Smoky Mountain Wrestling TV – June 20th, 1992




– Last week on SMW TV… Rip Rogers handed over his Championship Match to the Dirty White Boy (for a handful of cash). The White Boy won the match by DQ when Lee obtained a foreign object previously used, and post-match, along with Paul Orndorff, laid waste to Lee and a handful of undercard geeks… Jimmy Golden and Robert Gibson are both throwing down the gauntlet for a rematch from the Volunteer Slam… Tim Horner offered to leave SMW if he couldn’t beat Buddy Landell… Dutch Mantell debuted “Down & Dirty with Dutch”, told us Carl Stiles has been institutionalized, and offered to improve Barry Horowitz’s 0-43 record… The Party Patrol won a showcase to get the audience pumped for a live event Championship opportunity against The Heavenly Bodies…Killer Kyle continues to win half-hearted squash matches but still doesn’t have direction.



– The final portion of the television taping held on May 25th from the Spartanburg, SC Memorial Auditorium. As usual, we’ve got Bob Caudle and “Dirty” Dutch Mantell (shadowed by Barry Horowitz) to call the action from ringside, unless otherwise noted. “Nitro” Danny Davis, “Nature Boy” Buddy Landell, and Dixie Dy-No-Mite will be in action this week. We’ll see Highlights from last week’s brawl that ended the telecast. The Tag Team Titles will be defended when Tim Horner and Robert Gibson challenge The Heavenly Bodies. Finally, Down & Dirty with Dutch Mantell has “Mr. Wonderful” Paul Orndorff as this week’s guest.



– “Nitro” Danny Davis vs. “Hustler” Rip Rogers:
You can see how valuable of a commodity that Davis is when nobody offers Rogers 50-cents to take his place in the match. Lockup into the corner and Rogers with a vicious chop to the chest. Lockup to the opposite corner and Rogers with a knee lift. He backs Davis into the corner a third time, but Davis returns the favor by chopping the chest and driving a knee to the midsection. He throws Rogers out of the corner with a hip toss, connects with a dropkick, and takes Rogers over with an arm drag into the arm-bar. Rogers tries to arm drag his way out of the hold, but Davis holds on. Whip to the corner and Davis with another arm drag into an arm-bar. Mantell says he can take Rogers and make him a winner, too, but he’s got his hands full with Horowitz. Whip to the corner and Rogers misses a charge. Whip reversed, Rogers with a boot to the face and diving body press for two. Davis hangs onto the ropes to avoid a DDT and a hangman’s neck breaker (called the “H-Bomb”) finishes at 4:34. Davis doesn’t have much going on, but we’ll never see a babyface suffering an upset loss to enhancement talent.



– Tim Horner is standing by with comments about Buddy Landell. He’s been a thorn in his side since Mountain Mayhem. Horner says if he can’t beat him the next time they’re in the ring again, he’s leaving Smoky Mountain Wrestling. Again, my synopsis was much more clear and focused than the actual promo that was delivered.



– “Nature Boy” Buddy Landell vs. “Jumping” Joey Maggs:
Landell is giddy enough to acknowledge a few fans at ringside with pro-Landell signs. Lockup into the corner and Landell complains about a hair-pull. He yells at Mark Curtis to do his job properly. Lockup and Landell with a knee to the midsection, followed by chops. Maggs comes back with strikes of his own and takes Landell over with an arm drag. Maggs with a dropkick, sending the Nature Boy to the floor for a breather. Mantell sends Horowitz off to get him a cup of coffee. Back inside, Landell goes to work on the arm, using hair pulls to keep control. Maggs uses a referee distraction to get a few rights in, sending Landell back out of the ring. Landell with chops, and a few fans “Woo” with them… was that a thing in 1992? Whip to the corner and Landell gets an elbow up to counter a charge. Landell with the corkscrew elbow drop, and the Figure-Four (with gratuitous use of the ropes) finishes at 3:58. Landell with a solid victory as his rivalry with Tim Horner continues.



– Bob Caudle is standing by with Buddy Landell. He says it’s a goal in life to screw Tim Horner’s head up. He’s never had $5,000 or a top opponent like Landell. He’s heard what Horner said, and wants to know if he wants to leave town on a bus or plane. He’s going to buy a house in Morristown just to get on his nerves. Horner will be so frustrated thinking of him, he won’t have anything going on in the bedroom. He’s what SMW is all about, and he says he’ll poke Horner’s eyeballs out and blow wind through his skull. Well, that promo sure beat the pants off whatever Horner was trying to say earlier.


– Dixie Dy-No-Mite vs. Paul Lee:
Yay, two weeks in a row of the Knockoff Buddy Landell that imitates Ric Flair’s signature spots. I know you need warm bodies to use as enhancement talent, but couldn’t they find someone less obvious at ripping people off? Dixie makes a “heck of an entrance” with a couple of sparklers with the lights dimmed. You can see the budget only had so much room for pyro. Lee continues to do his best (worst) impression of Ric Flair, strutting around and doing the face-first flop. Dixie with a back drop, and if he REALLY was impersonating Flair, he’d take it at an angle so he’d land on his arm. Lee with a slam and crappy knee drop. Whip to the corner and Lee flips onto the apron. Lee uses a handful of hair to take control of an arm-bar. Whip to the ropes and Dixie with a dropkick. He sweeps Lee out of the corner and hits a sliding forearm for two. Lee climbs the ropes, but Dixie shakes him down and finishes with the Confederate Kick at 3:36. The fans didn’t respond to a single Flair spot, and there were plenty of them.



