The recent cutback talk has provided the common sentiment that they should axe NXT. Is it a huge loss for them solely based on the Full Sail tapings? So they’re paying some of the main players in NXT good money to simply just work in front of 100 people?

At this point, why couldn’t they upgrade NXT into the old ECW spot from 2006-10? Replace 205 Live with NXT and have it be live on the network. That way you bring NXT into the big arenas to get more out of your big money guys like Roode, Itami, Drew, soon Adam Cole, etc. Triple H would still be in charge so it could keep the elements that make it look and feel different.

You can showcase the cream of the crop developmental guys on the live show. The rest of developmental guys can train at the PC and still do small shows around Florida.

​NXT is clearly a huge money loser as it stands and common belief is that all the money being lost is being hidden under developmental costs to disguise it. Really if you’re running these ridiculous 100 person house shows, it’s pointless to pay anyone more than Jerry Jarrett wages, which is why it’s ideal for just giving guys experience and not using Bobby Roode or Samoa Joe or whoever.

So yes, I’m 100% on board with getting NXT the hell away from Full Sail.​