Merchandise question

I am seeing on the Internet that Ric Flair is selling things like 4 horseman merchandise on his website. Does WWE own the rights to this or is it public domain/pre-WCW and that allows him to make shirts and what not?

I know that barbershop Window will tweak things just enough to make it not look like it is under the WWE umbrella but does WWE go after them at all? Or is it just not worth the time.

​Uh….WWE absolutely 100% owns and controls all trademarks and copyrights connected the Four Horsemen. They’ve done DVDs and merchandise and I would think and hope that Flair got permission to use the name before he started doing merch. Otherwise they could sue him into even further financial ruin if they found out. S---, they fired the Hebners over a similar thing and erased them. ​