WWF Wrestling Challenge – April 22nd, 1990

April 22, 1990

From the Onondoga War Memorial in Syracuse, NY

Your hosts are Gorilla Monsoon and Bobby Heenan, who has returned in his role as color commentator.

In action this week are Brutus Beefcake, Ted DiBiase, Hart Foundation, Rick Martel, and Akeem


Brutus Beefcake defeats Chris Duffy in a match shown first on the 4/16 edition of “Prime Time Wrestling.”


WWF Special Report with Lord Alfred Hayes. The Hulk Hogan Vitamins are shown in the background. We are shown clips of Macho King Randy Savage and Queen Sherri attacking Dusty Rhodes and Sapphire from the 4/14 edition of “Superstars of Wrestling” then hear both of them gloating over the attack.


Mario Mancini vs. “The Model” Rick Martel

Martel beats on Mancini as Gorilla brings up rumors of Martel being the next member of the Heenan Family. Heenan does not confirm or deny as Martel puts Mancini away with the Boston Crab (1:55).

Thoughts: They loosely speculated that Martel was going to join the Heenan Family as they are playing up on the theme of Heenan “shaking up” the Family following WrestleMania VI.


We are shown clips from WrestleMania VI when Mr. Fuji threw salt in the eyes of Marty Jannetty during the Rockers vs. Orient Express match. Its used to promote the PPV’s Coliseum Home Video release.


The Orient Express w/ Mr. Fuji vs. Mark Thomas & Ben Allen

The Orient Express beat on Thomas to start as Heenan talks about the money Fuji has from Slick and himself after selling them the Warlord & Barbarian’s contracts. The Rockers are shown in an insert promo, with Jannetty wearing shades, as he talks about fighting fire with fire. Allen is in now and the Orient Express beat him down too before Sato hits a sitout powerbomb for the win as Heenan refers to that as the “Japanese Veg-o-Matic.” (2:41).

Thoughts: Sato’s powerbomb looked great but the Orient Express act was not getting over. Then again, they were really just a depth team.


Rick Rude is shown in the gym with Heenan, pressing weights over his head. This is the same promo we saw from the 4/7 edition of “Superstars of Wrestling.”


Jimmy Snuka defeats Brooklyn Brawler in a match first shown on the 4/16 edition of “Prime Time Wrestling.”


An ad for WrestleMania VII airs with a 1-800 number popping up so you can order tickets.


Gene Okerlund welcomes Bad News Brown to the interview platform. Bad News tells us he hates everyone and does not trust anyone. Okerlund asks him about his birthday being this week as Bad News acts paranoid over Mean Gene knowing this information. Okerlund gives him a present from someone but he does not want anything to do with it until Okerlund takes it away. Bad News rips it open then screams and runs across the platform in fear. Okerlund then pulls out the gift, which is a rubber snake, as Bad News grabs Okerlund by the throat and demands to know who gave him the gift before leaving.


Al Polic & Black Bart vs. Hart Foundation

Polic is the future 911 of ECW fame. Gorilla tries to tell us that Bart has been on a roll of late as Neidhart takes him over a few times. We then hear from the Hart Foundation in an insert as they congratulate Demolition on their title reign but promise to take them back. Heenan blames Andre the Giant for the Colossal Connection dropping the Tag Team Titles at WrestleMania as Neidhart beats on Polic until the Hart Foundation put him away with the Hart Attack (2:18).

Thoughts: They are still hyping up the future Hart Foundation vs. Demolition Tag Title match.


We hear from Jake Roberts, taunting Bad News for acting like he so “bad” before wishing him a happy birthday. And that confirms what you could have easily speculated after watching the Bad News interview segment. And this would kick off the Bad News/Jake Roberts feud. And for once, something notable happened that was exclusive to “Wrestling Challenge.”


Akeem w/ Slick vs. Mike Williams

Akeem roughs up Williams as Heenan makes fun of the people of Syracuse. Slick is then shown in an insert promo telling Snuka that he is wrong because Akeem will be the next Intercontinental Champion. Akeem hits an avalanche then puts Williams away with a splash (1:51).

Thoughts: Just a win for Akeem heading into the Intercontinental Title Tournament. He was past his point of usefulness here with the Twin Towers run over and the fact he was broken down in the ring made him expendable.


The Intercontinental Title Tournament bracket is shown on the screen.


We are shown Ted DiBiase attacking Big Bossman from behind before Bossman’s match against Akeem at WrestleMania VI.


Ted DiBiase defeats Sonny Blaze in a match first shown on the 4/16 edition of “Prime Time Wrestling.”


In action next week are The Rockers, Barbarian, Rhythm & Blues, Mr. Perfect, and Dusty Rhodes. Plus, an interview with Jake Roberts and more!


Final Thoughts: We saw the beginning of the Jake/Bad News feud but the rest was mostly stuff you’ve already seen on “Superstars of Wrestling” and “Prime Time Wrestling.”


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