WWF Prime Time Wrestling – April 16, 1990

April 16, 1990

Your hosts are Bobby Heenan and Gorilla Monsoon

Tonight’s featured matchup is Tito Santana vs. Rick Martel


Jake Roberts defeats Joe Champ from the 4/15/90 edition of “Wrestling Challenge.”


WWF Update segment with Tunney announcing the Ultimate Warrior has vacated the Intercontinental Title and a tournament will be held to crown a new winner.


Mr. Perfect vs. Jim McPherson

This match was shown on the 4/21 edition of “Superstars of Wrestling.” Perfect beats on McPherson as the announcers talk about how its a matter of time before Perfect ends up with some gold around his waist. McPherson misses a back handspring splash in the corner then Perfect hits the Perfect Plex for the win (2:19).

Thoughts: An easy win for Mr. Perfect as he is looking to get back on track after being defeated at WrestleMania VI by Brutus Beefcake. And it was a matter of time before he got some gold around his waist.


Back in the studio, Gorilla tells Heenan he heard there are not any members of the Heenan Family involved in the Intercontinental Title Tournament then is about to tell us but we head to break.


Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake vs. Chris Duffy

This match was shown on the 4/22 edition of “Wrestling Challenge.” We hear from The Genius, wearing a wig, in an insert promo as he promises to put Beefcake’s barber shop out of business. Duffy lands a few shots in the corner but Beefcake fights back. Duffy heads up top where Beefcake tosses him off then Beefcake rings his bell before putting him away with a sleeper (2:39). After the match, Beefcake gives Duffy a haircut.

Thoughts: A quick win for Beefcake as his feud with The Genius and Mr. Perfect continues.


Gene Okerlund interview with Earthquake & Jimmy Hart from 4/15 Wrestling Challenge.


An ad for WrestleMania VII airs. The number to get tickets also flashes on the screen.


Sonny Blaze vs. “Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase w/ Virgil

This match was also shown on the 4/22 edition of “Wrestling Challenge.” DiBiase beats on Blaze then is shown in an insert promo talking about regaining the Million Dollar Title and telling the Big Bossman he is not afraid to get his hands dirty. DiBiase then puts Blaze away with the Million Dollar Dream soon after that (2:31). After the match, DiBiase sticks a $100 bill in Blaze’s mouth.

Thoughts: More hype for the DiBiase/Bossman feud.


Sean Mooney is in the Event Center. Mr. Fuji is with the Orient Express and tells us how hard they work out. Tanaka tells us they are the team of the 90’s while Sato says they will take out the pain and suffering they go through during training on their opponents. Tugboat then does his chant and does a goofy rhyme then makes tons of corny boat puns before saying his dream came true when he joined the WWF. I have no idea why they though the Tugboat character would be a great idea.


Clip of Howard Finkel introducing the Ultimate Warrior to the crowd during the 4/14 edition of “Superstars of Wrestling.”


Paul Roma defeats Boris Zhukov from the 10/8/89 Toronto Maple Leaf Gardens show.


Rick Rude & Heenan at the gym as Rude calls out the Ultimate Warrior.


Randy Savage & Queen Sherri attacking Dusty Rhodes & Sapphire from the 4/14 edition of “Superstars of Wrestling.”


Brooklyn Brawler vs. Jimmy Snuka

Another match that was aired on the 4/22 edition of “Wrestling Challenge.” Gorilla immediately gets in a dig at Brawler saying he’s from the “Terry Garvin School of Self-Defense.” Snuka is shown in an insert promo telling us he will be the next Intercontinental Champion. Snuka escapes from a headlock then kicks Brawler down. Snuka stays in control then puts Brawler away with the Superfly Splash (2:16).

Thoughts: It appears as if Snuka will be added to the IC Title Tournament but I cannot imagine anyone buying him as a threat to win.


In the studio, Heenan tells us that Snuka can bark and that will make him a perfect guard dog. Gorilla then warns Heenan that he will tell Snuka what he has said but Heenan says it doesnt matter since Snuka cannot understand the English language.


Mooney is back in the Event Center. DiBiase tells us he always gets his way and everyone of us has their price. He then talks about getting back his Million Dollar Title then promises to teach Bossman a lesson for crossing him. Beefcake then tells about how his scissors being the perfect partner because they never disappear or runaway before telling anyone who has a problem to step into his barber shop.


Big Bossman vs. Pez Whatley

This match aired on the 4/21 edition of “Superstars of Wrestling.” Bossman drops Whatley with a corner splash then tosses him outside. The announcers talk about Whatley’s success while wrestling over in Europe then Bossman is shown in an insert promo telling DiBiase how big he is and will make sure DiBiase finds out just how mean he can get. Back to the match as Bossman stays in control until putting Whatley away with a sidewalk slam (2:43). After the match, Whatley gets cuffed to the rope and beat with the nightstick.

Thoughts: Another segment to hype the Bossman/DiBiase feud.


Back in the studio, Heenan calls out Bossman for taking liberties with Whatley after the match and yelling at the referee despite supposedly being a law enforcement official. Well, he has a point.


Brother Love Show with Jimmy Hart and Rhythm & Blues from the 4/14 edition of “Superstars of Wrestling.”


Rick “The Model” Martel vs. Tito Santana

This is from the 4/4 “Superstars of Wrestling” tapings in Glen Falls, NY. Martel grabs the ropes after Tito reversed a waist lock. He reaches the ropes again after Tito put him in a wrist lock as Tito has the edge so far in this matchup. Martel catches Tito with a dropkick after an Irish whip sequence then Tito takes him over with a hip toss and sends Martel outside after a pair of dropkicks. Back inside, Martel misses a knee smash in the corner then Tito works that over for a bit. Martel breaks a leg lock with a few crossfaces then starts choking Tito out on the mat. Martel continues to target the throat but hurts his leg after a leapfrog then Tito kicks his leg out. We head to the studio where Heenan is by himself telling us the biggest thing at Tito’s family reunion were jumper cables then when they return, Heenan tells us Tito is manufacturing “Old Sombrero” cologne. The match returns with Tito continuing to work over the leg of Martel. He signals for the figure four but Martel yanks him down and chokes him out once again. He slams Tito then heads up top but took too long as Tito got up and cut him off. Martel gets knocked off and takes a great bump before Tito fires away in the corner. Tito ducks a crossbody and gets two off of that but ducks his head trying a backdrop and is kicked in the face. Tito comes back with a small package then runs wild before hitting the flying forearm as Martel is sent outside. Tito knocks Martel off of the apron but Martel comes back with the Arrogance and sprays Tito in the eyes after Tito shoved the ref away then Martel covers for the win (9:38) **1/2.

Thoughts: The action was solid but the main point was to get over the Arrogance gimmick as a means for Martel to win matches when he is faced with an equal or better opponent. And it made sense with Martel getting a push as “The Model” while Tito is stuck doing nothing.


Next week’s featured match is Marty Jannetty vs. Pat Tanaka.


Final Thoughts: The featured match was fine and the rest of the show was hyping up the Intercontinental Title Tournament. It was easy to watch and if you missed the weekend’s TV shows it did  a great job at catching you up with all the news.


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