Tag team follow up – lightning round

Everyone loves lightning rounds, right?

I liked the other guy’s question. Can you apply the same criteria (1. Who was the better worker? 2. Was better on the mic? 3. Drew more money?) to others?

Strike Force

​Tito was the better worker, but Martel was a better promo and was a former World champion who drew OK, so he wins 2/3 falls.​

Road Warriors

​Hawk, Hawk and Hawk. His singles matches with Flair did pretty well.​

Arn & Tully

​Gotta with Tully on all three. He was amazing in his prime.​


​Garvin was a great worker, Hayes of course was best on the mic, and Hayes drew bigger with the Von Erich feud.


​Eaton is always the better worker, and anyone else is always the better promo by default. Lane was a bigger draw than Condrey, I’d say.​

Beefcake & Valentine

​Valentine on all three counts.​

Matt & Jeff

Matt is the better worker and promo, but clearly Jeff is the bigger draw.​