Searching for an old RAW (1999-ish?) segment


I came across your old WWE blogs detailing old RAW and Smackdown episodes and am wondering if you can help me locate a funny segment between Kane and Mr. McMahon, just based on the few tidbits of info I can provide. I figure if anybody can help me, you may know how, or remember which episode this came from.

– The year was probably 1999 somewhere. But no earlier than 1998, and no later than 2000. I believe it was RAW..

– there is a segment with a camera backstage with Mr. McMahon talking to Kane thru a doorway. Mr. McMahon tells Kane something to the effect of,
….LET’S GET THAT JOB DONE…" Kane than nods his head yes (wearing his mask) like a stooge…

I am not sure who the match was against with Kane…again I am guessing this is on one of the RAW’s in 1999.. Kane could have been feuding with Taker, Mankind, or even Austin during this time. It was PROBABLY a main-event type of match.

If you can help me somehow, that would be wonderful!

​Most of 1999 is a complete blur to me these days, but perhaps someone on the blog can assist you in your question, good sir.​