WWF Wrestling Challenge – April 8th, 1990

April 8, 1990

From the Cow Palace in San Francisco, CA

Your hosts are Vince McMahon and Bobby Heenan. Vince immediately lets us know that the Ultimate Warrior is the new WWF World Heavyweight Champion.

In action this week are Roddy Piper, Rhythm & Blues, Hercules, Orient Express, and Tito Santana


Hercules vs. Brooklyn Brawler

Heenan talks about how he dumped Hercules, with Vince reminding him it was the other way around. Hercules overpowers Brawler as Vince asks Heenan if Brawler is still his employee, with Heenan saying he is around to do work if needed. Vince then tries to get Heenan to talk about the Colossal Connection losing the Tag Team Titles with Heenan avoiding the question to talk about the match. Hercules continues to beat on Brawler then puts him away with the backbreaker submission (2:41).

Thoughts: Nothing much to talk about here other than the commentary. This is the first show after Tony Schiavone left and Vince kept goading Heenan about everything from dropping the Tag Titles to whether or not he manages Brawler. Also, its worth noticing that they went out of their way not to mention Andre by name since he is gone from the company.


WWF Special Report with Gene Okerlund. Same as what we saw from “Superstars of Wrestling.”


Paul Roma & Omar Atlas vs. The Orient Express w/ Mr. Fuji

The Orient Express run in and attack their opponents from behind. Fuji whacks Roma with his cane behind the ref’s back as his team is beating down Atlas. Fuji is shown in an insert promo telling The Rockers his team will completely destroy them. Back to the match as Atlas finally tags out as Roma starts firing away. Atlas tags back in but Tanaka drags him into the corner as the Orient Express cut off the ring, with Sato busting out a sitout powerbomb, then Tanaka comes off the top with a double axe handle as Tanaka has him up over his back and that gets the win (3:17).

Thoughts: The Orient Express looked better than usual I thought. Roma got a bit of shine when he was in there but largely designed the match to make him look more credible than usual in defeat.


Roddy Piper vs. Conquistador #2

Piper’s face is still half-painted black. Bad News Brown is shown in an insert promo, telling Piper he hates everything about him and will make him pay. Conquistador #2 attacks Piper from behind but Piper fight back and puts him away with a corkscrew neckbreaker (0:30). After the match, Piper yanks off his mask but Conquistador is able to cover it up with Piper’s shirt.

Thoughts: It seemed like this feud (or it could have been a case where they forgot about this insert promo airing after WrestleMania) was going to continue but it didn’t and good thing as it was too bizarre for me to care. Yanking off the Conquistador’s mask was something to see but he was not revealed here as he used Piper’s shirt to cover his face.


An ad for WrestleMania VII airs as its being hyped up as the biggest WrestleMania ever.


Gene Okerlund welcomes Rick Martel to the interview platform. Martel talks about all of these magazines that want him as a centerfold but he is hard to get and chose “WWF Magazine” as they are a classy magazine. Martel then talks about his Arrogance as Okerlund says it smells like “toilet water” then Martel tells us the worst smells in the WWF are from Jake Roberts and Damien as he promises to get rid of them. Another segment to help setup a Martel/Roberts feud.


“Rugged” Ronnie Garvin vs. Steve Vega

Garvin beats on Vega then hits the Garvin Stomp before he puts on the Scorpion Death Lock for the win (2:33).

Thoughts: Nothing much at all happened here as Garvin continues to waste away after beating Greg Valentine at the Royal Rumble.


The Hart Foundation are shown congratulating Demolition before saying they will take their Tag Team Titles.


Earthquake w/ Jimmy Hart vs. Jim Gorman

Gorman tries a sunset flip but Earthquake sits down on him. Earthquake drops an elbow then we hear from him in an insert promo telling Hulk Hogan he will not survive the earthquake. Gorman gets hit with a flying chop then Earthquake hits a sitdown splash for the win (1:32). After the match, Earthquake hits two more sitdown splashes. Gorman then is taken out on a stretcher.

Thoughts: They are still setting up for an eventual Hogan vs. Earthquake match with Earthquake bragging about costing Hogan his title.


Tito Santana vs. Buddy Rose

Rose knees Tito in the gut then hammers away. Tito comes back with a crossbody for a two count then hits a pair of dropkicks. Vince is still trying to get Heenan to talk about losing the Tag Team Titles but fails as Heenan tells us we will hear from Rude later on in the show. Tito works the arm for a bit then puts Rose away with the flying forearm, which Heenan calls the “flying jalapeno” (2:36).

Thoughts: Really just a backdrop for Vince trying to get Heenan to talk about losing the Tag Team Titles.


The same clip of Rick Rude at the gym, calling out the Ultimate Warrior, that we saw from this week’s “Superstars of Wrestling.”


We hear from Jimmy Hart & Earthquake as they claim their attack on Hogan a couple of weeks ago cost him the Championship and they will now promise to bury his career. Hogan now tells the Hulkamaniacs that they ruled the WWF for six years and that Jack Tunney does not have the right to prevent him from getting a rematch. Hogan then says if he has to start from the bottom of the mountain, then break his legs and arms, because he’ll climb back to the top of the mountain before telling Tunney this is a democracy and he’ll then have no choice to give him another match against the Ultimate Warrior. Based off of this you definitely thought the story of Hogan fighting through everyone to get to Warrior would be the storyline.


Rhythm & Blues vs. Louie Spicolli & Mark Young

We hear from The Bushwhackers as they tell Rhythm & Blues they are ready to “explode.” Rhythm & Blues beat on Young after Valentine kneed him from the apron. The announcers talk about the WrestleMania VI concert as Young tags out after hitting a pair of dropkicks. Valentine then beats on Spicolli until Rhythm & Blues hit a double back suplex for a win (2:50).

Thoughts: They really did give Rhythm & Blues a good push out of the gate. Both guys have stated they were initially told they would become Tag Team Champions until they brought in the Legion of Doom.


Next week, WWF President Jack Tunney will give a statement regarding the Intercontinental Title.


Final Thoughts: We had some WrestleMania VI fallout here. I found Vince and Heenan to be quite good on commentary here too. Next week will have an announcement regarding the Intercontinental Title as that will be the next TV storyline going forward.


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