– Highlights from last week’s Championship Match between Brian Lee and the Dirty White Boy. Lee is standing by with comments. He says he can’t beat both of them, but he can beat one of them at a time. He’s going to cancel them like a bad T.V. show, and he promises to have someone watching his back.



– Down & Dirty with Dutch Mantell, with “Mr. Wonderful” Paul Orndorff, the uncrowned SMW Heavyweight Champion. Mantell asks about his relationship with Bob Armstrong and his feelings on Brian Lee. Orndorff says he’s going to explain things as simply as he could because of all the uneducated rednecks watching. He’s still saying he beat everyone in the world with the Piledriver, but moves like the DDT and Figure-Four aren’t banned when both could be career-ending maneuvers, too. “How can you win a belt by Disqualification?!” Brian Lee isn’t a man by winning the belt the way he won it. Brian Lee storms the ring, but Bob Armstrong, Danny Davis and Dixie Dy-No-Mite hold him back.



– Bob Caudle is standing by with Bart and Brad Batten and Johnny and Davey Rich. They’ve all decided to “step aside” to allow The Fantastics a crack at the SMW Championships because Jackie is due to return from injury any day now. What kind of geek passes up potential Championship matches out of the goodness of their hearts? Southern babyfaces, that’s who.



– SMW Tag Team Championship Match:
The Heavenly Bodies (c) (w/ Jim Cornette) vs. Tim Horner & Robert Gibson:
TV Main Event. The ring announcer is once again instructed to remind the females in the audience to avoid prosecution by keeping their hands off the Heavenly Bodies, and for the males in the audience to keep their women under control. For whatever reason, the screen reads “Finals Tag Title Match.” Lane and Gibson start. Lockup into the corner and a mostly clean break. Mantell runs down the credentials of all the men when it comes to Championships and Cornette’s habit of pirating wrestling tapes. Whip and Lane with a kick to the midsection, followed by a heel kick to the back. Gibson reverses another whip and connects with an enzuigiri. Cornette pulls Lane to the floor and fans him off with the tennis racket.

Back inside, Lane rakes the eyes to escape a wrist-lock. Prichard tags in and gets taken over with an arm drag. Prichard grabs a side headlock and comes off the ropes with a shoulder tackle. Crisscross and Gibson with a monkey flip. He takes Prichard over with an arm drag and works a wrist-lock. Whip and Gibson with a shoulder tackle. Prichard tries a monkey flip, but Gibson counters with a fist drop. Gibson with a drop toe hold and Horner in for the first time. They give Prichard a wish-bone and double clothesline for a one-count. Horner fights off a double team attack and takes Prichard over with a flying head scissors. Horner rolls out of a waist-lock from Lane and sweeps the leg of Prichard. Whip and Horner with an elbow.

Lane with a handful of hair from the apron to slow Horner down. Lane with a flurry of body blows, followed by a hooking clothesline. Whip and Horner with a sunset flip, but Prichard illegally comes in and takes Horner over with a suplex for two. Lane from the second turnbuckle with a double axe-handle, followed by a Russian leg sweep. Prichard with a slam, but misses an elbow drop. Gibson with the tag and a double noggin knocker to the Champions. Whip to the corner and Gibson meets the post on a charge. Lane pulls him to the floor, holding him open for a Cornette racket shot to the throat. Back inside, Gibson with a surprise roll up for two. Horner back in with arm drags and slams to both men. Horner hops on Prichard with a sleeper, but here’s Buddy Landell to trip Horner up and drag him to the floor. He rams Horner into the post, tosses him back in, and Prichard lays him out with a clothesline to retain at 9:56. *** Crowd didn’t react well to any of the babyface tags, but to be fair, they didn’t build up the tag to Horner at all. Other than the flat final sequence, this was a solid formula tag match.



– Bob Caudle is standing by with Jim Cornette and The Heavenly Bodies. Cornette’s mad at Robert Gibson for hitting him in the eye. Bob Armstrong wastes no time interrupting the interview to say if Buddy Landell interferes in another match, he’ll be suspended. He promises to give the Fantastics all the lee-way they want in their future matches with the Heavenly Bodies. Cornette compares it to handing the Fultons a loaded gun and continues to rant as Caudle signs off.



Final Thoughts: Babyface commissioner Bob Armstrong seems to enjoy making life miserable for the heels, especially when it comes to Jim Cornette, promising to allow the Fantastics to break any rule they want in their upcoming matches. With Lee vs. White Boy/Orndorff, The Fantastics/Heavenly Bodies, and Landell/Horner, we’ve got three programs to work with as Summer Blast approaches. Dixie Dy-No-Mite and Danny Davis were given showcase victories, but neither seems to have big plans moving forward.