Omega = Luger

I know NJPW and Kenny Omega aren’t your specialty, but Luger is. (Just in time for the SS93 posts!)

Based on his booking, has Kenny Omega become the modern-day Lex Luger, i.e., wrestling’s biggest choke artist?

– Wins last year’s G1, spends five long months building up to his title shot, and then loses.

– Is handed a title shot by Okada a few months later. Common sense says Okada pays for his hubris by losing the title and building to a rubber match, but no, Omega still can’t get the job done and we get the time limit draw.

– Omega has one more chance at redemption with this year’s G1 tournament, beats the champ in a non-title match, then chokes AGAIN and loses in the final.

Plus he’s now stuck with the IWGP US title, which will probably keep him out of the main event scene for a while.

Obviously Omega is a much, much, MUCH better wrestler, but in terms of booking, does Omega = Luger?

​No, because the difference is that Luger was portrayed as being as good or better than his competition, but couldn’t get the job done. Omega’s portrayal is someone who is amazing, but happened to be facing people who are JUST a bit better, like Okada, and thus preventing him from winning the big matches. Omega wins all the other big matches and is still super over and viewed as a top guy. Once Luger lost that Summerslam match, he was done.​