WWE Tornements Question

Hey Scott hope all is well in Blog of Doom land. Anyway with all the tornements WWE is having latley like the UK championship, when they launched the new cruiserweight and with the Mae young classic coming I’m just curious about booking these.

With some of the wrestlers being on the Indy scene or signed on with them. How do they chose and select the winner of each match leading up to the chosen one. Do they know from the start or do they judge the matches or something. I’ve been really preplexed by this.

Thanks Scott stay Rad!

Usually the winners are chosen based on who they know will sign a contract well in advance. For example, they wanted about four different people to win the CWC, but then no one would commit so TJP got it by default. With the women’s tournament, however, it’s not like there’s anywhere for these ladies to go and make money on the Indies.