The Luger Scale

Scott, you’ve mentioned the infamous "Muta Scale" for severity of a bladejob in some of your past rants.

I think it’s time to introduce the "Luger Scale," to weigh in on the severity of a choke job.

0.1 Luger – Wrestlemania X – Luger was slotted into the first of two title matches and the guest referee held a grudge against him. It wasn’t so much him choking as it was him getting screwed.

0.25 Luger – Capital Combat 90 – Only Luger can win a cage match for the world title by DQ, but the outcome was not completely under his control.

0.5 Luger – Great American Bash 88 – Luger was the hottest babyface in the company and should have won, but the screwy finish allowed NWA to further exploit his chase of Flair. More of a dusty finish than a chokejob.

0.75 Luger – Wrestlewar 90 – Luger was hotshotted into a babyface turn and substituted for Sting, but he had the title won and his own stupidity caused him to lose by countout.

1.0 Luger aka "Full Luger" – Starrcade 88 – Luger had feuded with Flair for months, narrowly missing a title victory each time. This was the final match of that feud and Luger winning couldn’t be more of a certainty. Naturally, he lost.

2.0 Luger aka "Double Luger" – Summerslam 93 – Luger became (in theory) the babiest of babyfaces by slamming the fat, evil foreigner, Yokozuna, on a battleship, on the 4th of July. He tours by bus for a month and a half to drum up fan support. He challenges Yokozuna for the title in what has to be the single most patriotic themed Summerslam, ever. The introductions for the match are long and drawn out. He successfully bodyslams He makes no attempt to get Yokozuna back into the ring, instead crawling back into the ring to watch for the countout victory. He then celebrates with fellow babyfaces, like an idiot, completely ignoring the fact that a title can not change hands on a countout.

​Geez, this post is going to force me into alcoholism if we’re going by the Luger Drinking Game rule for the blog.​