Mid-South Wrestling – December 2nd, 1982

December 2, 1982

Your hosts are Boyd Pierce and Bob Roop

In action this week we will see Matt Borne & Ted DiBiase vs. Mr. Olympia & Iron Mike Sharpe, Kamala vs. King Cobra, and Stagger Lee will be here too.


Pierce talks about Bill Watts doing charity work for underprivileged children and the elderly which leads to a member of the American Legion and the President of the Irish McNeil Boys Club where Watts talks about giving $1,000 to the Boys Club as the Legion donates $500.


Marty Lunde vs. Stagger Lee

Lee knocks Lunde down then hammers away in the corner as Roop also notes that Lee moves around just like the Junkyard Dog. Lee hits a clothesline then puts Lunde away with a powerslam (0:54).

Thoughts: Easy win for Lee over the future Arn Anderson to kick off the show. The story of Lee being JYD continues.


King Cobra vs. Kamala w/ Skandor Akbar & Friday

Cobra uses his speed to avoid Kamala but his offense has little effect. Kamala lands a few overhead chops as Roop says Cobra is a “notoriously hard-headed man.” Kamala then chops Cobra down a few more times and chokes him out on the mat as Roop says DiBiase is in cahoots with Kamala & Akbar to get Stagger Lee’s mask before Kamala gets the win with a pair of splashes (1:49).

Thoughts: On commentary they played up DiBiase trying to get Kamala to take off Lee’s mask as the week before, Akbar talked about bringing in Kamala to Mid-South to collect the masks from all masked wrestlers. Kamala is another person now looking to unmask Lee with the hopes of revealing JYD.


Yoshi Yatsu vs. Mr. Wrestling II

Before the match, Mr. Wrestling II reads us another note he saw in the locker room that has a yellow streak, saying its his true color while Mr. Wrestling II goes nuts and yells at this person to be a man and confront him because they are screwing with him and his family. Good promo that got over with the crowd. Mr. Wrestling takes control to start as Roop once again reminds us how DiBiase is calling out Mid-South brass for protecting JYD. Mr. Wrestling II hits a slam then drills him with a knee lift but the crowd goes nuts as Kamala runs in and attacks Mr. Wrestling II for the DQ (1:59). Kamala hits Mr. Wrestling II with a splash and tries to unmask him but Stagger Lee runs out for the save and ends up hitting Kamala with a powerslam. However, Kamala comes back with a double chop then Mr. Olympia runs in to dropkick Kamala as Mr. Wrestling II and Yatsu are going after each other. It ends with all three masked men facing off against Kamala, who ducks out and leaves.

Thoughts: The match itself was completely one-sided but the focus was on the chaos at the end with three masked wrestlers in Mid-South backing off the man brought in to unmask them all. With the way this ended you’d expect Kamala to get some sort of revenge and possibly collect a mask.


Ted DiBiase & Matt Borne vs. Mr. Olympia & Iron Mike Sharpe

This is a non-title match. Olympia and DiBiase work a criss-cross sequence to start as Olympia falls on top of him during a slam attempt. Olympia then clears the ring after a few arm drags as the action is fast and furious to start. Sharpe tags in now and whiffs on a dropkick but avoids an elbow drop then hammers away on the back of DiBiase. The champs bail again as Sharpe clears the ring. Back inside, Olympia works the arm of DiBiase. Borne tags in and Sharpe works him over for a bit until he shoves Sharpe into the corner. Borne misses a cheap shot and Sharpe takes him down with what was supposed to be a slam I think but ended up being an overhead toss that could have ended ugly for Borne. DiBiase pulls Sharpe into the corner from the apron as Borne goes to work. The champs cut off the ring for a bit but Sharpe manages to tag out as Olympia runs wild. DiBiase and Olympia collide in an awkward spot with Borne then outsmarting Sharpe by teasing a run-in as the ref orders Sharpe back to the apron. Borne comes off the top with a sitdown splash then DiBiase covers for the win (6:06) **1/2.

Thoughts: The champs picked up the win but the babyface team looked strong in defeat. Solid TV match as Olympia really looked good here.


We are shown a match joined in progress from the Sam Houston Coliseum between Chavo Guerrero and Bobby Jaggers. Paul Boesch was on commentary. The action was decent and Chavo won with a hurricarana. This was before Jaggers became completely broken down.


Leilani Kai vs. Princess Victoria

The women trade off working the arm as Roop puts over their credentials. Victoria takes Kai down and works the legs for a bit until Kai chokes her out. Kai boots Victoria down then gets a nearfall with a slam. Kai follows with a flying chop that gets two. Victoria blocks a turnbuckle smash then starts to fight back. She gets a two count with a slam then with a small package. Kai comes back with a sloppy rollup then blocks a reverse rollup and hits another slam. Kai heads to the middle rope but misses a splash then Victoria comes off the middle rope with a crossbody for the win (4:34) *1/2.

Thoughts: A few rough spots but otherwise a fine TV match. There was not a Women’s division in Mid-South and they were brought in on occasion as special attractions, similar to the midget wrestlers. Roop did go out of his way on commentary to put them over as athletes, which was nice and not always the case for women wrestlers of this era.


Hacksaw Jim Duggan vs. Mike Bond

Duggan backs Bond in the corner then tosses him out. Pierce tells us that Tony Atlas, Chavo Guerrero, and Gino Hernandez will be on next week’s show as Duggan stays in control. Duggan beats on Bond for a bit but ducks his head and gets kicked in the face. Bond fights back but Duggan knocks him down and goes back in control. Duggan hits a pair of slams then hits Bond with the spear for the win (2:09). After the match, Duggan paces in front of the announcers table and calls out Atlas for being “gutless” because he has not come out tonight. Duggan then says the next time Atlas shows up he wants a match.

Thoughts: An easy win for Duggan as he wants to face off against Atlas, the man who embarrassed him in a strongman competition.


Final Thoughts: Most of the show revolved around the story of trying to unmask Stagger Lee, who has an even bigger target on his back with the news of DiBiase conspiring with Kamala. That remains the central storyline and we got some more build to a future Duggan vs. Atlas match. Mid-South remains a fun weekly TV program with storylines that do not insult your intelligence.


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