Haku & Barbarian in retrospect

Hi Scott- Jabroniville here again.

I posited this to the Blog crew yesterday, and it provoked some interesting conversation- I remember a lot of reviews (particularly yours) trashing both Haku & Barbarian as workers, but modern times seems a lot more kind to them. You once did a "Scott Sez" correcting your old claim that Haku was "Uncarryable" (the Rumble match against Harley Race), for example.

So why do you think time has been so much kinder to these guys? Looking back, it’s clear neither was that far above average (barring Haku’s "Reverse Crescent Kick" and Barbarian’s Rumble match against Big Bossman). Is their reputation for "real life badass" behavior making fans like them more? A growing appreciation for "Hoss" brawlers?

Honestly, I find that people counteract the old "Haku & Barbarian Sucked" argument so often that they’re practically overrated these days. What say you?

​I think a lot of it is changing tastes and styles in wrestling now. I certainly don’t think they’re any GOOD or anything, but they were a legit different style of team that you don’t see in WWE any more, and that makes them at the very least interesting to go back and watch. I can certainly appreciate what they were going for a lot better now, although I think WCW still had no idea how to book them or use them properly and that’s part of the issue. ​