has a winner in The Barbarian. The crowd starts up a “weasel” chant as Barbarian beats down McPherson. Blassie makes fun of the crowd for their chanting by saying they should look in the mirror. McPherson lands on the Barbarian, who stands there for a long time waiting for McPherson to finally jump so he can drive him into the mat then get the win with a flying clothesline (2:28).

Thoughts: A quick win for the Barbarian, who they are trying to build up as a singles act. This match also aired on the 4/29 edition of “Wrestling Challenge.”


Back in the studio, Heenan tells us The Barbarian is meant to be a singles wrestler.


Brother Love Show with guest Hacksaw Jim Duggan from 4/21 “Superstars of Wrestling” where he called out Earthquake.


Al Perez defeats The Conquistador from 10/28/89 MSG show in a terrible match.


The announcers go over the Intercontinental Title Tournament first round matchups.


Rhythm & Blues vs. Mark Frear & George Skaaland

Skaaland works the arm until Honky rakes his eye. Vince asks Blassie if Skaaland is related to Arnold Skaaland as he does not know while they say Arnold was born with a cigar in his mouth. Blassie pretends that he knows the name of Rhythm & Blues singles then sings his own song. Rhythm & Blues hit Frear with a double elbow smash before putting him away with a double back suplex (2:36).

Thoughts: The commentary was amusing here as the Rhythm & Blues/Bushwhackers feud continues. This match also aired on the 4/29 edition of “Wrestling Challenge.”


Mooney is back in the Event Center. Ted DiBiase is with Virgil and laughs about how he always gets his way and what he wants while everyone has a price and he can meet it, no matter how big or small. DiBiase then calls out Big Bossman and says he crossed the wrong man. Tito Santana then talks about the big changes in the WWF but he is still here and the only way to stay is to keep training and keep your mind clean as he will face off against anyone and give them one hell of a fight.


An ad for WrestleMania VII airs.


Clip of Mr. Fuji throwing salt in Marty Jannetty’s eyes at WrestleMania VI. Back in the studio, Heenan tells us to win no matter what so you can get a bigger paycheck.


Tanaka w/ Mr. Fuji vs. Marty Jannetty

Marty immediately attacks Tanaka then follows him outside as the fans go nuts. Back in the ring, they botch a spot where Tanaka was supposed to flip over Marty then Tanaka chops him down. Marty regains control after hitting a swinging neckbreaker but misses a corner splash and spills outside. Tanaka distracts the ref which allows Fuji to attack Marty with his cane as Blassie claims to have not seen anything. Marty drags Tanaka outside and hits a slam before heading back inside. Marty works a chinlock as Blassie thinks either Rick Martel or Mr. Perfect will win the Intercontinental Title Tournament. Tanaka catches Marty with a tackle for a two count but Marty comes back to hit an inverted atomic drop. Marty slams Tanaka but misses an elbow drop from the middle rope. Tanaka hits a weak spin kick then Marty comes back with a clothesline. Marty hammers away and slams Tanaka for a two count after Fuji put Tanaka’s foot on the rope. Marty yells at Fuji but that allows Tanaka to whack Marty from behind with the cane for the win (7:00) **1/4. After the match, Shawn runs in to help his partner. Sato also comes in but The Rockers clean house and the match ends with The Rockers music playing.

Thoughts: There was nothing wrong with the match but I expected a little more from these two. Anyway, the main goal was to intensify the feud between The Rockers and Orient Express and since the fans love the Rockers it ended up getting over.


Next week’s featured match is Jim Duggan vs. Boris Zhukov. An absolute treat.


Final Thoughts: The featured match was alright I suppose but not a whole lot of other exclusive content to speak of other than Blassie with Vince on commentary, which was surprisingly decent as we even saw Vince make inside comments. If you’ve been watching the weekly TV’s there is not much here to seek out.


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